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Sprint 55

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Sprint Statistics (Oleg Barenboim)
Community Update (Carol Chen)
Classic UI (Dan Clarizio)
Service UI (Chris Kacerguis)
Providers (Greg Blomquist)
Automate (Greg McCullough)
Platform (Gregg Tanzillo)
API (Alberto Bellotti)
Quality Engineering (Dave Johnson)

Publicado en: Software
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Sprint 55

  1. 1. ManageIQ Sprint 55 Review - Sprint End February 27, 2017 March 1, 2017
  2. 2. Overview ● Sprint Statistics (Oleg Barenboim) ● Community Update (Carol Chen) ● Classic UI (Dan Clarizio) ● Service UI (Chris Kacerguis) ● Providers (Greg Blomquist) ● Automate (Greg McCullough) ● Platform (Gregg Tanzillo) ● API (Alberto Bellotti) ● Quality Engineering (Dave Johnson) ● Discussion
  3. 3. Sprint Statistics (O. Barenboim) 144 Pull Requests Merged for ManageIQ/manageiq
  4. 4. PR Breakdown by Feature Category (O. Barenboim) * Note that some PRs have more than one category.
  5. 5. All Repo Stats - Top 10 (O. Barenboim) Top 10 Repositories # Closed manageiq 144 integration_tests 106 manageiq-ui-classic 97 manageiq-ui-service 32 font-fabulous 15 miq_bot 14 manageiq-gems-pending 12 manageiq_docs 10 manageiq-content 10 manageiq-providers-amazon 9 Total of 495 across ALL ManageIQ Organizational Repositories New Repositories ● font-fabulous ● manageiq-api-mock
  6. 6. Community Update (Carol Chen) ● Last Week in ManageIQ ○ by Allen Wight ○ by Josh Langholtz ○ Contact John Prause (jprause on Gitter) if you’d like to contribute ● Upcoming Events ○ Cloud Management Workshop - CF/MIQ, March 22 in San Diego, CA ○ Barcamp, April 4 in Warsaw, Poland ○ RailsConf, Apr 25-27 in Phoenix, AZ - ○ OSCAL, May 13-14 in Tirana, Albania
  7. 7. Classic UI (Dan Clarizio)
  8. 8. Classic UI Sprint 54 Sprint 55
  9. 9. Classic UI ● Bug Fixes ○ Fix filter by user on All Jobs and All UI Task screens ○ Fix missing form buttons on Catalog Items ○ Fix Snapshot revert ○ Fix to view multiple graphs in Container Metrics ○ Fix grouping in CU charts ○ Fix formatting of units for grouped charts ○ Fix creation of trees for new group ○ Fix adding Kubernetes provider ○ Catalog Items accordion - show all items (regression) ○ Display nested Resource Pools in summary page (regression)
  10. 10. Classic UI ● Technical Debt ○ Mixins ■ Removed unused compared_squash from compare mixin ■ Removed dead code, reorganized private methods in compare mixin ■ Refactor EmsCommon nested lists using GenericShowMixin ■ De-duplicate show methods using mixins ○ Formatting and styling ■ Replace performance chart zoom/unzoom images with font icons ■ Clean up custom font styling ■ Reorganized layout images ■ Quadicon size is always 72, simplify to reflect ○ Remove the unused jQplot charting provider ○ More toolbar refactoring (and more to come)
  11. 11. Classic UI ● Features ○ Power operations added to Middleware Server Groups ○ Add subscription backlog to replication tab ○ Control Action to run an Ansible Playbook ○ List and summary screens for Ansible objects ■ Credentials ■ Playbooks ■ Repositories ○ New Ansible Playbook Service Catalog Item (demo)
  12. 12. Classic UI Replication Subscription Backlog
  13. 13. Classic UI Ansible Credentials List View
  14. 14. Classic UI Ansible Credentials Summary
  15. 15. Classic UI Ansible Credentials Nested Repositories
  16. 16. Classic UI Ansible Playbooks List View
  17. 17. Classic UI Ansible Playbooks Summary
  18. 18. Classic UI Ansible Repositories List View
  19. 19. Classic UI Ansible Repository Summary
  20. 20. Classic UI Ansible Playbooks in a Repository
  21. 21. Classic UI New Ansible Playbook Service Catalog Item Demo (Harpreet Kataria)
  22. 22. Service UI (Chris Kacerguis) Overall Progress for Sprint
  23. 23. Service UI (Chris Kacerguis) New Features ● Create Catalog item API ● Rework Folder Structure as per updated tabs ● Removed Admin tab ● Bulk Edit Tags (Services) ● Bulk Set Ownership (Services) ● Bulk Retire Now (Services) ● Bulk Retire Later ● Bulk Delete
  24. 24. Service UI (Chris Kacerguis) Housekeeping Items ● Rework Folder Structure which matches the tabs in SUI ● Update Dependencies ● Separate out current karma tests in own dir ● All preparation done for transition to Angular 4
  25. 25. Service UI (Chris Kacerguis) ● Added Ansible Data to Service Details page
  26. 26. Service UI (Chris Kacerguis) ● Allow creation of snapshots for a VM
  27. 27. Service UI (Chris Kacerguis) ● List & Deletion of current snapshots for a VM
  28. 28. Service UI (Chris Kacerguis) ● List of Orchestration Templates
  29. 29. Service UI (Chris Kacerguis) ● Create / Edit Orchestration Templates
  30. 30. Service UI (Chris Kacerguis) Bugs Fixed ● Snapshot delete all yields vm deletion (ABW) ● MyOrder- Remove button of the last order is not visible ● Fix pictures not showing in Mock API ● Fix label getting scrunched in /templates ● Pagenation and total items are not aligned at bottom of page ● Fix "Ordered On" date in /orders ● Fix "Created On" date in /services ● Fix "Updated" date in /templates ● Edit dialog page does not display correct fields ● Change of "Memory on Disk" metric name ● Fix $state.FeatureNav error when reloading a view ● Error creating duplicate catalog ● Catalog "save" button on Edit page is not enabled unless description is filled ● Current Service link on dashboard should show all current active services
  31. 31. Service UI (Chris Kacerguis) Overall Progress for Sprint (ahead of plan) - 83 pts completed
  32. 32. Providers (Greg Blomquist)
  33. 33. Providers
  34. 34. Providers (Greg Blomquist) ● Embedded Ansible Tower Models and Workers ● Additional credential modeling ● Much more in Automate...
  35. 35. Providers (Greg Blomquist) Metrics for archived containers Power Operations for Server Groups Use Task Queue for several provider operations
  36. 36. Providers (Greg Blomquist) Allow override for Metric DB name Inventory for S3 Objects Disable Metrics and Events for unsupported regions
  37. 37. Providers (Greg Blomquist) ● Graph refresh improvements ● Queryable provider registry >{|p| p.class} => [ManageIQ::Providers::Amazon::Engine, ManageIQ::Providers::Azure::Engine, ManageIQ::Providers::Vmware::Engine, ManageIQ::Providers::Lenovo::Engine]
  38. 38. Automate (Greg McCullough)
  39. 39. Automate (Greg McCullough) Ansible Playbook Integration ● Create Ansible Playbook Catalog Item ● Create associated job templates for Provision/Retirement ● Create Ansible inventory when running playbook ● Automate method for dynamic dialog field to list Ansible credentials Schema Migrations ● OrchestrationStackResource (Ansible Plays) ○ start_time / finish_time ● AutomationManager::Job ○ machine, network and cloud credentials ○ start_time / finish_time ○ playbook ○ hosts
  40. 40. Automate (Greg McCullough) ● Control Action - Run Ansible Playbook
  41. 41. Automate (Greg McCullough) Generic Service State Machine for Retirement ○ Features: ■ Runs playbook ■ Uses retirement state to track progress ■ Marks Service as retired. ■ Does NOT remove Service. ○ Next Steps: ■ Optionally Remove service resources. ○ Future: ■ Create Request for tracking purposes.
  42. 42. Automate (Greg McCullough) Generic Service State Machine - Service Object ● Our Life Cycle state machines use different objects for processing. The use of a single object enables the generic state machine to perform multiple functions. Changed: ○ Generic State Machine methods to use Service object for all processing. ○ Engine to pass Service object to Automate.
  43. 43. Automate (Greg McCullough) Order service from automate method ● New method: create_service_provision_request New OpenStack cloud tenant events (Action: Provider refresh) ● Identity.project.created ● Identity.project.deleted ● Identity.project.updated Dialog Field: Multi-select drop-downs ● Back-end merged ● UI in current sprint
  44. 44. Platform (Gregg Tanzillo)
  45. 45. Platform ● Enhancements ○ Chargeback without Capacity & Utilization ○ Prohibit tenant admin from assigning admin role ○ Add a #backlog method to PglogicalSubscription objects ○ Lifecycle monitoring of embedded Ansible service ○ Remove unnecessary mechanisms around "configuring" central admin ○ Allow users to input ipv6 where it makes sense in appliance console ○ Replace homegrown IPv4 regexp with the built-in ruby version
  46. 46. Platform ● Bug Fixes ○ Ignore custom attributes that have a nil name while building reporting fields selection list ○ Rescue worker class exceptions and move on in worker monitor worker synchronization ○ Fix chargeback rate tier selection when using different units ○ Use “throw :abort” to halt callback chain in Job model ○ Require gem instead of static paths in manageiq-gems-pending gem ■ HA Failover Monitor ■ EVM Watchdog
  47. 47. ● Technical Debt/Refactoring/Tests ○ Jobs and tasks ■ Make Job belong to miq_task ■ Reference jobs through MiqTask on UI Task screens ○ Ignore tags in expression when parsing fields ○ Chargeback report generation performance - ■ Eager load Vm reflections ■ Use SQL filter in place Array#select ○ Refactor chargeback seeding methods ○ MiqExpression ■ DRY up custom attribute processing in expression fields ■ Remove display_filter_details method ■ Specs for loading virtual custom attributes from right side in expression Platform
  48. 48. Platform
  49. 49. Platform
  50. 50. API (Alberto Bellotti) ● Enhancement to support reverting Snapshots on VMs (Tim W.) Implemented via the revert action on VM resources POST /api/vms/:id/snapshots/:s_id { “action” : “revert” } Sample response: { "success": true, "message": "Reverting to snapshot test_snapshot for Virtual Machine id:185 name:'aab-ldap'", "task_id": 47, "task_href": "http://localhost:3000/api/tasks/47" }
  51. 51. API (Alberto Bellotti) ● Enhancement to expose new Authentications collection for queries and deletes (Jillian T.) ○ Currently used for Embedded Automation Manager Credentials ○ New collection: /api/authentications GET /api/authentications GET /api/authentications/:id POST /api/authentications/:id - action delete DELETE /api/authentications/:id POST /api/authentications - action delete for bulk deletes
  52. 52. API (Alberto Bellotti) ● Enhancement to support creating Service Templates (Jillian T., Bill W.) ○ Needed for the Service UI ○ Currently supporting atomic services POST /api/service_templates { “name” : “Atomic Service Template”, “service_type” : “atomic”, “prov_type” : “amazon”, “display” : “false”, “config_info” : { ... “provision” : { … }, “retirement” : { … }, } }
  53. 53. Quality Engineering (D. Johnson) Ansible Testing ○ Test Cases finished and currently under review ○ User Stories review in progress; all working features have been approved ○ Currently testing whatever is available: ■ Embedded - backend done, waiting for UI ■ External - began testing Ansible Tower 3.1 ■ Automate/Control/Services - testing in progress, waiting for more functionality to be added
  54. 54. Quality Engineering (D. Johnson) Automation ○ 95 PRs Merged
  55. 55. Quality Engineering (D. Johnson) Automation ○ Our first sprint “1 - Ahoko”, finished yesterday ○ Improved running tests pass rate to 90+% on Euwe ○ Works completed including ■ A number of optimizations particularly ■ Test fixes ■ Rewritten Events Listener ■ Fixes for selenium keep-alive ○ Next up ■ More modularization efforts, some optimizations and more widgetastic conversions
  56. 56. Discussion Sprint 54 Review Sprint 56 Review - March 15