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Presentation (created from your Doc).pdf

  1. A warm welcome to Canva Docs 👋
  2. We're very excited to have you here! We hope you enjoy using Canva to create beautiful documents. Here are six features we think you'll love:
  3. 1. Meet the + button With our handy + button, you can easily add anything to your page - checklists, charts, graphics, and more!
  4. For desktop users, just click on the page, and it will pop up on the left-hand side. It looks like this: Or, if you’re on mobile, simply tap on the doc and use the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen.
  5. non-for-profit, trying to reach corporate people what do you recommend? ✏️Try it now! Click on the white space below, use the ➕ or 🔍 button to bring up the menu, and select any item to add it to your page.
  6. non profit, trying to reach corporate people on social media what do you recommend
  7. I recommend creating a LinkedIn company page for your non-profit organization and regularly sharing updates about your mission, values, and impact. You can also leverage LinkedIn's targeting capabilities to reach corporate professionals who are interested in supporting non-profit organizations. Additionally, consider reaching out to your existing network and asking them to share your page with their connections who may be interested in getting involved. how to use linked in to reach corporate people non-for-profit, trying to reach corporate people on linked in what do you recommend
  8. best ways to use linked in to advertise2. Try out Magic Write ✨
  9. tell me about linked ins new features
  10. presentations on linked in LinkedIn allows users to upload and share presentations on their profiles using SlideShare. This feature can be helpful in showcasing your skills and expertise to potential employers or clients. To upload a presentation, simply create a SlideShare account and then upload your presentation to the platform. You can then share the presentation on your LinkedIn profile by selecting the "Add to profile" button on the SlideShare page.
  11. Kickstart your ideas with the help of Canva's Magic Write. Magic Write uses the power of AI to follow your instructions and generate original copy from scratch. The more specific your request, the better the results. Here are a few ideas: Write a children's story about a rainbow and a cloud Write a social media strategy for healthy cupcakes Write a heartfelt poem about unsung heroes
  12. ✏️Try it now! Click the ➕ button on desktop, or 🔍 on mobile, select 'Magic Write', and type your request (only available in 18 locales and not available for students).
  13. 3. Easily add a design to your Canva Doc
  14. You can create and edit designs without leaving the page. This is super helpful if you want to include a graphic banner (like the one above) or some visuals in your Doc.
  15. ✏️Try it now! Click the + button on desktop, or 🔍 on mobile, and select 'Design'. Design away, then click Save.
  16. Embed other Canva designs and documents by copying and pasting the project link. Or just drag and drop them in! 4. Embed your Canva designs 💡 ✏️Try it now! Here's a Canva Presentation we've embedded. You can double-click on it to interact, and click through the pages. Now try copy and pasting your own Canva link below:
  17. 5. A bit of emoji fun 🎉 Write a word after a colon :like this to search for an emoji via desktop. For example, :party = 🎉. Here are some other words you could try:
  18. :surprise = 😯 :peace = ✌️ :thanks = 🙏 :pizza = 🍕 :hamburger = 🍔 :laugh = 😂 :100 = 💯 :pasta = 🍝 :rainbow = 🌈 :sunflower = 🌻 :thumb = 👍 :smile = 😁
  19. ✏️Try it now! Type out :star below, and see what you get On mobile, simply search for emojis via your keyboard library.
  20. Simply click the Share button at the top of the page, and invite anyone to join your Canva Doc. You can also share feedback with your team with comments. ✏️Try it now: 1. Highlight this line of text 2. Click the comment bubble that appears on the right-hand side of your doc 3. Click to add your feedback, and tag your teammate with @theirname Ta da! No more endless email chains. 6. Invite your team to collaborate 👫
  21. With Canva Docs, creativity never ends. Your page will keep going as long as you keep writing. We hope you love the experience as much as we've loved making it. Happy Doc designing! The Canva Team 💜 Infinite fun!