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8th grade first day

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First day of 8th Grade

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8th grade first day

  1. 1. 8th Grade Math Mrs. Weiser
  2. 2. Let’s Make it a Great Year  I HATE negative self-talk! Don’t do it and I won’t call you on it!  I don’t give a rip about your math history, especially if you think it was bad. I believe that you will be successful this year, and I want you to believe the same thing!  I expect you to pay attention, even if you don’t understand what’s going on. Chances are if you continue to pay attention, you will get it! If you pay attention and still have problems, TELL ME!  Pencils are the best writing utensil EVER! That is what I prefer you use in math! If you don’t have one, borrow one! If someone needs one, lend one. If all else fails, you can trade something for one from me. COME TO CLASS PREPARED!!
  3. 3. Rules  1. Come in quietly and go directly to your seat  2. Respect everyone’s stuff (including mine and everyone else’s)  3. Talk only at the appropriate time  4. Keep your hands and feet to yourself
  4. 4. Consequences  1st Offense: Verbal Warning and OR Teacher Conference  2nd Offense: Parent Contact/ Parent Conference  3rd Offense: Discipline Referral  Major Offense: Immediate Office Referral
  5. 5. Grading Policy and Corrections  Grading Policy  Evaluation 40%  Application 30%  Practice 30%  Corrections  Any grade below 70 can be corrected up to a 70. Corrections must be done on a separate sheet of paper and stapled to the BACK of the original assignment. Corrections must be turned in at least 3 days before the end of the 6 weeks.
  6. 6. Late Work  Turn your work in on time and there won’t be any problems! If work is turned in late, students have to sign the late work sheet and provide the reason that it is late. When it is late, 30 points or (30%) will be deducted immediately. After three (3) days, you will receive a zero (0), but you will still have to turn in the assignment. NO corrections are allowed on late work.
  7. 7. Grades  New Grades will be in every Friday  Grades will be posted on Monday  You are responsible for YOUR Missing Work. I WILL NOT HUNT YOU DOWN.  NO Extra Credit
  8. 8. Procedures  Stay in Your seat when I am teaching.  Trash  Sharpening Pencil  Tissue  NO Food or Drinks  Tardies  In your seat when the bell rings  Leaving Class  Bell does not dismiss you, I DO!
  9. 9. Leaving Class  Restroom  Before and After Class  Lockers  Bring EVERYTHING you need to Class  Nurse  Only in EMERGENCIES  Counselor  I will email Mr. Parker and let him know you need to talk to him
  10. 10. Cell Phones  THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING!!!! NO CELL PHONES IN MY CLASS  You may not charge your devices in my room