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Big Brand Secrets: How to Grow Your Business Using Instagram & Twitter

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Amberly Rundell recently unveiled her top secrets on how to use Twitter and Instagram for business at an event hosted by New York State Capital Region Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

In this presentation you will learn:

Why your business needs to be on Twitter and Instagram
How to create engaging content for your Twitter and Instagram audience
Instagram contest ideas
How to conduct competitor analysis
How to create amazing social media visuals with little to no design skills
Best practices, tools, and tips that you can put into action right away
The #1 trend this year in social media - BRAND STORYTELLING

For a detailed recap of her presentation, visit

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Big Brand Secrets: How to Grow Your Business Using Instagram & Twitter

  1. Amberly Rundell Digital Marketing Strategist Digital Marketing Strategist
  3. Instagram
  4. What will you learn? 1. Why use Instagram? 2. How to optimize your profile 3. How to spy on your competitors 4. How to create engaging content ideas 5. How to tag your location 6. How to get more followers 7. My favorite tools, tips and more!
  5. Why Use Instagram?1
  6. Instagram Statistics • 400 million users • 49% male / 51% female • 53% of US adults 18-29 • 49% of US adults use it daily • 34% of US teens and millennial (14-34) Source:
  7. Optimize Your Profile2
  8. Create Your Profile 1) Choose a username 2) Add your business logo 3) Add your bio – include your USP! 4) Add website link
  9. Get Inspired! Study Your Competitors 3
  10. Get Inspired!
  11. Example Hashtags for Bed & Breakfasts #Bedandbreakfast #Bedandbreakfasts #bandb #Adirondackhotels #luxurybedandbreakfasts #boutiquebedandbreakfast #Adirondacks #hotels
  12. #WeddingVenues
  13. #ConferencePlanners
  14. Tagboard Favorite Tools!
  15. Get Inspired! Share Great Content4
  16. Have you won any awards?
  17. What makes your business unique? 1) Do you sell unique products? 2) Has your Executive Chef won numerous awards? 3) Is your company available 24-7? 4) Do you offer private yoga classes inside of your hotel rooms? 5) Do you have customers that have been coming to you for 20+ years??
  18. Pictures of Your Products
  19. Product of the Month
  20. Show How To Use Your Products
  21. Show Off Your Customers User Generated Content
  22. Show how your products are made
  23. Give a Sneak Peek of an upcoming product or special new service you are providing
  24. Use Real People Include REAL human faces they receive 38% more likes on average, and 32% more comments.
  25. Promote a Sale
  26. Promote an “Instagram Exclusive” Sale
  27. Introduce Your Employees and their Roles
  28. Wordswag Favorite Tools!
  29. Wordswag
  30. Promote Your Events
  31. Happy Customers Source:
  32. Powerful Statistics
  33. Behind the Scenes “A day in the life” Show the Visual Journey of your Business
  34. Showcase Employees at Work (and what they’re working on!)
  35. Testimonials
  36. Videos
  37. Share User Generated Content
  38. Give Advice/Tips – FAQ’s
  39. Promote Local Events #FireCracker4 #Saratoga #HealthySaratoga
  40. Memorable Quotes Source:
  41. Favorite Tools
  42. Storytelling Source:
  43. Get Inspired! Tag Your Location5
  44. Tag Your Location Source:
  45. Source:
  46. Get Inspired! Get More Fans6
  47. Use Hashtags #Sunsets #Adirondacks #SaranacLake #mountains #travel #UpstateNY #Honeymoonideas #LakePlacid
  48. • Business Partners • Clients • Members of the Chamber of Commerce • News Channels • Potential Business Clients • Competitors • Influencers in your market • Follow the Followers of Influential people Follow Others
  49. Add Social Media Links In Your Email Signature (If you don’t know how to do this, just Google “How to add email signatures to [AOL/Outlook/Gmail] email signature.)
  50. Add Icons to Your Website
  51. Share on other channels
  52. Get Inspired! Increase Engagement7
  53. Ask Questions Key takeaway: Be genuinely interested in your audience!
  54. Comment Back To Followers Source: Dina Rodriguez – Hand Lettering Artist
  55. “ ” to Win Contest
  56. Source: Wishpond
  57. Get Inspired! My Favorite Tools & Tips 8
  58. ScheduGram
  59. Photo source:
  60. Favorite Tools!
  61. Easily Design Images
  62. Muzy
  63. Flipagram
  64. Twitter
  65. What will you learn? 1. Why use Twitter for business? 2. How to optimize your profile 3. How to spy on competitors 4. How to engaging content ideas 5. My favorite tools and tips
  66. Why Should Your Business Be On Twitter? • Powerful stat of users /demographic • Brand & relationship management • Drive Website traffic • Reach users anytime, anywhere • Spy on competitors
  67. Twitter Statistics 500+ million users 85% of followers feel more connected with a small business after following them 42% of Twitter users use Twitter to learn about products and services
  68. Optimize Your Profile1
  69. Optimize Your Profile
  70. Spy on Competitors2
  71. Use the Twitter Search Bar #hotel #Marriott #Courtyard #luxuryhotels #hotelmarketing
  72. Get Inspired! Share Great Content3
  73. What Should I Tweet? – Blog posts – E-books, whitepapers, case studies – Videos – Checklists – Promotions, specials & deals – Tips
  74. Behind the Scenes
  75. Helpful Tips
  76. Be the Authority
  77. Link to an “Irresistible” Lead Magnet
  78. Get Inspired! Hashtags4
  79. Jump in the Conversation - Trending Topics
  80. My favorite Tools & Tips5
  81. Twitter Search
  82. Hootsuite Favorite Tool!
  83. Hashtagify
  84. Click to Tweet “Tweetables” Favorite Tools!
  85. Success Stories
  86. Key Takeaways • Social Media is all about VISUAL STORYTELLING • Pull back the curtains of your business • Tell your brand story using images and videos • Study others who are doing it right • Social Media = Like, Know and Trust • Capture moments • Never stop exploring and testing
  87. Homework • Take out your notes again • Try out 2 or 3 things you learned today!
  88. Need help? • Training and workshops • 1:1 Consulting • Social Media Strategy • Management
  89. Let’s Connect! @AmberlyOnline