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Life is...

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My TEDx talk at DPS Bangalore East. I talked about my own journey, and captured three key lessons for students, parents and teachers. More details in the video

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Life is...

  1. 1. Life is…
  2. 2. At 10, I wanted to be a pilot!
  3. 3. At 12, I wanted to join circus!
  4. 4. At 14, I didn’t know what I wanted to be!
  5. 5. At 16, I just wanted to be a bit more taller (just for a change, you know!)
  6. 6. At 19, I didn’t get anywhere, so I took Computer Science!
  7. 7. At 21, I became a Computer Scientist with a passion for AI
  8. 8. At 23, I was headed to Antarctica for 16 months!!!
  9. 9. At 25, I quit the safety and comforts of a government job!
  10. 10. At 30, I wanted to retire by 40!
  11. 11. At 45, I became a solopreneur!
  12. 12. At 50, I can’t wait to get started all over again!
  13. 13. Life is…