Tecnocampus an Entrepreneurship Hub

Campus Services Head at Fundació Tecnocampus Mataró-Maresme en Fundació Tecnocampus Mataró-Maresme
29 de Oct de 2015

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Tecnocampus an Entrepreneurship Hub

  1. Density of population (Catalonia = 230.4) < 50 ≥ 50 and < 100 ≥ 100 and < 150 ≥ 150 and < 200 ≥ 200 and < 250 ≥ 250 Catalonia 7.500.000 inhabitants
  2. Catalonia. Some economic inputs (in million €) External trade (million €) Catalonia exports 41.158 € 26% exports of Spain Spain 158.254 € Catalonia 206.966 € Spain 1.053.914 € Netherlands 610.121 € GPD (in million €) Industry and R&D R&D expenditure/GDP (%) Business enterprises Higher education sector (%) Government sector (%) R&D researchers 1.6 61.1 22.0 16.9 26 398 1.4 55.1 26.0 18.2 130 986 1.9 64.9 22.4 12.7 1 504 575 Catalonia Spain EU-27 20% of gross Domestic product of Spain
  3. Mataró. Location, accessibility and transport • Mataró is a city located 30 km from the city of Barcelona, on the Mediterranean Arc and strategically connected with North Africa and Southern Europe. • The Mediterranean Arc: the eleventh most developed region in the world.
  5. Mataró a Business Friendly City
  6. The TecnoCampus An unbeatable setting right on the seafront
  7. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION- HEALTH Double degrees Multidisciplinary research TECHNOLOGY - HEALTH Double degrees Multidisciplinary research TECHNOLOGY- BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Double degrees Multidisciplinary research H EALTH AN D W ELFAR E BUSINESS ADM INISTRATION TECHNOLOGY Education · Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (CAFE) · Degree in Nursing · Double qualification in Physical Therapy + Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (CAFE) · Master's Degree in Chronicity and Dependence Research · Health and cancer · Aging and prevention of the dependency · CSIS Education · Degree in Business and Innovation Management (BaIM) – taught in English · Degree in Business and Innovation Management ·Double qualification in Tourism and Leisure Management + Business and Innovation Management · Degree Marketing and Digital Communities · Double qualification in Business and Innovation Management + Marketing and Digital Communities · Degree in Maritime Business and Logistics · Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation · Master's Degree in Tourism Management and Planning Research · CEO: Interdisciplinary research group dedicated to unraveling which are the competencies that foster entrepreneurship · GRABET: Applied research in social and economic welfare Education · Degree in Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering · Double qualification in Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering + Mechanical Engineering · Degree in Mechanical Engineering · Degree in Video Games Design and Production * · Degree in Management and Information Systems Computing Engineering · Degree in Audiovisual Media Research · Group of Signal Processus: biometric signals, basically focused on sagfety and health · CCU-TCM: Centre of Urban Knowledge · CCI-TCM: Integration, interoperability and use of standards, specially in the Public Health System. TecnoCampus. University
  8. Professional Careers Service The objective of TecnoCampus’s Professional Careers Service is to connect university talent with the business world. The Service offers the following programmes: ·
  9. Layers of value of the TecnoCampus University Campus Park: Companies and Technologial Transfer TecnoCampus Foundation
  10. Technological and innovation park. TecnoCampus 3 university centers 11 degree studies 2.559 students 25 Start-ups 115 Companies 600 workers 5 centers University Incubator Companies Technological Centre SECTORIAL SPECIALISATION
  11. Entrepeneurship Hub Acceleration services Financing Growth Internationalisa tion Business Park 18.000 m 2115 companies located Innovation Business Incubator 66 start-ups in the last 5 years Entrepreneurship Services High performance program for innovative entrepreneurs Innolab Innovation Preincubator program for students
  12. The TCM InnoLAB is a creative spark for Innovation! This innovation laboratory of discovery, exploration and generation of new solutions, foster co-creation by joining education, entrepreneurship, business, research and the local as well, international communities, within an interdisciplinary environment that constitutes the unique TecnoCampus ecosystem. Visible results in just 3 months Student engagement into solving local community problems! Concept development through prototyping,
  13. Innovation Business Incubator Success stories Fit & Sit Fashion clothing for people with reduced mobility. Minoryx A biotechnological start-up that raised 1.5 M€ in funding. Verkami A leader in ‘crowdfunding. E-commerce site puts 22 million products at your fingertips. Slid A mobile app for digitally swapping business cards.
  14. 18.000m2 115 companies located ICT Media Wellness and health Others Business services 40% 5% 9% 18% 28% Sectorial specialisation Business Park Companies in figures
  15. A meeting point for businesses and entrepreneurs. All services to existing and future companies are provided from a single office.
  16. TecnoCampus offers the companies which form part of its business community the possibility of accessing services designed for strengthening and accelerating the growth process. Acceleration services Growth InternacionalizationFinancing
  17. Agreements OUR GOAL To improve the internationalisation of companies located TecnoCampus Business Landing AN EXCHANGE PROGRAM BETWEEN SCIENTIFIC PARKS AND BUSINESS INCUBATORS
  18. TecnoCampus Business Landing Services Each participant scientific park or business incubator gives free, short-term location to visiting companies from partners, thanks to a reciprocal service exchange agreement. RECIPROCAL SERVICES A. Free basic office (one desk) for 10- 3 months B. Welcome pack with a listing of business contacts in the park. C. Access to acceleration services (networking activities, training programs,..) during the stay. D. Advice, Information and support E. Access to community areas (meeting rooms, cafeteria, etc.)
  19. OBJECTIVES AND VALUES For partner parks and business incubators A. Promotion of new economic activities, entrepreneurship and innovation in their respective regions B. International projection of their companies. C. Impulse of an international network of incubators and scientific parks. Agreement: TecnoCampus Business Landing Services For companies A. Commercial opportunities to discover new business fields B. New contacts and collaborations: synergies C. Opportunities to evaluate the feasibility to open a permanent second location

Notas del editor

  1. Tecnocampus is a science and innovation park located in the north of Barcelona. It’s a platform to the success of companies where businees and university work together. We have 3 universities centers/ 10 degree studies Two technological incubators with 37 start ups 80 companies with 600 workers. And 5 technological transfer centers Our sectorial specialisation is : ict, media, Wellness and health, , and smart technologies.
  2. We reinforce and accelerate the growing possibilities of companies with our Business Acceleration Program This program includes: Knowledge, Consultancy, Angel Investors Forums, network... One of the new services is the TCM Business landing An exchange program between scientific parks and business incubators oriented to improve the internacionalisation of the companies
  3. , TCM Business landing offers short time temporary free of charge location to visiting companies . Thanks to a reciprocal service exchange agreement We offer 5 reciprocal services for visiting companies A free basic office for 20 days A welcoming pack with a listing of business contacts in the park Acces to acceleration services Advise during the stay Acces to the community arees of the park
  4. The advantages for companies are Increase their comercial opportunities with new contacts discover new markets The advantatge for partners ( parks and incrubators) is To Improve their internacional projection offering an easy landings for companies located. This is a free, easy and flexible program At this moment we are starting to sign the first agreements with other parks in the world.