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Discovery final

A presentation to 4th and 5th grade gifted students on the power of persuasive words and the career of copywriting.

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Discovery final

  1. 1. PowerWordsHow copywriters change hearts and minds… With words!
  2. 2. Which is the “Mightier” Weapon? Sword Pen
  3. 3. Why Would Someone BAN A BOOK?
  4. 4. Words can be destructive... AND…
  5. 5. Words can spark ideas,experimentation, delight,invention, kindness and love.
  6. 6. Words can also make you money. (ka-ching!) I am a copywriter.¡  I help businesses self stuff.¡  I promote ideas.¡  I teach.¡  I help people decide.¡  I remind people what is important…to them.¡  I stop people from doing one thing, and encourage them to do another.¡  I have fun…AND I take my job very seriously… because WORDS HAVE POWER.
  7. 7. Web Pages, Press Releases, Ads, Articles, Tweets, Blog Posts, Sales Letters, Email, etc.
  8. 8. People makedecisions with emotion. Is the man in the foreground scared? OR…
  9. 9. Is the man in theforeground…•  Terrified•  Petrified•  Frightened•  Scared for his life•  Panic Stricken•  Panic Struck•  Thrown into a state of intense fear•  Unbelievably freaked out, man!•  Desperate to flee the sceneIs he thinking….•  “Crap! I shouldn’t have parked there!”•  “I want my mommy!”•  “Wish I had muscles like that guy.”•  “Hope there’s no one in that car!”•  “I wonder if Target carries red capes.”
  10. 10. They justify their decisions with LOGIC.Justify and support what yourreader already wants to do.Use•  Numbers•  Data•  Past experience•  Explanations•  Professional critiques and referrals•  Percentages•  Facts and Figures
  11. 11. A Frozen Yogurt Smoothie: YES! I want it because… It’s a smart choice because…
  12. 12. Sometimes,Copywriters know a littleabout a lot of different things!As a copywriter, you will: 1. Learn about your client’s business. 2. Research what her customers want and need. 3. Know how they benefit by buying your client’s products or services…and write about that.
  13. 13. Copywriters must make choices…•  Some jobs you will love; they reflect what you already “get.”•  Some jobs are fun and interesting; you learn about human nature, preferences and new technology or ideas.•  Some jobs you should not take on…simply because you disagree with the employer or the product. And that’s OK… Because Words have Power.
  14. 14. This is a great time to be alive.You can access and share words with the WHOLE WORLD on the Internet.