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Machine Learning Bookcamp

  1. Learn Machine Learning by Making Projects With Machine Learning Bookcamp. Take 42% off by entering slgrigorev into the discount code box at checkout at
  2. Machine learning is an analysis technique for predicting trends and relationships based on historical data. By practicing the most important algorithms and techniques, you can quickly gain a footing in this important area. That’s exactly what you’re going to do in this book.
  3. The only way to learn is to practice! In Machine Learning Bookcamp, you’ll create and deploy Python- based machine learning models for a variety of increasingly challenging projects. Taking you from the basics of machine learning to complex applications such as image and text analysis, each new project builds on what you’ve learned in previous chapters.
  4. In Machine Learning Bookcamp you’ll learn the essentials of machine learning by completing a carefully designed set of real- world projects. When you’re done working through these fun and informative projects, you’ll have a comprehensive machine learning skill set you can apply to practical on-the-job problems.
  5. What people are saying about the book: An amazing introduction to learning machine learning by doing projects. -Joseph Perenia This book not only explains how to use the different machine-learning algorithms with real-life examples, but also provides very clear explanations on how to measure the quality of the predictors. -Monica Guimaraes
  6. About the author: Alexey Grigorev has more than ten years of experience as a software engineer, and has spent the last six years focused on machine learning. Currently, he works as a lead data scientist at the OLX Group, where he deals with content moderation and image models. He is the author of two other books on using Java for data science and TensorFlow for deep learning.
  7. Take 42% off Machine Learning Bookcamp by entering slgrigorev into the discount code box at checkout at If you want to learn more about the book, you can check it out on our browser-based liveBook reader here.