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My ideal vacations.. real11

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My ideal vacations.. real11

  1. 1. My ideal vacation is to go to RomeBecause Rome is afascinating city.Is a place full ofhistory and cultureand is filled withgreat architecture.
  2. 2. Activities:You can visit the tourist sites of Rome such as:Coliseum in Rome:This is the buildingmost representativeof all of Rome, wasthe former site ofbattles and shows.
  3. 3. Arch of ConstantineThis arc determines a separation between what belongs to the Coliseum and Roman Forum.
  4. 4. Sistine chapel:The Sistine Chapel is oneof the most significantreligious buildingsaround the Vatican.
  5. 5. Museums• Vatican Museum• National Etruscan Museum• National Museum
  6. 6. Clubs:In Rome there are good places to have a great night.Generally, the nightlife begins after dinner and the bestplaces are in Campo de Fiori, Piazza Navona and Via dellaPace.
  7. 7. Food:A typical Roman menucan start with abruschetta that iscomprised of a roastingbread with garlic, oil, saltand other ingredientsplaced on the grill. As astarter you can find thefettuccine, which areaccompanied by meatpasta and tomatosauce, spaghetti andcheese carrying pepper.
  8. 8. What do you have topack?Personal Things A brush A razor Soap A Towel Toothpaste Makeup Toothbrush
  9. 9. Clothes: Shirts Underwear Sweatshirts JacketsSandals and shoes Sneakers jeans and pants Suit
  10. 10. Other: Glasses GuidebookCamera Cell phone Computer Maps
  11. 11. You can get many great memoriesfor your friends or family.For example: - Clothing - Accessories - Some figures
  12. 12. Rome is a very interestingplace to learn new things and meet new people. Youll never regret this adventure!
  13. 13. This is Roma!