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Google Data Studio Tips for Ecommerce Websites

Data is the only valuable asset that is behind the growth of successful eCommerce businesses. Google Data Studio is one such tool that cleans and processes your precious data to convert it into information that can be used for you to analyze the performance of your eCommerce efforts. With easy integration from common data sources like Facebook, Google Analytics, and other platforms for a far-depth analysis.

Today team MakeWebBetter has brought you some tips to use Google Data Studio effectively and visualize your eCommerce data.

But remember Google Data Studio is only a tool for visualizing the data and cannot rescue you from bad conversion rates or a high number of cart abandonments. But as you know we love you’ll we’ve something really useful in this slide so please do swipe till the end.

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Google Data Studio Tips for Ecommerce Websites

  1. 1. Google Data Studio Tips For Ecommerce Websites MakeWebBetter
  2. 2. Disclaimer!! Google Data Studio is only a visualization tool and not for making obvious decisions for your business. It allows you to see how your business efforts are performing and review it. You can use it to review and analyze your marketing effort and conclude: ● What is working best for you? And ● What needs to be tweaked for the betterment? MakeWebBetter
  3. 3. Data is an important asset for any eCommerce business owner. MakeWebBetter
  4. 4. Along with having data, you need to process the data in a manner that is clean enough for analysis. MakeWebBetter
  5. 5. Hi this is Team MakeWebBetter, We’ll be sharing with you how to begin with your Google Data Studio journey. Also, some tips on how to visualize your data effectively. Where to start? MakeWebBetter
  6. 6. It all begins with the “Perfect Theme”. MakeWebBetter
  7. 7. Do you lack design skills? There’s nothing to worry about. Thanks to the generous designers who have shared some really great templates for your dashboards. Just visit the gallery and you can pick up a template of your choice. MakeWebBetter
  8. 8. Thanks to the generous designers. Who have shared some really great templates for your dashboards. Just visit the gallery and you can pick up a template of your choice. MakeWebBetter
  9. 9. CLICK HERE MakeWebBetter
  10. 10. Google Data Studio Tips For Building A Powerful Dashboard MakeWebBetter
  11. 11. Create a funnel and accommodate it with a Bar Chart. MakeWebBetter
  12. 12. This is a great way of allowing you to view the performance of each of your campaigns efficiently. MakeWebBetter
  13. 13. MakeWebBetter
  14. 14. MakeWebBetter
  15. 15. Create a custom dimension for making your work clearer and easier. MakeWebBetter
  16. 16. Make use of the CASE Function for creative exclusive data groups. For example, you could visualize visitors from branded, non-branded, paid, and organic campaigns separately. MakeWebBetter
  17. 17. MakeWebBetter
  18. 18. MakeWebBetter
  19. 19. Just define the dimension and set the conditions, which in this example are the traffic from org source in Google Analytics, named 'ORG Traffic'. And you’re good to go!! MakeWebBetter
  20. 20. Create a calculated metric MakeWebBetter
  21. 21. For calculating the total conversions from your multiple marketing campaigns, you need a metric for calculating your total conversions. MakeWebBetter
  22. 22. MakeWebBetter
  23. 23. This is how you calculate the overall conversions from several objectives/goal. MakeWebBetter
  24. 24. Don’t be afraid to mix and match MakeWebBetter
  25. 25. great feature of Google Data Studio shows data om various sources. Thus, you can mix and match ta from CRM, Google Sheets, Search Console, etc. MakeWebBetter
  26. 26. MakeWebBetter
  27. 27. Google Data Studio is a great visualization tool to review and analyze your performance. Thus, strengthening your eCommerce strategy. MakeWebBetter
  28. 28. Great!! You’ve reached the end!! It’s time for the gift. MakeWebBetter
  29. 29. At MakeWebBetter we believe in a data-driven business growth strategy. MakeWebBetter
  30. 30. And want the same here for you!! Thus, here are some really helpful resources for tapping leads. MakeWebBetter
  31. 31. Useful Resources: ➔ Advance Google Data Studio Funnel Report To know your best performing channel ➔ An Ultimate Google Data Studio Report ( It has a free template for you.) Click Here Click Here MakeWebBetter
  32. 32. Want Suggestions For Your Store? Connect with our experts now!! MakeWebBetter
  33. 33. Thank You !! Visit Us At: