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Personal Brand Powerpoint

  1. PERSONAL BRAND EXPLORATION Michael Williams Project & Portfolio I: Week 1 September 1, 2022
  2. My top values are making a positive change in people’s lives around me. I also value family and gaining knowledge. I moved around a lot and didn’t have siblings my age, so I connected with my friends and neighbors creating that family bond with me. Moving around is what broadened my knowledge. Learning about new towns, cities, and meeting new people and finding out new things about them. IDENTITY
  3. PROFESSION Potential Job Titles: • Executive Producer, Sports Spectrum News 13 • Sports Anchor – WFTV • Sideline Reporter BRAND ARCHETYPE – My brand archetype was a HERO. I try to make a difference in the world in a positive way. Even if its something small, any way to make someone’s day, enlightens me. News Analysts or Reporter In The Sports Industry
  4. NFL, NBA and UFC fans TARGET AUDIENCE Jonathan Coachman Outreach Plan: • Prepare a writing portfolio for him to see sports articles I've written. • I will send him an email. • I will give him 2 weeks to respond, then I’ll follow up with another email. Writer/Analyst for Sportsline.com Kevin Erickson Outreach Plan: • Prepare a set of questions as to how he partnered with Sportsbookwire. • I will send a DM on Twitter to him as he’s very active on there, then try to set up a Zoom call • I’ll give him 2-3 days then I may tag him in a tweet. Asking a question and see if he responds. Sports enthusiast, bettor, writer for Sportsbookwire at USAToday.com Craig Trapp Outreach Plan: • Research his YouTube channel to see where he started and build a set of questions for him. • I will attend his live chat; via his live videos he records daily. • I will give him 2-3 days to respond, then I can send him an email. Expert Handicapper for PicksandParlays.com
  5. GOALS Short Term: (Immediately After Graduation, 2024) • Start my YouTube channel and other social media platforms for my company ‣ Create a logo, name, and mission statement Mid Term: (2026) • Be one of the most viewed sports betting YouTube channels ‣ Gain 1000-2000 subscribers in two years Long Term: (2028) • Get partnership with ESPN as a professional handicapper/ sports bettor ‣ Start monetizing my YouTube, and have a significant following over 5k followers on social media
  6. SKILLS ANALYSIS Notable Skills & Current Proficiencies: Notable Skills REQUIRED in TRADE & Current Proficiencies: Being able to shoot and edit SOFT HARD Novice / Adept / Expert Instant messaging software Novice / Adept / Expert Active Learning Novice / Adept / Expert Active Listening Novice / Adept / Expert Spreadsheet software SOFT HARD Novice / Adept / Expert Analytical or scientific software Novice / Adept / Expert Persuasion Novice / Adept / Expert Social Perceptiveness Novice / Adept / Expert
  7. I will help my clients or audience make the most precise and calculated NFL, NBA or UFC picks by providing stats and news on players and teams. PROMISE
  8. CREDENTIALS Work Experience: • Assistant Manager Carters Retail Store • Assistant Coach Englewood Community Center Education: • Sportscasting, B.S., Full Sail University 2024 Awards: • 2nd Place Englewood Basketball 9y League • 2021 Winter Park Fall Basketball Champion
  9. COMPETITION Brock Williard Industry Experience: • 5+ years Leadership Experience: • Founder and owner of Brock Page Productions Skills and Proficiencies: • Video creation and editing software • Time Management • Speaking Michael Williams Overall Online Presence: • Not a big personal branding presence but his Patreon and YouTube have a great following for his betting page; 35k Subscribers on YouTube • Grade: Average Industry Experience: • 2+ years Education: • Sportscasting, B.S., Full Sail University 2024 Leadership Experience: • Owner MaxParlays.com • 2021 Engelwood Asst. Coach Skills and Proficiencies: • Critical Thinking • Instant messaging software • Presentation software Overall Online Presence: • 12 Subscribers on YouTube • Grade: Poor
  10. COMPETITION Mitch Wilson Industry Experience: • 10+ years Education: • Boston University Bachelor of Science - BS, Communication and Media Studies Leadership Experience: • President Sports Chat Place LLC • President Dawn Patrol LLC( Owner of PickDawgz.com) • Founding Partner P&P Vegas Group Skills and Proficiencies: • Video creation and editing software • Music or sound editing software • Persuasion • Web platform development software Michael Williams Overall Online Presence: • Founder and President of Sports Chat Place and Pick Dawgz. • Grade: Superior, 92k Subscribers on YouTube Industry Experience: • 2+ years Education: • Sportscasting, B.S., Full Sail University 2024 Leadership Experience: • Owner MaxParlays.com • 2021 Engelwood Asst. Coach Skills and Proficiencies: • Critical Thinking • Instant messaging software Overall Online Presence: • 12 Subscribers on YouTube • Grade: Poor
  11. BRAND POSITION For NBA, NFL, & UFC bettors who need well informed betting picks, I provide the most accurate picks because I go above and beyond to make sure I have the latest news and statistics in the UFC, NBA, & NFL. “THE HERO”
  12. NETWORKING & MARKETING Industry Events & Organizations • Full Sail Charter/Spectrum hiring event ‣ 2023 | Full Sail • Black and White Party ‣ September 2022 | Downtown Orlando • 2022 Forty Under 40 Awards ‣ November 2022 | New York Digital Marketing • Primary Content: The main content I will produce and put out are videos of my picks, but I’ll also create post showing people my picks and the results of my selections. • Primary Tools: I will utilize YouTube, Patreon, and Instagram. I will release videos on Mondays, Wednesdays and throughout the weekend. I will post content daily on Instagram, releasing polls and showing the latest sports news. • Website: Using my online portfolio I can show clients and potential employers my on-camera presence and the consistency in the amount of content I produce and put out.
  13. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Mentor • My uncle, Billy Mann is a great mentor I can look to for guidance. He calls the radio broadcast for Old Dominion’s basketball games and is extremely knowledgeable in my field. His past basketball career gave him ample knowledge which he can share with me as I grow and develop. Formal Education • Masters in Sportscasting, Full Sail University, 2026. Technical Skills • Sign up for Linkedin Learning sessions to help work on my speaking abilities to grow more confident in the information I put out, November 2022 • Watch Adobe training videos. This will help me cut and edit my video content, November 2022 • Attend weekly IL sessions to gain more knowledge from broadcasters in my field. The sessions allow me to ask questions I may have regarding problems or battles they may have experience. Every Friday, attend 1 at least Soft Skills • Talk in a mirror daily to build confidence with public speaking. Everyday • Buy a planner!! This will help me work on time management skills. Being on time and consistent is something that goes a long way. September 2022
  14. YOUR NAME You know there’s a ton of sports bettors out there with no idea who to bet on? Well, what I do is provide them with a platform to find out the latest news, updates, and player injuries in the MLB, NFL & UFC so they can make a well-informed pick. In fact, if you view my YouTube page MaxParlays, or our Instagram you’ll see numerous reviews on our results, as well as winning tickets from a few clients! “
  15. REFERENCES • https://www.onetonline.org/link/summary/27-3023.00 • https://www.glassdoor.com/member/home/index.htm • https://unsplash.com/ • https://www.linkedin.com/learning/?msclkid=e6589d41daf410c34f75fe5495ffa be3&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=LLS- C_NAMER_US_T1_EN- US_SEM_SEM_MSA_NA_All_NA_NA_Core_NA_LIL_Brand_Exact&utm_term=li nkedin%20learning&utm_content=xct-linkedin_learning