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Free Backlinks Tool: Get 750 Unique Free Backlinks

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Free Backlinks Tool: Get 750 Unique Free Backlinks

  1. 1. Free Backlinks Tool: Get 750 Unique Free Backlinks Boost Your Rankings With 25 Free Backlinks EverydayFree backlinks tools are always nice to find, yet this one is something real special. Backlinksare an important segment of site SEO, and have been discussed greatly on our site. Dofollowbacklinks that are targeted to your keywords and pointing to the exact post are the preferredlinks in my opinion. There are many ways to get backlinks to your site, and it always wise tomix up your resources and methods in getting those backlinks. What I really like, as youprobably know it to get things done with ease, and this little tool offers just that. Today I want toshow you how you can get 25 daily free backlinks to your site with very little effort.The Site I’m referring to is SociaMonkee and here’s how it works:1.Register your free account and login.2.Head over to the submission section3.Enter your URL, title description and tags and make sure you spin them for maximumuniqueness4.Social Monkee will then submit them to 25 social bookmarking sites. 1/3
  2. 2. The whole process takes a few minutes tops, and what’s really cool is you will getUnique, dofollow backlinks to each URL you post.these free backlinks are deep links to your content that you should carefully optimize byincluding your best keywords in the title, description and tags.Make sure you know which keywords are best to promote for each one of your articles.Visit our market research section for more details.Additionally, you can install the Social Monkee Firefox add-on and pick once you find goodcontent you want to bookmark simply press the little icon, enter the details and get your links.Now, don’t limit yourself to just your own site, use this tool to boost your other content, such asyour videos and video channel, your articles and even other sites where you placed links to yourown site to boost your backlinks ranking and deliver quality link juice to your site.How Good Are These Free Backlinks?Obviously these are not authority backlinks, however mixing backlinks from different sources isvery valuable especially as you’re getting unique Dofollow links, on Cclass servers with littleeffort.So keeping up this simple method will get you deep links to each post you chose to promotewith the exact keywords you chose to promote which is very powerful. 2/3
  3. 3. You really want to supercharge your ranking with backlinks , add some authority backlinks (EDU, GOV) to your backlink mix. Use our in house Ultimate Backlink Finder Tool to quickly find authority blogs to comment at. Taking The Free Backlinks Service To The Next Level What I really like about this free backlinks service is that once you’ve submitted your links you will get a full report on where those links were created, which can be very helpful in getting them indexed quickly. One quick method would be to ping those links, using Pingler, or PingOmatic. Another, much powerful method would be to automatically create a network of backlinks to your free backlinks, using tools such as LinkClaw that we’ve reviewed on this site. Are There Any Limitations to This Free Backlinks Service? You are limited to one submission a day, which works out to 750 free backlinks a month. but, if you find this service useful you can choose to upgrade your account and get as many as 9,000 backlinks every month, as you get to submit 3 links to 100 social bookmarking sites each and every day. Right, I really hope you find this post useful and encourage you to give Social Monkee a try, and get free backlinks as soon as you can. Please Leave a comment ,share your thoughts and share this knowledge with others. Tobi Update: SocialMonkee is no longer free, but you can get the mentioned services for a one time 7$ fee through this link. 3/3Powered by TCPDF (