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MUC109 LEC 11. Live Event Promotion

Overview of Concert and Live Event Promotion

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MUC109 LEC 11. Live Event Promotion

  1. 1. Music Business Essentials LIVE EVENT & CONCERT PROMOTION © 2006
  2. 2. Live Performance Intro • The Live Performance Business includes: – Club gigs – Festivals, Fairs – Charity Events – Corporate National Meetings – Live Concerts & Tours – College campus events • The Key Players are: – The Artist – The Booking Agent – The Talent Buyer – The Promoter © 2006
  3. 3. The Artist & Live Performance •New artists: Self-booking – Send Press Kit with demo to local venue booking managers – Paid on a percentage of door or per draw – “Pay to Play” •Established artists: Hire a dedicated talent or booking agent to: – Work with promoters to book venues – Plan overall tour strategy & budget – Price tickets – Negotiate contracts – Commission approx. 10% © 2006
  4. 4. The Talent Buyer What a Talent Buyer does: • Works as an employee of a venue or as a contract employee to several venues • Finds, develops and books talent exclusively for the venue or venues for which they work • Assumes no or very little financial risk in presenting live events • Talent buyers generally specialize in genres, venues, or markets –Usually Regional, Local, or College © 2006
  5. 5. The Promoter What a promoter does: • assumes full responsibility for all financial and operational aspects of throwing a live event • Take on 100% risk for success of a concert, tour and/or venue • Works with all genres and event types- music, sports, family entertainment • 2 Types of Promoters: – Independent Promoters – Venue Owners © 2006
  6. 6. The Promoter What a promoter does: • Develops the complete vision for the event or series of events • Puts together the business plan • Raises the funds • Rents, manages or owns the facility • Books all the talent/events for a specific venue or live performance series • Negotiates all contracts- talent, merchandising, rental, support team, etc. • Develops Marketing and Promotions plan • Sell tickets • Manages or hires management team for on-site /day of event(s) © 2006
  7. 7. National Promoters Live Nation (spun off from Clear Channel) AEG Worldwide House of Blues PromoWest Promotions © 2006
  8. 8. The Agent • Promoters and Artists usually work through a “booking” or “talent agent” or a “middle agent” (if you are an unknown promoter). Top agents include: • William Morris • Creative Artists Agency (CAA) • International Creative Management (ICM) • Monterey Peninsula Artists/Paradigm • Booking Agents will negotiate deal on behalf of artist (client) with promoter © 2006
  9. 9. Promoter & Agent: Sample Deal Points • Typical Negotiations between a Promoter and the Booking agent (representing an artist) for live music events include: • Artist fees- guaranteed fee plus % of ticket sales • Billing • Available dates • Venue • Event personnel- stage manager, crew, box office, merchandising • Split Point • Rider- additional requests for artists © 2006
  10. 10. Promoter Deals In addition to the artist agreement, the promoter must also sign contracts with: •Venue Management •Lighting and Sound companies •Insurance companies •Transportation •Catering •Merchandising •Ticketing company •Plus: Police and Fire Departments require agreements regarding safety and security regulations © 2006
  11. 11. Generating Revenue It is the promoters responsibility generate revenue for events via: – Tickets sales – Sponsorship sales Promotional avenues include: • Advertising- paid spots in Magazines, Newspapers, Radio & TV • Publicity/PR- free placements in all media via interviews, reviews, video clips • Sponsorships include: • Record Company • Radio Stations • Arena Sponsorships • Corporate Sponsors • College Sponsors © 2006
  12. 12. Getting started… • Volunteer to help on fundraising concerts or events • Help book campus events- via Student Life Office • Work for local promoters • Work or intern at major venues; work or intern at a talent agency © 2006
  13. 13. Getting started… • Develop your own niche with a group of artists you are helping develop and promote • Organize an annual local event • Work or intern as an in-house talent buyer at a smaller venue • Approach a smaller venue for “exclusive” booking rights © 2006
  14. 14. Resources for Promoters • Billboard & (Industry News- Touring) • Radio & Records • • • Conferences: – Billboard Touring Conference © 2006
  15. 15. For Educational Use Only This slide presentation is part of the Music Business Essentials series. Contact for more information © 2006