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Ultra music festival: Make Up

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Ultra music festival: Make Up

  1. 1. Fantasy Make Up
  2. 2.  The ULTRA Music Festival is a time for music, fun, energy, and excitement. 2013 marked the 15 year anniversary for ULTRA.  The first Ultra Music Festival was held in Miami, Florida in 1999 and has grown in popularity and has also expanded to a two weekend event.Fantasy Make Up
  3. 3.  The festival is known as the worlds most famous outdoor electronic music festival and has also won many awards throughout the years. Fantasy Make Up
  4. 4.  The Ultra Music Festival events begin during the day and end late so it is important to be able to have a fresh look that will last through all the events you attend. To ensure you are camera ready during your unforgettable Music Festival experiences here are a few helpful tips:Fantasy Make Up
  5. 5.  For ease of getting around and to lower the risk of your items being damaged or stolen, it is best to bring a small bag or purse or keep everything in your front pockets. Therefore, you may decide to only take small cosmetic items or only what you feel is absolutely necessary.Fantasy Make Up
  6. 6.  Quality makeup will last longer so you dont have to worry about bringing any makeup to freshen up.Fantasy Make Up
  7. 7.  Only take what you will need. You may choose to take a cover-up, lipstick, and small mirror to help you keep the appearance you started with. Sweat, laughter, and humidity can all aide in creating raccoon eyes as your mascara runs or sticks to your skin. Be sure to wear mascara that will last and not smear despite moist lashes.Fantasy Make Up
  8. 8.  Everyone sweats. To ensure that your makeup stays put during your ULTRA activities be sure to wear makeup that is guaranteed to last even if you sweatFantasy Make Up
  9. 9.  Whether you need to borrow some makeup, need help applying your makeup, or need a second pair of eyes, friends can help you look your best all through the festival.Fantasy Make Up
  10. 10.  The Ultra Music Festival brings great excitement and with a few helpful tips you can look your best during the entire music festival experience.Fantasy Make Up