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How to stand out with your linked in profile - ِAugust 2016

LinkedIn session How to stand out with your linked in profile
Last modified : August 2016

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How to stand out with your linked in profile - ِAugust 2016

  1. 1. Linked in Session By: M.ELSalamony How to stand out with your LinkedIn Profile
  2. 2. Who is Muhammad ELSalamony ?!
  3. 3. Who is Muhammad ELSalamony ?! And Now I’m in
  4. 4. Our Session Rules
  5. 5. What is linked in ? Why Linked in ? What’s your main goal on linked in ? How to get started on LinkedIn ? Session Agenda
  6. 6. How to build your identity on LinkedIn? How to Enhance your profile ? How to appear on search ? Session Agenda
  7. 7. Are you in or out of LinkedIn ?
  8. 8. 9
  9. 9. Business Oriented Social Networking Site
  10. 10. The Biggest In The World
  11. 11. 12 LinkedIn: Worlds largest professional network North America: 100M+ Latin America and Caribbean: 20M+ Europe, Middle East and Africa: 50M+ Asia Pacific: 50M+ Australia: 5M+ Members Worldwide +2 new Members Per Second 180M+ Monthly Unique Visitors 300M+
  12. 12. NOT Job Search Site, BUT Often Used That Way
  13. 13. Brand & Position Yourself
  14. 14. Largest business & professional Social Network
  15. 15. Discover new business and professional opportunities
  16. 16. Your LinkedIn profile ranks high on Google
  17. 17. Most of recruiters use it
  18. 18. Communicate with decision makers & Influential people
  19. 19. What’s your main goal on linked in ? Attract Business clients
  20. 20. What’s your main goal on linked in ? Hire people
  21. 21. What’s your main goal on linked in ? Get better job
  22. 22. Stay connected & Communicate with people What’s your main goal on linked in ?
  23. 23. What’s your main goal on linked in ? Expand your network
  24. 24. Getting Started
  25. 25. Profile basics : •Your aim is to get your profile to all–star status: •Photo •Headline •Industry & location •Profile summary •Experience (min. 3 jobs) •Education •5+ skills •50+ Connections
  26. 26. • Home Page Section: • Manage your profile – the reflection of you. • Receive updates from your network. • Profile Page section: • Summary of your career experience. • Manage your recommendations and LinkedIn applications. Two main sections to LinkedIn:
  27. 27. Home Page Section
  28. 28. Profile Page Section
  29. 29. First turnoff broadcasting:
  30. 30. What not to do first: • Don’t build your network before your profile is complete.
  31. 31. •It’s essential for LinkedIn search. •Good for your presence on the search engine. •It must be completed to build trust and creditability. Why you need a great profile:
  32. 32. •You are a professional. •You have a creditability in your area. •Your message is not a spam ! Your Linked in profile will tell people: If .. your profile is presented properly !
  33. 33. •Read your profile now : when is the last time you updated it ? •Is the information still relevant ? •Do you come a cross as a professional using linked in to create business opportunities, or as a job seeker ? Positioning your profile :
  34. 34. •Tell your story in 60 second. “ or less” •What do you do? •What problem do you solve? •How are you different? •Why should I care? •Ex.: Profile •Fill Experience, Education & Activities Sections “with details” . Summary
  35. 35. •Professional Photo. •How can you help them “ Title” . •Keywords “Current & Past job” . •Establish credibility “Education+ Experience” . •Build trust “Connection” . •Recommendations & Endorsement. •Customize URL. How to build your identity on LinkedIn?
  36. 36. How to build your identity on LinkedIn?
  37. 37. • 1. Adding applications to your profile. • Ex. Designs, Videos, Docs & Slides, Sounds and ..etc. Enhance your profile:
  38. 38. •2. add contact information in your summary also at the bottom of your profile. •3. add groups to your profile and be active on them. Enhance your profile:
  39. 39. How to appear on search:
  40. 40. How to appear on search:
  41. 41. LinkedIn Profile Checklist
  42. 42. Optimum Timing for social posts
  43. 43. Linked in Etiquette Guide
  44. 44.  Linked in is a professional setting so, keep your updates industry-related.  Personalize your connection requests. Tell them why you’re connecting.  Once connected, send a carefully crafted “welcome” message. It’s a great way to build relationships. Linked in Etiquette Guide
  45. 45.  Don’t send a mass request for recommendations and endorsements.  Use groups as a place to contribute information, not as a place to promote your company. Linked in Etiquette Guide
  46. 46. / Muhammad ELSalamony ، Mobile: 01270141874 You Can Follow me through :