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Productivity in Dentistry

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Productivity in Dentistry

  1. 1. Productivity Majd Sameer Hasanin ID# 42620112Majd Hasanin
  2. 2. Index Definition of Productivity. Productivity in Dentistry. Greatest Dilemma. Factors Affecting Productivity in the Dental Practice. Are You a Unique Dentist? Factors Affecting My Performance in RCDP Clinics. References.Majd Hasanin
  3. 3. Majd Hasanin
  4. 4. Definition of Productivity “ Productivity is the rate of output in a given group”. OR, it can be defined as; “ The measurement of the amount of product produced”. OR, another definition can be; “ Measure of output from a production process per unit of input”.Majd Hasanin
  5. 5. Majd Hasanin
  6. 6. Productivity in Dentistry It is defined as ; “The number of items of treatment produced over a period of time”. For example; The number of composite fillings a dentist finishes over a month.Majd Hasanin
  7. 7. Majd Hasanin
  8. 8. Greatest Dilemma The strong challenge about productivity is the quality of this product being produced… So how can a dentist minimize the time and maximize the productivity with a good acceptable quality? This is the question that has been raised for so long, but not yet answered!!Majd Hasanin
  9. 9. Greatest Dilemma There are a lot of discussions and debates about this matter, since you as a dentist, need to produce as much work as you can, but also take consideration of the human aspects towards those patients, because you are “treating an all, not just a whole”. It is Quantity VS Quality… and here is the dilemma.Majd Hasanin
  10. 10. Factors Affecting Productivity In The Dental PracticeMajd Hasanin
  11. 11. Factors Affecting Productivity In The Dental Practice • Technical Skills. • Effective time management. • Dental Auxiliaries. • Challenges in Dentistry. • Front desk efficiency. • Employee Growth and Development. • Health and Safety.Majd Hasanin
  12. 12. Factors Affecting Productivity In The Dental Practice • Admin support/expectations. • Employee Involvement. • Effective Communication. • Patient Input & Satisfaction. • Stress factors vs. Efficiency. • Continuous Education. • Family Support.Majd Hasanin
  13. 13. Factors Affecting Productivity In The Dental Practice 1.Technical Skills; • Procedural Skills: A dentist needs to have the proper skill to perform dental procedures, such as extracting teeth, drilling out decay and setting fillings.Majd Hasanin
  14. 14. Factors Affecting Productivity In The Dental Practice1. Technical Skills;• Computer Skills: The dentist needs to be well oriented with the computer technology, simply because they can use their tools properly.For example, modern dental X-ray machines save their pictures to a computer file, giving the dentist the ability to save and access a patients information more easily than with X-ray films.Majd Hasanin
  15. 15. Factors Affecting Productivity In The Dental Practice 2. Effective Time Management: Time management involves planning and organizing one’s time to take care of the most important things first (set priorities). Delegation is another key part of time management and can foster growth in personnel, increase chair-side time, and enhance patient care and customer service. The better a practitioner manages his or her time, the more quality- focused time patients will receive, and the more confidence they will have in the dentist.Majd Hasanin
  16. 16. Majd Hasanin
  17. 17. Factors Affecting Productivity In The Dental Practice 3. Dental Auxiliaries: Many view auxiliaries, such as hygienists, as practice builders who not only increase patient motivation but who also provide a valuable service in the area of dietary counseling, smoking cessation, and oral hygiene instructions.Majd Hasanin
  18. 18. Factors Affecting Productivity In The Dental Practice 4. Front Desk Efficiency: The front desk is most often responsible for pre-scheduling. Without good organization and good verbal skills patients will not respond well.Majd Hasanin
  19. 19. Factors Affecting Productivity In The Dental Practice 5. Employee Growth and Development: Offering programs that deal with workplace stress and conflict and allow easy access to psychological services. This will increase the productivity level of the practitioner, since he/she will be in a fit, relaxed and comfortable psychological status.Majd Hasanin
  20. 20. Factors Affecting Productivity In The Dental Practice6. Health and Safety: A priority should be placed on employee health and safety. There are numerous studies that illustrate the impact of placing a priority on health and safety in the workplace. One of the most important was by Gebhardt and Crump. This report outlined a number of fitness programs that have been implemented by various organizations and the positive impact realized by those organizations. Majd Hasanin
  21. 21. Factors Affecting Productivity In The Dental Practice 7. Admin support/expectations: The dentists willingness to look openly at and address workplace practices and to develop healthy workplace practices in the office will have a profound effect on contentment and fulfillment.Majd Hasanin
  22. 22. Factors Affecting Productivity In The Dental Practice 8. Employee Involvement: Clear and candid communications, a voice in decision-making for employees, a fair employee performance evaluation system, and recognition for individual and team performance are needed.Majd Hasanin
  23. 23. Factors Affecting Productivity In The Dental Practice 9. Patient Input and Satisfaction: The process and resulting actions can support continued accreditation and dental education. The patient satisfaction measurement should be done on a regular basis to assure ongoing care improvement.Majd Hasanin
  24. 24. Majd Hasanin
  25. 25. Factors Affecting Productivity In The Dental Practice 10. Stress VS Efficiency: Ergonomics, has one primary objective; to prevent work related musculoskeletal disorders, or symptoms that aggravate these disorders. Intelligent business owners have adopted the practice of ergonomics as an integral element in their ongoing strategies to increase productivity and ensure reduced workers compensation liability.Majd Hasanin
  26. 26. Factors Affecting Productivity In The Dental Practice11. Continuous Education: Dental continuing education is essential for anyone working within the dental field. As in the medical field, technological advances in the field come at a rapid-fire pace, and staying abreast of the latest research, tools and treatment methods is crucial.Majd Hasanin
  27. 27. Factors Affecting Productivity In The Dental Practice11. Continuous Education: Ongoing training for dental professionals is so important that most states require that dentists and hygienists complete a certain number of dental continuing education activities each year in order to remain licensed to practice. These requirements vary from state to state, and in some cases also apply to dental assistants.Majd Hasanin
  28. 28. Factors Affecting Productivity In The Dental Practice12. Family Support: Policies must consider personal and extended family needs. It was concluded that: "One outcome of these shifting demographics may be a legitimization of the work-family balance issue such that companies become more aggressive in establishing policies and practices that are more family-friendly."Majd Hasanin
  29. 29. Are You a Unique Successful Dentist?Majd Hasanin
  30. 30. Are You a Unique SuccessfulDentist? Characteristics of such a dentist are: Production Manager Personnel Director Quality Control Specialist Counselor Designer Architect Artist Scientist EngineerMajd Hasanin
  31. 31. Are You a Unique SuccessfulDentist? Characteristics of such a dentist are: (cont.) Consultant Public Relations Expert Psychologist Humanitarian Controller Community Leader Auditor Economist Organization ExpertMajd Hasanin
  32. 32. Are You a Unique SuccessfulDentist? Characteristics of such a dentist are: (cont.) Chairman of the Board Business Manager A Professional Man Enthusiastic Goal Striver You may conclude from those slides that it is hard to gain perfection off the dental profession, too many factors affect you as a dentist, it will always be challenging enough…Majd Hasanin
  33. 33. Factors Affecting My Performance in RCDP ClinicsMajd Hasanin
  34. 34. Factors Affecting My Performance in RCDP Clinics There are many factors I personally find it having an impact on my performance, but most importantly is the “Laboratory’s Work” and the “Staff’s Cooperation”. Laboratory Work: The technician’s work is far from perfect, you need to go back and forth in order to finally get work with a good quality. Staff’s Cooperation: Not all auxiliaries are cooperative, sometimes we need to waste time moving from one place to another to get things and help ourselves! Which causes time to be wasted, a lot!!Majd Hasanin
  35. 35. Factors Affecting My Performance in RCDP Clinics But yet, there is nothing not manageable, we must be flexible enough to over come any obstacle and find alternatives for. As students, we grow to learn and we do so by making mistakes… I am still a student and I will always be one. No matter how old I grow, and no matter how much knowledge I gain, I will still be an ignorant and there will always be something new to learn. As far as I believe, to be constructive, you must be positive…Majd Hasanin
  36. 36. Factors Affecting My Performance in RCDP ClinicsMajd Hasanin
  37. 37. For your kind attentionMajd Hasanin
  38. 38. References JADA: (2002/ volume 133 - number 10, Pgs:1399 – 1404); The importance of productivity in estimating need for dentists. TRYFON BEZOGLUO, Ph.D, DENNIS HEFLEY, Ph.D, L.JACKSON BROWN, D.D.S, Ph.D, HOWARD BAILIT, D.M.D, Ph.D. Creating the Healthy Dental Workplace - Don Deems, DDS, FAGD. JADA: (2004 / April 133(4): 488-9). Managing Time. Levin R. Saudi Dental Journal: (2006/ volume 18 - number 3); Enhancing the productivity of general dental practitioner. Saad Al-Nazhan, B.D.S, M.D.S.Majd Hasanin
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