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The Space Corps Vision

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Read about it! Space Corps long-term vision and mission statement.

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The Space Corps Vision

  1. 1. Building the dreams of tomorrow with a vision for today …
  2. 2. Why? SPACE CORPS believes in a shared vision and a dream that takes humankind across our solar system and eventually the stars. The long path to that destination starts with you.
  3. 3. Who we are? SPACE CORPS is a member driven organization with the expressed goal of enabling public access to space; conducting manned and robotic space exploration; and directly participating in the long-term expansion of human kind across the stars.
  4. 4. Why are we different? •  Direct Member Participation –members are not merely advocates but have the opportunity to directly propose, lead and participate as team members on projects aligned with the organization’s goals. •  For-Profit – we believe sustainable space exploration must ultimately be based on a vibrant and profitable business model. •  Member Owned – members directly share in the organization's success by earning credits (convertible to equity) in exchange for non-monetary contributions including volunteering time, skills, and talent as well as monetary donations. •  Member Recognition – members are recognized for their contributions by earning Space Corps ranks, awards, and increasing leadership opportunities. •  Diversified Approach to Capitalization – we believe achieving our long-term goals will require diversified sources of capital based on multiple lines of business and the creativity or our members.
  5. 5. How are we going to do it? •  Inspire fellow dreamers •  Build a passionate member corps •  Create sustainable sources of capital •  Develop a strategy for today that keeps tomorrow’s dream clearly in focus •  Lead by doing •  Passion, imagination, and fun And … by building, launching, and conducting missions in space that further Space Corps’ goals and objectives
  6. 6. Inspiring fellow dreamers •  We need to build a large member corps of likeminded, imaginative, and passionate individuals that share in a common vision •  Leverage member skills, time, and passion on real projects that propel our shared vision •  Excite members with increasing levels of recognition, ability to participate in key decisions, and eventual professional opportunities to join SPACE CORPS as a full-time crew members.
  7. 7. Sustainable sources of capital Build a sustainable and diversified revenue stream and sources of capital to fund our primary vision Near and mid-term examples: –  Commercial space related products & services –  Space related gaming and entertainment –  Branded SPACE CORPS merchandise –  Conferences and speaking engagements –  Grants and incentive programs –  Crowd funding
  8. 8. A strategy for today •  Leverage existing works such as the recently updated Integrated Space Plan (ISP) as a guide •  Identify the critical paths leading to our future vision •  Define near-term goals and objectives •  Outline gaps in resources, capabilities, technology, and science •  Publish a collaborative living roadmap
  9. 9. Lead by doing •  Leverage existing technology and partners where practical •  Initiate and directly fund R&D efforts where needed •  Continuously develop, exercise, and and improve our operational capabilities •  Starting small: build, launch, and conduct limited missions in space that further our goals and objectives.
  10. 10. Passion, imagination, and fun •  Above all else, we need to be continuously inspired and excited by our dreams •  “Play” is not just important it is essential •  Regularly use immersive simulations, thought exercises, games, etc. to inspire our volunteers, members, and the public. •  Let passion and imagination drive responsible risk taking – challenge conventional thinking.
  11. 11. Building the Member Corps •  An open call for new members •  Identify individuals willing to donate time to develop website, etc. •  Create Space Corps “rank” hierarchy to recognize and reward members – make it fun •  Establish member corps forum, leverage online social platforms, and initial interactive tools (e.g., “leader boards”, polling, “project board”) to engage members
  12. 12. Next Steps? •  Seek initial member corps with specific skillsets and the passion needed launch organization •  Build out the SPACE CORPS web portal •  Attract, engage, and build a community of passionate members •  Recruit advisory board members •  Develop 18 month roadmap