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Whatever You Think,Think The Opposite

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My Last Awesome presentation :)

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Whatever You Think,Think The Opposite

  1. 1. Whatever you thinkThink the opposite Prepared & delivered by: Mohammed Abbas
  2. 2. Hah….!!!It’s the wrong way to think, but the right way to win
  3. 3. • This presentation explains the benefits of Making bad decisions.• It shows how risk is your security in life.• Why unreason is better than reason.• It’s about having the confidence to roll the dice.
  4. 4. A flop
  5. 5. A flop• Until 1968 the Olympic record for the high jump was 5,8 ft.• With different thinking in new jumping style he made a new record of high jump with 7,4 ft.• He jumped higher than anyone else by thinking the opposite.• Dick fosbury proves that the opposite technique in thinking became a technique for jumping, turning a flop into success
  6. 6. Photographing a flower• How many thousands of beautiful photos you have seen before for pretty flower pictures?• How you can make the picture memorable for others?• In 1930s Andre kertesz took a picture for a wilted Tulip, it was impossible to forget.• The famous photographer in England Adrian have a popular photo by showing the vase, not the flower They are all the wrong way to answer the brief, and they are all a beautiful solution to the problem
  7. 7. When it’s Right, It Just Clicks• In 1881 George Eastman, was a junior clerk left his safe job in a local bank to start a photographer company.• 7yrs later he changed the name to (Kodak),it was weird but he took the risk.• His reasons for the name was short & mispronunciation.• Entrepreneurs only who can do that.
  8. 8. Braille
  9. 9. Don’t TouchThis is a painting with braille embossed the braille reads (Don’t touch), yet the only way to know that is by touching it , really a great example of thinking the opposite.
  10. 10. Trapped
  11. 11. Trapped• It’s not because you are making the wrong decisions.• It’s because you are making the right ones.• We try to make sensible decisions based on the facts in front of us.• The problem with making sensible decisions is that so is everyone else do.
  12. 12. I wish• I wish means:wouldn’t be nice if ..“you always make the rightdecisions, the safe ones, the onemost people make,“you will be the same as everyone else”Always wishing life to be different.
  13. 13. I want• I want means: if I want it enough I will get it.• Getting what you want means making the decisions you need to make to get what you want.• Making the safe decisions is very predictable and leads nowhere new.• The unsafe decisions causes you to think and respond in a way you hadn’t thought of.• That thought will lead you to other thoughts which will help you achieve what you want.• Start taking bad decision, will take you to a place others only dream of being.
  14. 14. Regret
  15. 15. Regret• It’s better to regret what you have done, than what you haven’t. (Keep trying)• People reach 40yrs old and they feel that they are missing their life, they had everything going for them ,And when the challenge tossed intheir way they lacked the courageto pick it up.
  16. 16. Find a way• You can’t afford the house of your dreams, thats why it is the house of your dreams.• So either find a way of getting it( BTW,you’ll find the suitable means),or be satisfied with dissatisfaction.
  17. 17. Decisions
  18. 18. Decisions• When you look back, there will be things you will regret for.• Maybe you made the wrong decision  wrong.• Maybe you made the right decision  .• Life is about decisions.• So whatever decision you make ,you are only one you could make.• Otherwise you would make a different one.• Everything we do ,we choose.• You are the person you choose to be.
  19. 19. The raw material of you• This Baby can make his/r body anything s/he wants it to be.• What this baby wants, s/he will get.• But s/he has to want it enough to go about getting it.• Dreaming and talking about it wont achieve anything.• There is only one person who can determine the shape of your life.Is (you) Who are you going to be ?
  20. 20. Think Different(Saatchi & Saatchi)
  21. 21. Over the Top
  22. 22. Over the top by think Different• When the Berlin wall was due to come down, a junior executive of a certain advertising agency came with an idea for pasting a poster on the other side of the wall,• He did it, and it made worldwide news.• Only the best ones do.
  23. 23. Every body needs one of theseIf you want to know how yourlife is going to turn out,you just have to know whereyou are heading ,so set your goals first
  24. 24. Reach for the starsIf this is the level of your ambition, Try aiming higher.
  25. 25. Do it, then fix it…as you go• Too many people spent too much time trying to perfect something before they actually do it.• Instead of waiting for perfection run with what you have got, and fix it as you go
  26. 26. A slap
  27. 27. Ask for a slap in the face• If you show somebody a piece of your work and you ask them “what do you think? "probably they will say it’s ok.• Next time instead of that , ask them “what’s wrong?”• They may not say what you want to hear but the chances are they will give you a truthful criticism are much bigger.• Truth some times hurts, but in the long run it’s better than a pat on the back
  28. 28. Take Charge
  29. 29. Take charge• Be your own worst critic.• When things goes wrong it’s tempting to shift the blame to some one else ,please don’t.• Accept responsibility. People will appreciate it, and you will find out what you are capable of.
  30. 30. BeInteresting Beinterested
  31. 31. Listen Carefully• In work environment or an interview with others ,it’s better to listen carefully for the other part’ speech than to put on a show of your own brilliance.• That way they will be interested in you without saying a word.
  32. 32. What’s Your Point of view ?
  33. 33. What’s your point of view• Most people are other people.• Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions.• There is a conventional point of view, there is a personal point of view.• There is a large point of view and there is a small one.• But there is no right or wrong one.• It depends from which pole you are looked at.• Advances in any field are built upon people with the small or personal point of view.
  34. 34. Idea …..
  35. 35. Raise your idea up• Ideas are a matter of taste.• What is a good idea for some can be bad or boring to others.• If an idea is not taken up as a solution to solve a problem it has no value.• Lying in drawers is useless.• Ides have to be applied before be considered as a good one or not.• Even bad idea executed is better than a good idea undone.• The longer is used, the better idea is considered to be.• That’s why the wheel is considered as the best idea ever.
  36. 36. Steal• Steal from anywhere to resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination.• Films,music,books,stars,clouds,trees ,street signs,websites,light and shadows.• Steal only things that are speak directly to your soul.• Authenticity is invaluable.• Originality is non-existent.The famous scientific :Jun loc Godard said“ it’s not where you take things from,its where you take things to”
  37. 37. Don’t stay too Much in one job (Resign)• If people constantly reject your ideas or what you have to offer a lot, resign.• You can’t keep fighting and losing, that makes you a problem to others.• If you are good an they want you, your resignation will not be accepted.• If they accept that means you were in the wrong job, and it’s better to move for another one when you have the chance to do that.
  38. 38. Don’t stay too Much in one job (fired)• If you got fired one day, since you had no other choice but to accept it, you might look at it as a good thing.• You will have to arrange your life differently.• You hated your situation anyway.• You must begin again.• It’s a wonderful opportunity for you.
  39. 39. Number 2• Churchill said that when you are at the top you only have to think about policies.• When you are number two you have to think about what your boss thinking.• So start your own company, then you can have control of your own destiny, it makes you number one from the start.
  40. 40. Turn Up
  41. 41. Turn Up• If you don’t have the degrees or fees to go to the university, just turn up.• If you want to be in a job where they won’t accept you, just turn up.• Go to all the lectures, make yourself useful let people get to know you.• Eventually they will accept you, because you are a part of their community.• It may take time, but you will be in not out.• When asked the secret of success, Einstein said “turn up”
  42. 42. The CV Tip• To Get the very best company in your chosen field into your resume.• Be a runner.• Work for free, if necessary.Your future employers will be impressed.
  43. 43. To be morecreative think about Money 
  44. 44. Final Thoughts
  45. 45. The world is not what you think of it, all the time
  46. 46. Think it differently, and your life will change
  47. 47. Lead your change
  48. 48. Dedication Special dedication for my Family ,and whoever else inspired tosteal  these thoughts for my presentation Mohammed Abbas
  49. 49. Prepared & Delivered By: Mohammed AbbasHead of Learning & development ADIB +201005561414