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5 of the most Effective Uses of Medical Marijuana

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For your marijuana dispensaries, San Jose based MMJ Doctor has the solution, with high quality ID cards and incredible discounts for big savings, along with a full protection plan to ensure you are safe and legal at all times, you can have all the benefits of medical marijuana along with the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a California State Medical Board licensed MD.

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5 of the most Effective Uses of Medical Marijuana

  1. 1. 5 of the most Effective Uses of Medical Marijuana
  2. 2. Introduction • Everyone seems to have a view on medical marijuana, whether it should be legal or not is an ongoing contest that those for legalization are slowly winning as states continue to legalize the drug.
  3. 3. However, no matter what side of that debate you sit, understanding how it can benefit those suffering from serious health problems, and indeed, how effectively, is important. For those thinking about investigating medical marijuana evaluations in San Francisco or wherever they live, knowing just how effective it can be with some conditions can really help make that decision.
  4. 4. Nausea Relief • For those undergoing chemo or other treatment that leaves you with severe nausea, be it Cancer, Aids or other illness, Marijuana is a highly effective treatment. It is so effective that since the 1980’s the FDA has been licensing synthetic versions of its main compound to help combat nausea. The real, natural product is much more effective.
  5. 5. Pain Relief • For conditions that cause constant nerve pain, be that a spinal cord injury, the symptoms of diabetes or even some effects of Aids as well as many others, as well as general chronic pain caused by injury or illness, medical marijuana can provide good levels of pain relief that avoid the problems of potential overdose that chemical pain relief products bring.
  6. 6. Multiple Sclerosis • The muscle spasms and stiffness that can be so debilitating to Multiple Sclerosis sufferers are painful and prevent patients living in a normal way, impacting sleep and all aspects of day to day life. Medical Marijuana has been found to have some impact in reducing the severity of the condition, with studies in Europe showing that 62% of patients experienced relief when taking the drug.
  7. 7. Effectiveness of Medical Marijuana • Of course, medical marijuana can be effective in alleviating issues for a large number of conditions other than those mentioned, but these are known to be highly effective. With increasing issues being noted for many of the synthetic drug treatments we take for granted today, and the proven effectiveness of medical marijuana in many situations, particularly pain relief, it is no wonder that many more people are tuning to the natural solution, where it is legal for them to do so.
  8. 8. For those who are suffering from such issues, seeking medical cannabis doctors in San Jose or near to where they live can bring a new world of medical treatment. From the initial consultation to needing medical marijuana renewal, everything runs smoothly with a highly professional licensed practitioner such as MMJ Doctor in San Jose. They offer a complete, confidential service to the bay area, providing you with the best treatment possible.
  9. 9. Source • San Jose Office: 36 S 1st St., San Jose, CA 95113. Email: Phone: (408) 298-6666. • San Francisco Office: 1884 Market St. San Francisco 94102. • Email: • Phone: (415) 554-0171. • Website: