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Forms and conventions of media texts

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Forms and conventions of media texts

  1. 1. Forms and Conventions of Media texts
  2. 2. Camera shots  In our movie we implemented shots that are normally used in movies such as close ups, pov shots, long shots and etc.  For starters we used a longshot in the beginning of the film to show the area in which the events of the film will be taking place.  We use of these shots to promote certain instances in the scene, like the pov shot is used to let the audience look through the eyes of the character and is also sometimes used to show suspense, whereas close ups were to magnify the facial expressions of the characters and in a way portray their feelings towards the audience.  This is a common implement in various media productions such as se7en and Saw.
  3. 3. Camera angles  Camera angles are used to position the audience so that they can understand the relationships between the characters. These are very important for shaping meaning in film as well as in other visual texts, for example looking at a character from a high angle can portray them as weak or of little power whereas a low angle gives a character an imposing figure, showing that they are powerful.  This is implemented in the scene where Becky Bennett is dragged by her feet, a high angle shot is used to show exactly how powerless she is in her current situation.
  4. 4. Sound  In our movie we included sound that would fit in with an actual thriller as it had low hard hitting moments which would easily represent the suspenseful and heart pounding moments in our film which is sure to create an impact on the audience as it will add to the feeling created by the story getting them even more interested in the events unfolding.  If one pays close attention to the soundtrack used matches the whole atmosphere of the scene, when there is little to no tension the music is calm and soothing, but when the hooded man arrives there is a build up in the songs intensity to convey the current situation in the scene.
  5. 5. Mise-en-scene  For Becky Bennett we chose normal everyday clothes to show that she was a normal person caught in a situation that was not suited to her, the clothing is also to show the area where the situation occurs, this is a staple in thrillers as these choices to do with costume as they need to make clear the location where the situation will be unfolding.  Also for detective black his face was well seen to change quite often to show his change in emotion after getting certain news, it’s a scene particularly reminiscent of a scene in se7en when they find what was in the box.