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FXD 2019 Leadership Round Table

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FXD attendees kicked off their experience at a half-day Leadership Forum, 12:30pm -4:30pm on October 24, 2019. This forum was comprised of a diverse, creative, thoughtful group of thinkers and leaders from across the financial ecosystem and they were engaged an intimate and inspiring conversation.

During the forum, Mad*Pow’s Chief Design Officer, Michael Hawley hosted structured networking and workshop-type activities designed to identify and answer key challenges of the financial services industry. By coming together in structured dialog and sharing ideas from a leadership perspective, attendees created opportunities to learn from each other and help us lead our organizations to deliver better experiences. The forum was rich with opportunities for attendees to grow their networks and build new relationships with other leaders in finance.

Specific topics for discussions were driven by the participants in the forum, so they were as relevant as possible. The structure of the event will allowed us to build toward collective insight and inspiration:

“Meet Your Peers” – Facilitated networking and identification of challenges to designing to great experiences in finance

“Solving Challenges” - Idea sharing and relevant experiences, process, and organizational approaches to key challenges

“Imagining the Future” – Learning and finding inspiration from others by collaboratively constructing stories and future experience ideas.

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FXD 2019 Leadership Round Table

  1. 1. POLLING @FXDconf #FXD2019
  2. 2. Leadership Roundtable Michael Hawley Chief Design Officer FXD PRE-CONFERENCE EVENT
  3. 3. ROUNDTABLE GOALS 1. Deepen Our Understanding 2. Challenge Our Perspectives 3. Inspire Creative Solutions 4. Build Connections
  4. 4. AGENDA 1:30 – 2:15 Rotate | Break 2:30 – 3:15 Rotate | Break 3:30 – 4:30 Meet Your Peers Solving Challenges Imagining the Future
  5. 5. INTRODUCE YOURSELF • Role and background • Company’s business and experience goals • Structure of your organization related to “Experience” • Specific customer experience challenges AS A GROUP • Top 2 experience challenges SEGEMENT 1: “MEET YOUR PEERS”
  6. 6. Oct 24 - Design & Innovation Leadership Forum
  7. 7. DESCRIBE AN EXPERIENCE • Discuss how a product/experience you are working on is affected by the selected topic • What is standing in the way of progress toward the goal? ASK YOUR GROUP • What have others done in similar situations? • How can design thinking or customer-centric approaches help? SEGEMENT 2: “SOLVING CHALLENGES”
  8. 8. COVER STORY • Envision a success story on a financial company or product • 5 Years from now, the future experience is featured on your magazine cover • Consider banking, investing, insurance, other tech • Start individually for 5-10 minutes, collaborate as a group for presentation SEGEMENT 3: “IMAGINING THE FUTURE”
  9. 9. COMPONENTS • “Cover” tells the BIG story of success. • “Headlines” convey the substance of the story. • “Sidebars” reveal interesting facets of the story. • “Quotes” can be from anyone as long as they’re related to the story. SEGEMENT 3: “IMAGINING THE FUTURE”
  10. 10. POLLING @FXDconf #FXD2019