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Application Test Engineer

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OBJECTIVE: To merge into a dynamic organization as IT Professional in the field of Software Quality Testing that will strategically utilize my existing skill sets while providing opportunities to amalgamate personal enrichment with professional goals

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Application Test Engineer

  1. 1. Manoj Kumar Chhatarpur New Delhi - 110019 Tel: +919582060545 E-mail: Web& Mobile Application Tester TOTAL WORK EXPERIENCE: 3.8 YEARS (Manual Testing) OBJECTIVE: To merge into a dynamic organization as IT Professional in the field of Software Quality Testing that will strategically utilize my existing skill sets while providing opportunities to amalgamate personal enrichment with professional goals. PROFILE • Technically sophisticated and seasoned IT Professional with experience in Software Testing and Requirement Analysis. • In-depth knowledge of software Testing and Technology. • Reliable as a fully contributing, responsible and accountable member of task/project teams. • Quick adaptability to new technologies, so as to keep abreast of changing trends and meet new requirements successfully coupled with a natural interest in software Testing. • A systematic, organized, hardworking and dedicated team player with an analytical bent of mind determined to be a part of a growth-oriented organization. • Excellent communication, interpersonal, leadership and Team Management skills. TECHNICAL SKILLS Operating Systems: Window 8/Windows7/XP / Vista Manual Testing: Smoke, Sanity, Adhoc, Performance, Regression, STLC, SDLC, Test Case creation/Execution Generate Test Scenarios, Closing bugs, Updating bugs, Posting new bugs in tracker. Validation/Verification Process, Agile Methodologies, Traceability Matric Markup Languages: HTML, XML Bug Tracking Tools : Mantis ,Bugzilla Project Management Tool: Jira Experience in Mobile Application Testing: 10 Months Current Employer MOBIKASA Chhatarpur (New Delhi) Since 01 Jan 2015 to Present Working at MOBIKASA a leading Web ,Mobile & Tablet Development Company work’s for United States IT market as a Test Engineer. BEST OF PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN Project: What’s Cook in Platform: Android & IOS Tools Used: Mantis Description: What’s cook in is a mobile application which offer’s services of adding, searching, delivering of foods up to 3 miles in the three major cities of US. The application has three type of registration. a) Chef Registration:-This application offers a wide range of foods to user/customer. b) Customer Registration:-Customer can search and add particular food to his/her cart. c) Driver Registration:-This user type basically pick’s the food from chef address and deliver’s it to customer’s address.
  2. 2. Project: SpotPog-Live Platform: Android & IOS Tools Used: Mantis, Jira Description: Spot Pog is a mobile application which offers two basic services like adding a spot and fixing spot for vehicle parking in the four major cities like New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Chicago The application has two type of registration. a) I offer a Spot:-This application offers a wide range of spotss to user/customer. b) I need a Spot:-Customer can search and add particular spot to his/her cart. Project: Sendfie Platform: Android & IOS Tools Used: Mantis, Jira Description: Sendfie is a mobile application which offer’s basic services like Creating an event and inviting Sendfie friends and facebook friends for that event. The application has three process. a) Craete Event:Host create’s event and invite for created event.. b) Send Sendfie:Sending a sendfie to other c) Sendfie My Self: Purchasing Sendfie for own Payment Option: Paypal, Add Cart, Pay you, Apple Pay Previous Employer DIGITRANS/BAMKO Dehradun (U.K) Since Nov 2011 to Nov 2014 Worked, for DIGITRANS a leading Web Software Solution / Web Development Provider, for United States IT market as Sr. Quality Analyst. Quality Analyst • Managing and delivery of projects from conceptualization, visualization to technology mapping and final execution of projects • Managing Project scope and change requests (CR) • Interact with the client to create technology specifications from business requirements for modules within the project • Planning and allocating work to the team • Monitoring testing activities and reporting project progress • Managing, mentoring and providing technical guidance/support to project teams • Involved in DatabaseTesting EDUCATION & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT S.No . Course Institute Board Percentage 1 B.Tech. (I.T.)2007-2011 S.I.E.T,Gangoh(Saharanpur) U.P.T.U,Lucknow 68.5% 2 H.SC. 2007 H.R Inter College, Gangoh, Saharanpur U.P Board 64.20% 3 S.SC. 2005 H.R Inter College, Gangoh, Saharanpur U.P Board 61.66%
  3. 3. Experience in Web Application Testing: 3.0 Yrs ERP: BLINC Best Projects In BLINC Project: Bids - Sourcing Rep Rates Client- Lauren Bloom Description: When closing an order in BLINC, if an international product quote has been submitted then we have to answer three questions about the sourcing rep. However, sometimes the quote is entered but doesn't get worked on. Can we add a Not Applicable option to the drop down menus? Check form consistency -- Need to see if we need Chinese characters -- Should import into Bamko US QB Project: Net Suite Utilities Description: Transfer all current utilities for QB to Net Suite Client-Phil Project: Multiple Order Quotes to Single Contact Description: Would we be able to instill some sort of drop down or checked box feature to say, "Send all order quotes to this contact" and select their name. Project: Global Search Description: When searching for account, show if a particular account is protected or not and by whom? Client-Lauren Project: CATALOG SITE Description: Need to add a new function to the catalog site. When a client gets to the checkout page- Select a delivery option. Please add “Use my FedEx Account” as an option. I know we tried doing this in the past and it’s impossible for us to link up payment to FedEx account numbers; therefore, you can do a check box. We will then contact the client to get the FEDEX number. Project: Splitting Payment Description: Similar to International orders, develop a split payment terms module for the domestic order module. Environment: PHP / MYSQL / AJAX / JQUERY/JAVA SCRIPT Tools Used: Mantis, Jira Review: The projects have been designed to manage Customer Relations, Bids, Orders, and Accounting by means of different modules like Sales CRM, Bid Management, Order Management, Accounts modules respectively supported by various Reports modules. PERSONAL DETAILS: Name : Manoj Kumar Date of Birth : Dec, 10, 1988 Language known : Hindi and English. Marital Status : Single Hobbies : Reading and Teaching. Passport Status : Applied For REFERENCES : Available On Request