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2016 Peking-Stanford-Oxford Internet Law and Policy Conference

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December 9-11, 2016 | Shenzhen, China | Hosts: Peking University Law School, Stanford University Law School, Oxford University Law Faculty | Organizer: Peking University Institute for Internet Law | Sponsor: Tencent

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2016 Peking-Stanford-Oxford Internet Law and Policy Conference

  1. 1. 中国.深圳 2016年12月9日至11日 December 9-11, 2016 Shenzhen, China 中国.深圳 2016年12月9日至11日 December 9-11, 2016 Shenzhen, China 主办:北京大学法学院、斯坦福大学法学院、牛津大学法学院 Hosts: Peking University Law School, Stanford University Law School, Oxford University Law Faculty 承办:北京大学互联网法律中心 Organizer: Peking University Institute for Internet Law 会议资助: Sponsor: 主办:北京大学法学院、斯坦福大学法学院、牛津大学法学院 Hosts: Peking University Law School, Stanford University Law School, Oxford University Law Faculty 承办:北京大学互联网法律中心 Organizer: Peking University Institute for Internet Law 会议资助: Sponsor:
  2. 2. 02 “北大 - 斯坦福 - 牛津互联网法律与公共政策研讨会”是由北京大学法学院、斯坦福大学法学院与牛津大学 法学院共同主办的年度性会议,会议由腾讯公司资助。研讨会现已成功举办四届,2016 年会议是第五届会议。 科技创新和互联网的加速普及带来了新的市场机遇和潜在的经济增长点,物联网、智能制造、人工智能、大 数据及高性能计算等领域成为世界各主要经济体创新战略和产业升级的重要方向,所衍生的各类应用科技产 品、商业模式等也成为资本争相追逐的目标。与此同时,不断涌现的新技术及其商业应用也给现有的法律与 公共政策提出了新的问题与挑战。如何在法律、秩序的稳定性与市场和技术创新的活力与多样性之间寻求包 容与平衡是我们需要共同面对和探讨的话题。为此,我们将本届会议的主题定为“创新、包容与秩序——变 化中的科技、互联网与法律”。 依托北京大学、斯坦福大学和牛津大学雄厚的学术实力,卓越的社会声誉和广泛的影响力,在此前四届会议 的成功基础上,今年我们继续邀请到了来自全球的顶尖学者、专家共聚中国深圳,从国际视野出发探索互联 网法律与公共政策的热点议题。这是一年一度难得的机遇,使我们有机会让知识和观点交流碰撞,共同探讨 科技、互联网与法律的现实与未来,以及如何使之变得更好。 Peking-Stanford-Oxford Internet Law and Public Policy Conference is an annual event jointly organized by the Law School of Peking University, Stanford Law School and the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford and sponsored by Tencent. It has been held successfully 4 times already. 2016 is the 5th year for us to hold this conference. Technical innovation and accelerating popularity of the Internet have brought about new market opportunities and potential economic growth points. Internet of Things (IOT), smart manufacturing, artificial intelligence (AI), big data and high performance computers have become key directions of innovation strategy and industrial upgrading in major economic entities in the world. In the capital market, people are racing to invest in technical products of various applications as well as business models derived from such directions. In the meantime, emerging new technologies and their commercial applications have posed new questions and challenges to existing laws and public policies. How to seek inclusivity and balance between the stability of the law & order and the vitality and diversity of market and technical innovation is a topic for us to face with together and discuss about. For this end, we have chosen a theme for this conference as Innovation, Inclusivity & Order: The Changing Technology, Internet & Law. By relying on strong academic capacity, incomparable social prestige and broad influence of Peking, Stanford and Oxford universities and based on the success of past 4 series, once again we have invited top scholars and experts in the world to Shenzhen, China to discuss about hot issues in the areas of the Internet law and public policies from international points of view. At this annual event, we will have a great opportunity to allow exchange and collision of knowledge and opinions, to talk about the reality and future of technology, Internet and law, and to find out how to make them better. 会议简介 Introduction 02
  3. 3. 03 2016 年 12 月 10 日 星期六 Saturday 10th December 2016 全天会议 Conference day 9:00-12:35 9:00-9:30 签到 Registration 9:30-10:00 欢迎及介绍 Welcome and Introductions · 徐友军 Youjun Xu | Vice Chairman, Shenzhen CPPCC 深圳市政协副主席 · 张守文 Shouwen Zhang | Dean, Peking University 北京大学法学院长 ·M ichael Klausner | Professor of Law, Stanford University 斯坦福大学教授 ·Mark Stephens, CBE | Oxford University 二等勋爵,牛津大学 ·Brent Irvin | Vice President and General Counsel, Tencent 腾讯公司副总裁兼总法律顾问 第一场 Panel 1 创新与发展 Innovation and Development 硅谷早已被喻为企业家的天堂,而深圳在过去的 30 年 从一个小渔村转化为中国领先的创新中心。什么因素使 得这些地区成为创新的发源地?政策环境在促进创新中 扮演什么角色?“大众创业,万众创新”的今天,哪里 将成为新的创新摇篮?本环节将讨论推动创新的相关因 素,包括政策环境、创业文化、技术因素等,揭开推动 创新的神秘面纱。 Silicon Valley has long been hailed as a paradise for entrepreneurs, while Shenzhen has transformed from a small fishing village to China's leading innovation hub. What factors make these areas birthplaces for innovation? What role can policy play in generating new ideas? At a time of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, what area will become the new cradle of innovation? This panel will discuss key considerations, including policy environments, entrepreneurial culture, technical factors, etc., to uncover the mysteries that drive innovation. 主持 Chair Michael Klausner | Stanford University 斯坦福大学 10:05-11:05 上半场 First half · 吴汉东 Handong Wu | Zhongnan University of Economics and Law 中南财经政法大学 · Michael Klausner | Stanford University 斯坦福大学 · Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran | The Economist《经济学人》 · 司 晓 Jason Si | Tencent 腾讯 11:05-11:20 茶歇 Coffee and Tea 11:20-12:35 下半场 Second half · Ylva Rodny Gumede | University of Johannesburg 约翰内斯堡大学 · Iginio Gagliardone | Oxford University 牛津大学 · 张 平 Ping Zhang | Peking University 北京大学 发言时间:15 分钟 / 人 6 speaker, 15 minutes each 提问与讨论:30 分钟 Q&A 30 minutes 14:00-18:55 第二场 Panel 2 大数据时代的隐私与数据保护 Privacy / Data Protection in Big Data Era 从“ 被 遗 忘 权” 判 决 到 欧 盟 的《 一 般 数 据 保 护 条 例 》, 从 Maximillian Schrems v. Data Protection Commissioner 案的判决到《欧盟 - 美国隐私盾》, 再到 APEC CBPR,我们经历了一系列有关数据与隐 私的法律与政策变迁。但是隐私或数据保护的法律基础 是什么?数据权利的性质是什么,是宪法性的人权、财 产权还是其他性质的权利?不同国家和地区对隐私和数 据权利的观念存在差异,不同国家和地区的社会、文化、 宗教、历史和法律传统又如何影响了有关隐私与数据保 护的政策与立法?这些政策与立法的实践效果如何?本 场我们将共同探讨有关数据和隐私保护的基础性及争议 性的问题。 We’ve witnessed a series of law and policy evolution globally on privacy and data protection these years, including the rule of “right to be forgotten”, the adoption of EU General Data Protection Regulation, the Judgement of the Court (Grand Chamber) on Maximillian Schrems v. Data Protection Commissioner, the adoption of EU-US Privacy Shield and APEC CBPR. What is the legal foundation of data protection? Do we have rights on data? What is the nature of the 会议日程 Agenda
  4. 4. 04 rights on data, for example, the rights derived from constitutional law or property rights? The concept of privacy/data protection are different from jurisdictions to jurisdictions. How different culture, history, religion and tradition of law in difference jurisdictions shape the present law and policy on privacy/data protection? This panel will explore various foundational and controversial issues. 主持 Chair 主持:张 平 Ping Zhang | Peking University 北京大学 14:00-15:00 上半场 First half · 龙卫球 Weiqiu Long | Beihang University 北京航空航天大学 · 王锡锌 Xixin Wang | Peking University 北京大学 · Julie Brill | Hogan Lovells 霍金路伟律师事务所 · 李德成 Decheng Li | JINCHENG TONGDA & NEAL 金诚同达律师事务所 15:00-15:10 场间休息 Short Break 15:10-16:10 下半场 Second half · 潘兆娟 JJ Pan | Acxiom 安客诚 · 王小夏 Allen Wang | Tencent 腾讯 发言时间:15 分钟 / 人 6 speaker, 15 minutes each 提问与讨论:30 分钟 Q&A 30 minutes 16:10-16:25 茶歇 Coffee and Tea 第三场 Panel 3 人工智能、法律与政策的未来 The Future of Artificial Intelligence, Law and Policy 尽管人工智能科技仍处于初级阶段,但为特定任务目标 而设计的基于大数据分析的具备一定自我学习和决策能 力的人工智能设备已经呈现出广泛的应用前景。人工智 能未来的发展方向和目标是什么?如何使得人工智能成 为安全、可信赖的工具?如何防止由于数据来源和算法 设计产生的偏差或歧视?由人工智能决策所引发的事故 或纠纷又将对现有侵权法、合同法、刑法等法律规则的 应用或变革产生什么样的影响?政府与管制在人工智能 发展过程又将发挥什么样的作用?本场我们将探讨一系 列有关人工智能与法律的前沿问题。 Though artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are at the primary stage, AI devices, which are designed for certain tasks, with self-learning and decision-making capability that based on big data analysis are showing us the broad and promising application prospect. What will be the future of artificial intelligence? How to make AI be the safe and trustable tools? How to avoid and prevent the bias and discrimination cause by insufficient data sources and algorithms? How will the accidents and disputes caused by AI decisions challenge the implementation and evolution of current rules of tort laws, contract laws, criminal law, etc.? What role will government regulation play in the development of AI? This panel will explore a series of cutting-edge issues on AI, law and policy. 主持 Chair Robert van den Hoven van Genderen| University of Amsterdam 阿姆斯特丹大学 16:25-17:25 上半场 First half · 段瑞春 Ruichun Duan | China Law Association on Science and Technology 中国科技法学会中国科技法学会 · Phil Malone | Stanford University 斯坦福大学 · Robert van den Hoven van Genderen | University of Amsterdam 阿姆斯特丹大学 · 刘德良 Deliang Liu | Beijing Normal University 北京师范大学 17:25-17:35 场间休息 Short Break 17:35-18:35 下半场 Second half · Marcelo Thompson | University of Hong Kong 香港大学 · 谭俊 Jun Tan | Baidu 百度 发言时间:15 分钟 / 人 6 speaker, 15 minutes each 提问与讨论:30 分钟 Q&A 30 minutes
  5. 5. 05 2016 年 12 月 11 日 星期天 Sunday 11th December 2016 全天会议 Conference day 9:00-11:30 9:00-9:30 签到 Registration 第四场 Panel 4 媒介、平台的法律责任与规制挑战 Intermediary/Platform Liability and Regulation Challenges 本场将讨论例如微信、滴滴、淘宝、Google、Uber、 Facebook 等网络媒介平台的价值与贡献以及与之相伴 的潜在风险及其给法律规制带来的挑战。我们将考察有 关媒介、平台责任的现有法律规则的目标和实施效果, 不同的责任规则对终端用户、平台或媒介的行为选择的 影响,以及平衡用户、平台和媒介以及公共利益的方法等。 This panel will examine the contribution and value of intermediary platforms like WeChat, DiDi, Taobao, Google, Uber and Facebook in the economy and society, as well as the challenges that the potential risks of intermediary platforms bring to the design of regulations and policies. We will explore some of the contentious issues regard to intermediary/platform liabilities, such as whether the implementation effect of current rules and regulations on intermediary/ platform liabilities match with the legislation and policy objective; how such rules and regulations shape users and platforms behavior; whether we have better ways to balance the public interest and the interest of users, platforms etc. 主持 Chair 时建中 Jianzhong Shi| China University of Political Science and Law 中国政法大学 9:30-10:15 上半场 First half · 时建中 Jianzhong Shi | China University of Political Science and Law 中国政法大学 · Jacob Rowbottom | Oxford University 牛津大学 · Giancarlo F. Frosio | Stanford University 斯坦福大学 10:15-10:30 茶歇 Coffee and Tea 10:30-11:30 下半场 Second half · Jacob Rowbottom | Oxford University 牛津大学 · 杨 明 Ming Yang | Peking University Law School 北京大学 发言时间:15 分钟 / 人 6 speaker, 15 minutes each 提问与讨论:30 分钟 Q&A 30 minutes 14:00-18:30 14:00-15:30 第五场 Panel 5 新经济与新动能 New Economy and New Momentums 新经济是指在经济全球化背景下,以信息技术(IT)革 命以及由信息技术革命带动的、以高新科技产业为龙头 的经济。主要特点为:基于知识经济、以 IT 产业为主导, 面向全球市场。在 2016 年的《政府工作报告》中,李 克强总理首次提出“新经济”的概念,指出 : 新经济覆 盖面很广泛、内涵很丰富,它涉及一、二、三产业,不 仅仅是指互联网、物联网、云计算以及电子商务等新兴 服务业和新业态,也包括工业当中的智能制造、大规模 的定制化生产等。" 近年来,“新经济”内涵不断丰富, 本环节将讨论新经济中“平台经济”、“分享经济”、“微 经济”等发展趋势,当前面临的困难及问题,交流促进 新经济发展的全球制度经验。 The new economy refers to the high-tech industry- led economy brought about by the IT revolution in the context of economic globalization. The main features are a knowledge-based economy led by the IT industry with a global market. In the 2016 Government Work Report, Premier Li first proposed the concept of the "new economy," emphasizing that the new economy covers a broad area and holds a variety of implications. It involves, first, second, and tertiary industries, including not only new services and forms such as the Internet, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing, but also smart manufacturing, mass customized large scale production, etc. In recent years, the implications of the "new economy" have been endless, and this session will discuss the new economy's trends such as the "platform economy," "sharing economy," and "micro-economy," current obstacles, and the policy behind the new economy's development in a global context. 主持 Chair Mark Stephens, CBE | Oxford University 牛津大学 · Mark Stephens, CBE | Oxford University 牛津大学 · Lisa Larrimore Ouellette | Stanford University 斯坦福大学
  6. 6. 06 · 陈永伟 Yongwei Chen | Peking University 北京大学 · 李刚 Gang Li| Tencent 腾讯 发言时间:15 分钟 / 人 6 speaker, 15 minutes each 提问与讨论:30 分钟 Q&A 30 minutes 15:30-15:45 茶歇 Coffee and Tea 15:45-17:15 第六场 Panel 6 数字内容产业与版权法 The Digital Content Industry and Copyright Law 本场将讨论中美两国在互联网内容产业包括视频、音乐、 游戏、动漫、文字等方面的发展的新情况,例如产业规 模、盈利模式、用户变化等。我国将考察中美两国在网 络版权制度方面遇到的新问题,例如版权保护的适度性 问题、视频聚合的法律规制问题、体育赛事的权益保护 问题等。目前中国的《著作权法》正在进行第三次修订, 本场还将对此次修订提出建议。 This panel will discuss new developments such as industrial scales, profit models, and changing customer bases in the US and China's digital content industries, including video, music, games, animation, text, etc. We will examine new issues encountered in online copyright law, such as issues relating to the appropriateness of copyright protection, legal regulation of video aggregation, and protection of sports events' rights and interests. Currently, China's "Copyright Law" is in its third ongoing revision, and this panel will also make recommendations regarding the revision. 主持 Chair 刘家瑞 Jiarui Liu | Stanford University 斯坦福大学 · 陶鑫良 Tao, Xinliang | Dalian University of Science and Engineering 大连理工大学 · 刘家瑞 Jiarui Liu | Stanford University 斯坦福大学 · Richard Danbury | De Montfort University 德蒙福特大学 · 张钦坤 Qinkun Zhang | Tencent 腾讯 发言时间:15 分钟 / 人 6 speaker, 15 minutes each 提问与讨论:30 分钟 Q&A 30 minutes 17:15-17:30 场间休息 Short Break 17:30-18:30 2016 全球互联网法律政策发展分析暨《互联网 全球治理与中国实践》新书发布会 Book Launch: Global Internet Governance and the Practices in China The Analysis of Global Internet Law and Policy Trend 为推动互联网行业法律政策的深入研究,腾讯研究院已 与中国信息通信研究院连续出版了《中国互联网法律政 策年度报告》,业内取得不错反响。《互联网治理的全 球视野与中国实践》由该腾讯研究院已与中国信息通信 研究院共同创作完成,该书总结全球互联网立法前沿动 态,力求全面展示近几年全球互联网行业法律政策的发 展趋势和中国的实践状况。 To promote the in-depth study of legal policy in the Internet industry, Tencent Research Institute has been continuously publishing the "China Internet Law and Policy Annual Report" with the China Academy of Information and Communication Research , receiving a good response from the industry. "Internet Governance's Global Vision and China's Practices" has been completed through a joint partnership between Tencent Research Institute and the Chinese Institute of Information and Communications. This book summarizes the frontiers of global Internet legislation dynamics and strives to thoroughly demonstrate the trends of the global Internet industry's legal policy in recent years as well as China's practical situation. · 李海英 Haiying Li | China Academy of Information and Communications Technology 中国信息通信研究院 · 蔡雄山 Sam Cai | Tencent 腾讯
  7. 7. 07 发言人简介 Biographies Allen Wang 王小夏 腾讯公司法务部助理总经理 Assistant General Manager of legal department at Tencent 王小夏,腾讯公司法务部助理总经理,毕业于中南财经 政法大学法学院,获得中南财经政法大学法学学士,武 汉科技学院计算机科学技术工学学士双学士。目前系中 南财经政法大学知识产权法博士研究生。 于 2002 年加入腾讯公司法务部,历任知识产权总监、 合规总监、学术研究总监。长期从事互联网法律实务, 在互联网著作权、商标、软件版权、娱乐传媒、危机公关、 大数据与隐私保护方面具有丰富的工作经验。 他还兼任中国版权协会常务理事、中国科技法学会常务 理事、深圳国际仲裁院仲裁员、深圳市社会建设咨询委 员会委员等社会职务。 Allen Wang, Assistant General Manager of legal department at Tencent. Allen received a Bachelor of Law degree from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and a Bachelor of Engineering degree in computer science and technology from Wuhan University of Science and Engineering. Now,He is enrolled in Ph.D of Intellectual Property Law at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. Allen joined Tencent legal department in 2002 .He served successively as director for Intellectual Property Department, director for Compliance Department, and as director for the Academic Research Institute.Allen’s sophisticated experience in law practice of Internet Area includes Internet copyright, brands, software copyright, entertainment and media, Crisis PR, big data and privacy protection. In addition, Allen also holds a concurrent post on duties of executive director of Copyright Society of China, executive director of China Law Association on Science and Technology, arbitrator of Shenzhen Court International Arbitration, member of Shenzhen Social Affairs Committee. Brent Irvin 腾讯副总裁兼总法律顾问 Vice President and General Counsel, Tencen Brent 于 2010 年加入全球领先的互联网公司腾讯,目 前担任该公司的副总裁及总法律顾问,负责所有法律相 关事务,包括知识产权、法律诉讼、隐私媒体、合规交 易和公共战略研究。在加入腾讯前,曾任职于硅谷一家 领先的律师事务所,主要负责并购及技术交易,尤其是 互联网公司相关的业务。他从斯坦福法学院获得法学博 士学位,从耶鲁大学获得亚州研究学硕士学位,从美国 卡尔顿学院获得历史本科学位。 Brent joined Tencent, a leading global Internet company, in 2010. He is currently Vice President and General Counsel, overseeing all legal matters, including intellectual property, litigation, privacy, compliance and public policy. Prior to joining Tencent, he worked at a leading Silicon Valley law firm, specializing in M&A and technology transactions, with a special emphasis on Internet companies. He received his JD from Stanford Law School, an MA in Asian Studies from Yale University and a BA in History from Carleton College. Decheng Li 李德成 金诚同达律师事务所 高级合伙人 Senior Partner, JT&N 李德成律师是中国技术秘密法律服务领域最优秀的专家 之一,同时,还服务和代理了一大批与信息网络、软件 行业有关的客户和案件,并在传统知识产权方面有非常 丰富的经验。此外,李德成律师还参与了多项文化部、 公安部的专项课题的研究工作,参与国家工商管理总局 关于反不正当竞争法修法的专项课题,并负责商业秘密 章节的起草工作。李德成律师还担任中华全国律师协会 知识产权专业委员会副主任兼秘书长;北京市律师协会 以名字字母顺序排序 Listed in alphabetical order
  8. 8. 08 信息网络与电信邮政法律专业委员会副主任;北京市人 大常委会立法咨询专家;国家知识产权战略专家;中华 人民共和国文化部的常年法律顾问;中国作家协会权 益保障委员会专家;中国侨联法律顾问委员会专家。李 德成律师荣获钱伯斯《2016 亚太法律指南》领先律师 (知识产权 / 诉讼);《MIP》(Managing Intellectual Property)2015 年度大中华区最受眉目的知识产权律师 (著作权和商标领域)。 Li Decheng specializes in advising clients on PRC policies, laws and regulations affecting the fields of information communication, electronic commerce, cultural media, publication innovation, network games and the cartoon industry. Mr. Li is an expert in both litigation and non-litigation legal services for the software and database industries, and is recognized as one of the foremost PRC lawyers in these fields. He has represented clients in many matters, litigated and otherwise, involving infringement of large-scale database analysis software, industrial management control software and large-scale equipment embedded software in the energy and chemical industries as well as in the financial and insurance industries. He has recognized expertise in the fields of information network services and electronic and software products antitrust law, and has significant experience in judicial and administrative antitrust enforcement. Mr. Li is the director of Information Network and E-commerce Special Committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association; executive member of Intellectual Property Special Committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association. Deliang Liu 刘德良 北京师范大学法学院教授 Professor of Law, Beijing Normal University Law School 法学博士、亚太网络法律研究中心(http://www.创始人、主任;北京师范大学法 学院教授、博士生导师;北京大学互联网法律研究中心、 国际知识产权研究中心研究员;重庆邮电大学兼职教 授;英国牛津大学客座教授;中美战略安全·网络安全 对话机制中方首席法律专家;中国-欧盟信息社会项目 中方首席网络与信息法律专家;中央政法委、工信部、 商务部、外交部、工商总局、新闻办、网信办、最高法 院、最高检察院、北京市等网络与信息法律咨询专家。 刘德良教授的研究方向为民商法,在《法学研究》等学 术杂志上公开发表学术论文 80 余篇;出版专著四部, 主持国家社科基金、国家 242、教育部人文社科基金、 司法部等国家级和省部级课题十多项。 Dr. Deliang Liu is the professor of Beijing Normal University Law School. He is also the founder and the director of Asia-Pacific Institute for Cyber-Law Studies (; China’s chief legal expert of China-U.S. Cyber Security Cooperation Dialogue; China’s chief legal expert in China-EU Information Society Project. His research interests mainly focus on civil and commercial law issues related to internet and information. He has published more than 80 papers on academic journals, published 4 monographs in these fields. Gang Li 李刚 腾讯研究院产业经济中心 主任 Director of Industrial Economics Research Center of Tencent Research Institute 李刚博士现任腾讯研究院产业经济中心主任,首席研究 员。研究领域包括中国互联网产业发展研究、互联网与 国民经济主要产业协同效应研究、产业政策影响研究、 以及相关前沿技术的跟踪研究等。他 2008 年于国立新 加坡大学商学院取得博士学位。在加入腾讯之前,曾任 三星中国经济研究院首席研究员,产业战略 II 组组长。 Dr. Li Gang is currently the Chief Analyst and director of Industrial Economics Research Center of Tencent Research Institute. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from the National University of Singapore Business School in 2008. Before joining Tencent, he served as principal researcher and leader of Industry & Strategy Research Team in Samsung Economic Research Institute (China Office).
  9. 9. 09 Lab (SILLab). Since 2013, he also serves as affiliate faculty at the Harvard CopyrightX program, where he lectures and coordinates the Turin University Affiliated Course, whose first edition he personally launched. He is a Lecturer of the LL.M. in Intellectual Property law jointly organized by WIPO and the University of Turin since 2010, where he also acted as the Deputy Director from 2010 to 2013. He is a Faculty Associate of the NEXA Research Center for Internet and Society in Turin. In 2013, he served as a RCUK-funded CREATe Fellow at the University of Nottingham. Dr. Frosio is the author of numerous legal articles and publications. His book "Cumulative Creativity: From the Oral Formulaic Tradition to Digital Remix" is soon to be published with Columbia University Press. He is also working on an edited collection titled "The World Intermediary Liability Map (WILMap): Mapping Intermediary Liability Trends Worldwide" to be published with Oxford University Press. Haiying Li 李海英 中国信息通信研究院互联 网法律研究中心主任 Director, Internet Law Research Center, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology 李海英 中国信息通信研究院互联网法律研究中心主任, 中国互联网协会互联网法治工作委员会副秘书长。长期 从事互联网法律法规、电信服务和电子商务国际贸易规 则研究,重点领域为大数据、网络与信息安全、电子商 务国际规则等。 Director of the Internet Law Research Center of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology. Deputy secretary general of Legal working committee of Internet Society of China. Her research focuses on Internet laws and digital trade rules. Giancarlo F. Frosio 斯坦福大学法学院网络与社 会中心研究员人 Non-Residential Fellow at the Center for Internet and Society,Stanford Law School 拥有律师资质和杜克大学法学院博士学位、杜克大学法 律硕士学位、斯特拉斯克莱德大学信息技术与电信法法 律硕士学位和米兰卡托利卡大学法学学位。Frosio 博士 在鲁汶大学知识产权法中心担任博士后研究员。Frosio 博士是斯坦福大学法学院互联网与社会中心的非在籍研 究员。2013 年到 2016 年,他曾担任斯坦福大学国际 研究所的媒介责任研究员。在在斯坦福网络与社会中心 期间,Frosio 博士发起了聚焦于中心、世界媒介责任 地图,斯坦福媒介责任实验室研究领域的媒介责任研 究。自 2013 年起,Frosio 博士还担任哈佛 Copyright X 项目的助理教员,讲授并组织都林大学部分的课程, 该部分课程最初由 Frosio 博士本人发起。自 2010 年 起,他也是世界知识产权组织与都林大学知识产权法 法律硕士联合培养项目的讲师,并于 2010 至 2013 年 间担任项目副主任。Frosio 博士还是都林大学 NEXA 互联网与社会研究中心的助理教员。2013 年,他在诺 丁汉大学担任英国研究理事会研究员。Frosio 博士是 众多法律文章和出版物的作者。他的书《Cumulative Creativity: From the Oral Formulaic Tradition to Digital Remix》即将由哥伦比亚大学出版社出版。他也 正在编辑《世界中介责任地图(WILMap):绘出全球 中介责任的趋势》,该书将由牛津大学出版社出版。 Giancarlo F. Frosio is a qualified attorney with a doctoral degree in IP law from Duke Law School. Additionally, he holds an LL.M. from Duke Law School, an LL.M. in IT and Telecoms law from Strathclyde University, and a law degree from Università Cattolica of Milan. Dr. Frosio serves as a Post-doctoral Researcher at the Center for IT & IP law at KU Leuven. Dr. Frosio is also a Non - Residential Fellow at the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School. Previously - from 2013 to 2016-he was the Intermediary Liabilty Fellow with Stanford CIS. At Stanford CIS, Dr. Frosio launched the Intermediary liability research focus area of the Center, the World Intermediary Liability Map (WILMap), and the Stanford Intermediary Liability
  10. 10. 10 Handong Wu 吴汉东 中国法学会知识产权研究会 名誉会长 中南财经政法大学原校长, 教授 Professor of Law, Honorary President of Intellectual Property Law Association in China Law Society Former President of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law 吴汉东教授是我国著名知识产权专家,中南财经政法大 学原校长、文澜资深教授、博士生导师,现任教育部人 文社科重点研究基地、国家保护知识产权工作研究基地、 国家知识产权战略研究基地、国家版权局国际版权研究 基地主任 , 兼任教育部社会科学委员会法学学部委员、 中国知识产权法学研究会名誉会长、最高人民法院特约 咨询专家、最高人民检察院特约咨询专家,中国国际经 济贸易仲裁委员会仲裁员。专著和论文曾获首届全国优 秀博士论文奖、司法部优秀科研成果一等奖、首届中国 出版政府奖图书奖、教育部人文社科优秀科研成果二等 奖等二十余次。在知识产权政策咨询方面,承担有国家 知识产权战略纲要专家建议稿、国家知识产权“十二五 规划”、“十三五规划”、国家广电总局知识产权战略 纲要、湖北省知识产权战略纲要。并且是国家知识产权 战略专家委员会委员、上海市政府知识产权咨询委员会 副主任、湖北省政府知识产权战略实施首席专家。其成 果入选 2011 年度国家哲学社会科学成果文库。2006 年 5 月在中央政治局第三十一次集体学习上为国家领导 人讲授“我国知识产权保护的法律和制度建设”。并为 中央党校、国家行政学院、文化部、商务部、国家广电 总局、国家知识产权局、国资委以及广东、湖北、陕西 省等省级机关做知识产权专题讲座。2009 年、2011 年 两次被评为“年度十大全国知识产权保护最具影响力人 物”,并于 2009 年、2011 年两度被英国《知识产权管理》 (MIP)杂志评为“全球知识产权界最具影响力五十人”。 Wu Handong, One of the most famous IP experts in China; Former President of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law,WenLan senior Professor and Doctorate Candidate Supervisor; Director of Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences established by Ministry of Education, Research Base of National IPR protection, Research Base of National IP and Director of International Copyright Research Base established by State Copyright Bureau; Member of the Social Sciences Committee of the Ministry of Education; Honorary Chairman of Intellectual Property Rights Law Association of China Law Society (CLS); Special Consultation Expert of the Supreme People’s Court and Supreme People’s Procuratorate; Arbitrator of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission of China. Many of his books and articles have won over 10 awards,mainly including National Prize for the First Excellent Doctorate Dissertation, the First Prize for Excellent Legal Research Achievements of the Ministry of Justice, the Book Prize of the First Government Award of Chinese Publication Industry, Second Prize for the Excellent Achievement of the Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education and other two dozens of times.In terms of suggesting intellectual property policy advice, he had undertaken Proposed Draft of National Intellectual Property Strategy Outline suggested by Experts, the State Intellectual Property "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", the Intellectual Property Strategy Outline established by State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, Intellectual Property Strategy of Hubei Province. He is a member of the National Expert Committee on Intellectual Property Strategy, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Government Advisory Committee on Intellectual Property, chief expert of Implementing Intellectual Property Strategy by Hubei Provincial Government. His work has been selected into 2011 annual results of the National Philosophy and Social Sciences Library.On the afternoon of May 26, 2006, Professor Wu was invited to deliver a speech to our national leaders on “Legislation and System Construction on the IP Protection in China” at the 31st Collective Study Meeting held by the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. He has given seminars on IP rights for the Central Party School, the National School of Administration, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Commerce,the State Administration of Radio,Film and Television,the State Intellectual Property Office, the SASAC and the Provincial Governments in Guangdong, Hubei, Shanxi Province, and so on. In 2009 and 2011, Prof. Wu was honored as one of the "China's 10 Most Influential People in IP", also in 2009 and 2011, he was selected as one of the "Global 50 Most Influential People in IP" by Managing Intellectual Property(MIP).
  11. 11. 11 大学大学学院研究员。他针对言论自由和媒体、数字 通信、民主理论和政治参与进行了广泛地写作。他是 《Democracy Distorted》一书的作者,着笔于金钱 在政治中的角色。在担任牛津大学任副教授之前,他 曾是剑桥大学的讲师、剑桥国王学院的研究员。Jacob Rowbottom 获得了牛津大学和纽约大学的法律专业学 位后,1997 年取得律师资格。 Jacob Rowbottom is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, Oxford University and Fellow in Law at University College, Oxford. He has written widely freedom of speech and the media, digital communications, democratic theory and political participation. He is the author of Democracy Distorted (2010), which looked at the role of money in politics. Prior to Oxford, he was a University Lecturer at Cambridge University and Fellow of King's College, Cambridge. Jacob Rowbottom holds degrees from Oxford and New York University School of Law, and was called to the Bar in 1997. Jason Si 司晓 腾讯研究院院长 Dean, Tencent Research Institut 法学博士,腾讯研究院院长,腾讯集团公共战略部总经 理,副总法律顾问;信息社会 50 人论坛成员,斯坦福 大学访问学者,兼任中国知识产权研究会、中国版权协 会理事,国家版权局国际版权研究基地研究员,深圳大 学客座教授。 司晓先生先后供职于网易、迅雷、腾讯等知名互联网公 司,编制“中国互联网 + 指数”,发起“北大斯坦福牛 津大学国际法律政策论坛”,组织出版《分享经济》, 网络法律文库,《互联网前沿》等一系列在国内外具有 重大影响的活动和成果,对互联网发展中大量涌现出来 的法律、政策、产业、经济问题有深入分析与研究思考, 具有丰富的实务经验、研究能力和业界影响力。 Dr. Jason Si is currently the Dean of Tencent Research Institute, the Director of Tencent Public Strategy Research Department , and the Associate General Counsel of Tencent Tech. Holdings. He is a member of Information Society 50 Forum and a senior research fellow of International Copyright Research Center in NCAC. He is also a visiting scholar of Stanford Law School and a guest professor of Iginio Gagliardone 牛津大学新媒体与人权 比较媒体法律与政策项目 研究员 Associate Research Fellow in New Media and Human Rights, Member of the Programme in Comparative Media Law,Oxford University Iginio Gagliardone 是牛津大学新媒体和人权领域的 副研究员,同时也是比较传媒法项目中的一员。Iginio Gagliardone 在威特沃特斯兰德大学教授传媒和通信课 程。Iginio Gagliardone 是牛津大学互联网研究所的一 名助理研究员,也是剑桥大学治理和人权中心的一员。 Iginio Gagliardone 的主要研究领域涉及新媒体,政治 变革和人权,以及信息社会的独特模式的出现之间的关 系。Iginio Gagliardone 最近的研究项目是关于网上仇 恨言论的性质和意义的探讨,尤其是关于如何实现言论 自由和人类尊严之间的平衡,以及社交网络平台是如何 回应(或未能回应)仇恨言论提出的挑战。 Iginio Gagliardone is Associate Research Fellow in New Media and Human Rights at the University of Oxford and a member of the Programme in Comparative Media Law. He teaches media and communication at the University of the Witwatersrand. He is a research associate of the Oxford Internet Institute as well as an associate of the Centre of Governance and Human Rights at the University of Cambridge. His research focuses on the relationship between new media, political change and human rights, and on the emergence of distinctive models of the information society. His most recent research projects explore the nature and significance of hate speech online, with a particular emphasis on the trade-offs between freedom of expression and human dignity, and on how social networking platforms are responding (or failing to respond) to the challenges hate speech presents. Jacob Rowbottom 牛津大学法学院副教授 Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Oxford University Jacob Rowbottom 是牛津大学法律系副教授,牛津
  12. 12. 12 Shenzhen University. Dr. Si has received his Ph.D from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. He has dedicated much of his academic works to studying legal and public issues associated with the Chinese internet industry and published dozens of articles accordingly. Before joining Tencent, he held key positions in Netease, Xunlei, and other renowned Chinese internet companies. This unique combination of both academic and practical experiences helps him cut deep into those often fast-changing structures and practices of the Chinese internet industry, and develop his reputation as an influential advisor in relevant fields. Jianzhong Shi 时建中 中国政法大学副校长,教授 Vice President, Professor of Law, China University of Political Science and Law 时建中现任中国政法大学副校长、法学教授,经济法专 业博士生导师。1994 年、1998 年在中国政法大学研 究生院分别获得经济法学专业硕士、博士学位。曾获司 法部“九五”期间优秀科研成果一等奖、司法部“九五” 期间优秀科研成果优秀论文奖(未分等级)、司法部法 学教材与法学优秀科研成果一等奖等奖励。在教学工作 方面,曾于 2004 年 4 月中国政法大学第二届青年教 师基本功大赛一等奖、2004 年 5 月北京高校第四届青 年教师教学基本功大赛三等奖、2006 年 12 月被中国 政法大学本科生评为“我最喜欢的十位教师”。现兼任 中国经济法学研究会副会长、中国科学技术法学会副会 长、国务院反垄断委员会专家咨询组成员、商务部新一 轮多边贸易谈判贸易与竞争政策议题谈判专家咨询组成 员(召集人)等社会职务。 Jianzhong Shi is China University of Political Science and Law’s Vice President, a law professor and doctorial tutor in economic law. Shi holds multiple awards given by China’s Ministry of Justice (MOJ), such as the First Prize for Meritorious Research Achievement in the “Ninth Five-Year Plan period” MOJ Outstanding Research Paper Award, and the MOJ First Prize for Legal Textbook Compilation & Excellent Research on Jurisprudence. In addition, Shi has also won prolific prizes in teaching and lecturing, such as the First Prize in CUPL’s Second Basic Lecturing Skill Competition for Junior Teachers (April 2004), and the Third Prize in Beijing Intercollegiate Basic Lecturing Skills Competition for Junior Teachers (May 2004). Shi was honored as one of the “ten most popular teachers” by our undergraduates’ ballot. He also holds the following concurrent posts: Vice President of the China Economic Law Studies Association (CELSA); Vice President of China Law Association on Science & Technology (CLAST); member of the Expert Advisory Board affiliated to the Anti-Trust Commission under the State Council (China’s Cabinet); and member and convener of the Advisory Expert Panel for the Ministry of Commerce’s New Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiation, as well as the Negotiation on Trade and Competition Policy Topics. Jiarui Liu 刘家瑞 旧金山大学法学院助理教授 Assistant professor of Law, University of San Francisco School of Law 刘家瑞是美国旧金山大学法学院的助理教授,同时也是 斯坦福大学法学院互联网与社会中心的研究员。他主要 研究知识产权法,尤其是知识产权保护、科技创新与文 化产业发展之间的相互关系。他在美国、欧洲和中国的 法律评论上已发表了 32 篇学术文章,其中一篇已经被 世界知识产权组织列为推荐阅读篇目;另一篇被评选为 艺术、娱乐和出版领域中最好的法学文章之一,并被再 版印刷。 刘家瑞教授已获得斯坦福大学法学院的法学博士学位, 在校期间,他担任法学和经济学方面的奥林研究员、知 识产权和反垄断领域的微软研究员以及斯坦福国际法律 研究项目的研究者,曾担任《斯坦福科技法律评论》的 高级编辑。他还获得了中国社会科学院的法学博士学位。 他曾任职于 Baker & McKenzie 和 Jones Day 事务所, 从事娱乐传媒、计算机和信息技术以及知识产权诉讼和 交易领域的法律工作,此外还参与过中国一些知名案件 的处理,包括被中国最高人民法院评选为“年度十大知 识产权案例”中的案件,并曾在一些与知识产权相关的 政策项目中对各种行业协会和国际组织提供协助。 Professor Liu is an assistant professor of law at University of San Francisco School of Law, and also a fellow at the Center for Internet and
  13. 13. 13 of APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Corporation, Ecommerce Steering Sub Group). She is also the Security General and International Committee Chair of Taiwan Secure Online Shopping Association, and the associate professor of EMBA Innovation and Entrepreneur Program in Taiwan Universities. She was the Voted Chair of WTA (World Trustmark Alliance), 2011-2013 and the co-founder and senior consultant of Atelligent Global Consulting Corp., 2007-2012. JJ Pan has received her PhD degree in Technology and Innovation Management of National Cheng-chi University in Taiwan. Julie Brill 霍金路伟律师事务所合伙人 Partner, Hogan Lovells, Washington, D.C. Julie Brill 一直走在数据保护,隐私和网络安全法的最 前沿,她是霍金路伟律师事务所全球隐私和网络安全团 队的合伙人和领导者之一。在加入霍金路伟律师事务所 之前,2010 年 Julie 受欧巴马总统任命并获得一致认可, 担任美国联邦贸易委员会委员。Julie 树立了自己作为 消费者透明、通知(知情)和隐私权利的拥护者,“委 员会中在互联网隐私和数据安全议题上最重要的声音”, “在线隐私的顶级专家”和“领导数据隐私辩论”的顶 级政府官员之一的形象。 在担任美国联邦贸易委员会委员的同时,Julie 也是美 国广告法领域,包括广告技术、原生广告和其他前沿广 告问题的关键监管者之一。Julie 也被公认为是美国顶 尖的反垄断官员之一,特别是在医疗保健和高科技领域。 Julie 一直处于新兴监管问题的最前线。担任美国联邦 贸易委员会委员之前,她曾任北卡罗来纳州检察院高级 副总检察长、消费者保护与发垄断首席律师。Julie 也 是哥伦比亚大学法学院的讲师。在担任北卡罗来纳州消 费者保护和反垄断首席律师之前,Julie 曾任佛蒙特州 消费者保护和反垄断的助理检察长逾 20 年。Julie 在 隐私、广告和竞争领域的贡献在全国范围内得到了广泛 认可。 她获得了纽约大学法学院颁发的的纽约大学法学院校友 年度奖。此外,最近她被选入美国法律研究所——一所 在美国领先的,致力于通过发表学术作品以阐释法律, 推动法律现代化和进步的独立组织。 Julie Brill is at the forefront of data protection, privacy, and cybersecurity law. As partner and co-leader of the Global Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice Group of Hogan Lovells. Society of Stanford Law School. He focuses his research on intellectual property law, in particular the interactions between intellectual property protection, technological innovation, and the development of cultural industries. He has published thirty-two academic articles in U.S., European, and Chinese law reviews. One of his articles has been included in the suggested readings of the World Intellectual Property Organization, and another has been selected and reprinted by West as one of the best law articles in the areas of art, entertainment, and publishing. He obtained his J.S.D. degree at Stanford Law School, where he was an Olin Fellow in Law and Economics, a Microsoft Fellow in Intellectual Property and Antitrust, and a Stanford Program in International Legal Studies Fellow. He has also served as a Senior Editor of the Stanford Technology Law Review. He has a Ph.D. degree in Jurisprudence from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He has worked for Baker & McKenzie and Jones Day, practising law in the areas of entertainment and media, computer and information technology, intellectual property litigation and transactions. He has been involved in several high-profile cases in China, including some designated as the “Top 10 Intellectual Property Cases of the Year” by the Supreme People’s Court of China. He has also assisted various industrial associations and international organizations in intellectual property- related policy projects. JJ Pan 潘兆娟 安客诚公司亚太区公共政策 隐私长 Acxiom Chief Privacy Officer & Public Policy Director, Asia Pacific 潘兆娟女士现任美国安客诚公司亚太区公共政策隐私长 亚太经合会电子商暨隐私小组特邀专家。曾任全球信赖 标章联合会主席,悦智全球顾问公司共同创办人和资深 顾问,台北市消费者电子商务协会秘书长。潘兆娟女士 获得了台湾政治大学科技管理研究所博士学位。 Dr. JJ Pan is the Invited Guest Representing WTA
  14. 14. 14 Prior to joining Hogan Lovells, Julie was appointed to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by President Obama and unanimously confirmed as a commissioner in 2010. Julie established herself as a champion of the consumer’s right to transparency, notification, and privacy, and emerged “as the Commission’s most important voice on Internet privacy and data security issues,” “one of the top minds in online privacy,” and one of the top government players “leading the data privacy debate.” While serving as Commissioner of the FTC, Julie became one of the key U.S. regulators on advertising law, including ad tech, native advertising, and other cutting-edge ad issues. Julie has also been recognized as one of the nation's top antitrust officials, particularly in the area of health care and hi-tech. Julie has long been at the forefront of emerging regulatory issues. Prior to serving as FTC Commissioner, she was the Senior Deputy Attorney General and Chief of Consumer Protection and Antitrust for the North Carolina Department of Justice. Julie has also been a Lecturer-in-Law at Columbia University’s School of Law. Before serving as Chief of Consumer Protection and Antitrust in North Carolina, Julie served as an Assistant Attorney General for Consumer Protection and Antitrust for the State of Vermont for over 20 years. Julie’s contributions to the privacy, advertising and competition arenas have been widely recognized nationally. She received the New York University School of Law Alumna of the Year Award from New York University School of Law. In addition, she was recently elected to the American Law Institute, the leading independent organization in the United States producing scholarly work to clarify, modernize, and improve the law. Jun Tan 谭俊 百度公司法务部总经理,版 权中心主任 Director of Baidu Legal Department and Copyright Center 2006 年加入百度公司法务部,先后任法律顾问、高级 法律经理、副总裁助理、法务部总经理,从事企业知识 产权工作 10 余年。主要负责百度产品法务工作,包括 相关的版权、商标诉讼;反垄断与反不正当竞争问题等。 代理重要案件包括:中国搜索引擎隐私保护第一案;中 国搜索引擎反垄断第一案;中国客户端安全软件不正当 竞争第一案等重要案件并取得胜诉,其中百度反垄断第 一案被北京市高级人民法院列为 2010 年度十大知识产 权案例之一。 Mr. Tan Joined Baidu legal department in 2006 and has served as legal counsel, senior legal manager, vice president assistant, and director of Legal department successively. Mr. Tan has been working in enterprise intellectual property field for more than ten years. He is in charge of Legal issues related to Baidu products, including copyright and trademark litigation, and antitrust and unfair competition problems. Jun Tan has won the first case of search engine privacy protection, the first case of search engine anti-monopoly, the first case of unfair competition in client-side security software and many other important cases in China. Among these cases, the first antitrust case of Baidu has been listed as one of the top ten intellectual property cases in 2010 by the Higher People's Court of Beijing Municipality. Keping Yao 姚克平 联合国经济事务部公共治 理项目办公室,公共治理与 行政官员 Governance and Public Administration Expert, UN Project Office on Governance (UNPOG), Division for Public Administration and Development Management, UNDESA 姚克平,公共治理与行政官员,现就职于联合国经社事 务部公共治理项目办公室。姚克平先生 2002 年加入联 合国经社部,工作领域包括国民账户、环境与经济核算、 发展管理、电子政务、政府创新、利用开放数据进行灾 害管理、欠发达国家能力建设评估等。1993 年至 2002 年期间,他曾供职于中国人民银行总行,从事宏观经济 分析。姚克平先生 1993 年毕业于清华大学五道口金融 学院,获经济学博士学位。 Mr. Yao has been working in UNPOG since 2013 and his current areas of work include assessment on capacity needs of countries in special situation for SDG implementation, e-government, citizen engagement, government innovation, and open data for disaster risk reduction. Before joining UNPOG, Mr. Yao had worked in UNDESA’s Statistics Division and DPADM for 11 years. Prior to his service at UN, Mr. Yao had worked in China’s central bank as an economist on monetary affairs from 1993 to 2002. He holds a PhD Degree on Economics.
  15. 15. 15 Lisa Larrimore Ouellette 斯坦福大学法学院助理教授 Assistant Professor, Stanford Law School Lisa Larrimore Ouellette 是斯坦福大学法学院的助理 教授,从事知识产权和创新法领域的实证和理论研究。 她利用自己在物理学领域所获得的训练来探索政策问 题,比如专利技术披露的价值,《拜杜法案》下联邦资 助研究的专利授权情况,专利公共讨论的极端化,以及 专利法和其他创新政策的一体化。她的著述还涉及在线 搜索结果如何作为商标显著性证据的问题,以及在专利 和商标法等领域建立她所说的“尊重错误”的不同审查 标准的可能性,她还在她的博客发表了 250 多篇“书 面说明”的帖子。 在入职斯坦福法学院之前,Ouellette 教授是耶鲁法学 院信息社会项目的博士后研究员。她也曾是美国联邦巡 回上诉法院法官 Timothy B. Dyk 和第二巡回上诉法院 法官 John M. Walker 的文员。她获得耶鲁法学院的法 律博士学位,在耶鲁法学院她是《耶鲁法学杂志》的编 辑和合同法科克研究员。她获得了康奈尔大学的物理学 博士学位以及斯沃斯莫尔学院的物理学学士学位,她也 曾在马克斯·普朗克研究所,欧洲核子研究委员会和美 国国家标准技术研究所从事研究工作。 Lisa Larrimore Ouellette is an Assistant Professor at Stanford Law School. Her scholarship addresses empirical and theoretical problems in intellectual property and innovation law. She takes advantage of her training in physics to explore policy issues such as the value of scientific disclosures in patents, the patenting of federally funded research under the Bayh–Dole Act, the polarized public discourse over patents, and the integration of patent law with other levers of innovation policy. She has also written about how online search results could address the evidentiary problem of trademark distinctiveness, and about the potential for different standards of review to create what she terms “deference mistakes” in areas such as patent and trademark law. She has also authored over 250 posts for her blog, Written Description. Prior to her appointment at Stanford Law School, Professor Ouellette was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. She also clerked for Judge Timothy B. Dyk of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and Judge John M. Walker, Jr., of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. She holds a J.D. from Yale Law School, where she was an Articles Editor of the Yale Law Journal and a Coker Fellow in Contract Law. She earned a Ph.D. in physics from Cornell University as well as a B.A. in physics from Swarthmore College, and she has conducted scientific research at the Max Planck Institute, CERN, and NIST. Marcelo Thompson 香港大学法律系助理教授 Assistant Professor of Law, University of Hong Kong Marcelo Thompson 博士是香港大学法学院法学助理 教授。Marcelo 的主要研究旨趣在法律、政治理论和技 术变革研究之间的交叉领域。在这一广阔的领域,他特 别关注的是信息监管环境中非国家行为主体的身份和责 任问题。Marcelo 拥有牛津大学互联网研究院的哲学博 士学位。他的学位论文主要研究的是在政治学的中立完 美主义争论中解决技术中立的法律问题。该学位论文已 经形成著作《法律和技术中的技术中立》,将在 2017 年由劳特利奇出版社出版。在香港大学,Marcelo 已经 开始担任法律和技术中心的副主任并指导知识产权和信 息技术方向的法律硕士。Marcelo 拥有渥太华大学法律 与技术方向的法律硕士学位,并且获得了约热内卢的天 主教大学的学士学位和知识产权方向的博士学位。在进 入学术界之前,Marcelo 已经在巴西从事法律事务多年, 起初在私营企业,后来作为政府官员,主要关注的是技 术事务的监管。在政府中,Marcelo 作为法律顾问以及 科技部下属部门的领导,后来担任巴西总统办公室的总 顾问。他是欧洲网络顾问委员会成员,该委员会在网络 科学领域卓有建树,同时还是亚洲隐私权研究学者网络 的成员。 Dr Marcelo Thompson is an Assistant Professor of Law at the Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong. Marcelo’s core research interests lie in the intersection between law, political theory and the study of technological change. Within this broad universe, he is particularly interested in the roles and responsibilities of non-state actors in the regulation of the information environment. Marcelo holds a Doctorate of Philosophy (DPhil) from the University of Oxford, Oxford Internet Institute. His thesis, which situated the legal problem of technological neutrality within the neutrality-perfectionism debate in politics,
  16. 16. 16 is forthcoming as book (Technological Neutrality in Law and Politics) with Routledge in 2017. At HKU, Marcelo has been Acting and Deputy Director of the Law and Technology Centre as well as of its LLM in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law. Marcelo holds an LLM (Law and Technology) from the University of Ottawa and LLB and PgD (IP Law) degrees from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio). Before coming back to academia, Marcelo practiced law in Brazil for a number of years, first in the private sector and later as a government official, focusing on the regulation of technological affairs. In the government, Marcelo worked as a legal counsel and head of department under the Ministry of Science and Technology and later as a general counsel under the Office of the President of Brazil. Marcelo is a Member of the Advisory Board of the European Network of Excellence in Internet Science and a Member of the Asia Privacy Scholars Network. Mark Stephens,CBE 二等勋位爵士,牛津大学媒 体法律与政策比较研究项 目管理委员会主席 The Chair of the Management Committee of the Programme for Comparative Media Law and Policy, Oxford University Mark Stephens,英帝国二等勋位爵士,专门从事于 国际诉讼、上诉和复杂案件的诉讼,宪法、人权、知识 产权、传媒与监管工作、诽谤、隐私、媒体、艺术和文 化产权,数据保护和信息自由,知识产权和国际仲裁。 Mark 曾处理过一些国内外最知名的案件。Mark 在诸 多其他领域也十分活跃,其被外交部长任命为外交部言 论自由顾问委员会委员,并被大法官评为一流社区法律 服务者。Mark 在传媒法的国际比较方面开创了新的领 域。Mark 的专业研究还涉及下述领域:艺术创造和文 化产业、人权、司法审查、复杂商业诉讼、知识产权法、 枢密院(英联邦最高上诉法院)的案件,以及监管案件 和咨询。Mark 也是牛津大学社会法研究中心传媒法律 与政策比较研究项目咨询委员会的主席。 Mark Stephens, CBE, specializes in International, Appellate and Complex litigation, Constitutional, Human Rights, IP, Media & Regulatory work, defamation, privacy, media, art and cultural property, data protection and freedom of information, intellectual property and international arbitration. He has undertaken some of the highest profile cases in the country and abroad. Mark is also extremely active in many other areas having been appointed by the Foreign Secretary to the FCO Free Expression advisory board and the Lord Chancellor to be a Champion for the Community Legal Service. Mark has created a niche in international comparative media law and regulation. His expertise also covers specialisms in Creative Arts and Cultural Industries, Human Rights, Judicial Review, Complex Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property law, Privy Council cases – Ultimate Appeal Court for parts of the Commonwealth, as well as, Regulatory Cases & Inquiries. He is Chair of the Advisory Board for the Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford. Michael Klausner 斯坦福大学法学院教授 Professor of Law, Stanford Law School Michael Klausner 教授在公司法、公司治理、商事交 易和金融监管等领域从事教学和写作工作。Klausner 教授的研究涉及公司治理、企业主管和董事的责任风 险、证券诉讼、反收购、标准化合同以及商事交易中的 经济学等方面的理论和实证研究。斯坦福证券诉讼分析 是一个关于证券集体诉讼和美国证监会执法行动的大 型数据库,该数据由 Klausner 教授负责监管。目前, Klausner 教授正在着手撰写一本名为《交易:商事交 易的经济结构》的著作。 Klausner 教授从 1997 年开始在斯坦福大学法学院任 教,在此之前,Klausner 教授曾是纽约大学法学院的 教授,白宫研究院和白宫政策研究办公室副主任,华盛 顿和香港 Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher 律师事务所的公 司法执业者以及美国最高法院 William Brennan 法官 和哥伦比亚特区巡回上诉法院 David Bazelon 法官的 书记员。 Michael Klausner teaches and writes in the areas of corporate law, corporate governance, business transactions and financial regulation. His research has included theoretical and empirical analyses of corporate governance, liability risk for corporate officers and directors, securities litigation, takeover defenses, standardization of contracts, and the economics underlying business transactions. He
  17. 17. 17 oversees Stanford Securities Litigation Analytics, which maintains a large database covering securities class actions and SEC enforcement actions, and he is currently writing a book entitled Deals: The Economic Structure of Business Transactions.” Before joining the Stanford Law School faculty in 1997, he was a professor of law at New York University School of Law, a White House Fellow and deputy associate director in the Office of Policy Development in the White House, and a corporate law practitioner with Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher in Washington, D.C. and Hong Kong. He clerked for Justice William Brennan of the U.S. Supreme Court and Judge David Bazelon of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Ming Yang 杨明 北京大学法学院教授 Professor of Law, Peking University Law School 北京大学法学院副教授。2004 年于中国人民大学获法 学博士学位,2006 年起任职北京大学法学院。杨明教 授曾于 2008 年八月至 2009 年六月在美国加州大学伯 克利分校法学院作访问学者,2012 年二月至三月在阿 克伦大学法学院作访问教授,2015 年一月至二月间在 华盛顿大学法学院作微软访问学者。杨明教授的研究领 域包括知识产权法、竞争法等,并教授知识产权概论、 著作权法、商标法、知识产权基础理论、知识产权国际 保护、竞争法等课程。杨明主持或参与了多项国家级及 省部级科研项目,在多种法学期刊上发表论文 30 余篇, 著有《知识产权请求权研究》等著作三部。 Ming Yang is an Associate Professor of Peking University Law School. He received his Ph.D. at Renmin University Law School and became a faculty member at Peking University Law School in 2006. He was a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley School of Law during 2008 – 2009, and was a visiting professor at the University of Akron School of Law during 2012. He was also a Microsoft visiting scholar at the University of Washington Law School during 2015. His research fields include IP law and competition law. He teaches several courses including: Introduction to IP law, Copyright Law, Trade Mark Law, Theories of IP foundations, International Protection of IPR, and Competition Law. Yang has hosted and took part in several research projects supported by National Ministries. He has published more than 30 articles in different academic Journals and 3 books, including “The Research on Intellectual Property Anspruch” (Peking University Publishing Press, 2005). Phil Malone 斯坦福大学法学院教授 Professor of Law, Stanford Law School Phil Malone 教授任职于斯坦福大法学院,同时也是 该校 Juelsgaard 知识产权和创新诊所的主任。Phil Malone 教授当前的科研工作主要致力于研究并促进健 全创新政策的形成,包括创新和知识产权法之间的关系、 竞争、隐私以及其它法律法规方面的研究。Malone 教 授曾担任哈佛大学法学院法律诊所的指导教授,以及伯 克曼互联网与社会中心中网络法律诊所的主任。 在加入法学院之前,Malone 教授在美国司法部(DOJ) 反垄断部门担任资深律师达 20 余年,其间 Malone 教 授指导了大量的民事和刑事反垄断调查并处理了大量重 要的反垄断诉讼案件。Malone 教授在反垄断部门的大 多执法经验主要涉及高科技行业、互联网和计算机软 / 硬件。自 1996 年始,Malone 教授在司法部对微软的 调查中担任首席律师一职,同时在针对微软的反垄断审 理和上诉(U.S. v. Microsoft Corp.)过程中担任首要 职业顾问一职。 Malone 教授拥有哈佛大学的学士学位以及亚利桑那大 学法学院的法律博士学位。 Phil Malone is Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and the director of the school’s Juelsgaard Intellectual Property and Innovation Clinic. His current work and scholarship is focused on understanding and promoting sound innovation policy, including the relationship between innovation and intellectual property law, competition, privacy, and other laws and regulations. Professor Malone was previously a Clinical Professor of law at Harvard Law School and the director of the Cyberlaw Clinic at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society. Prior to joining the academy, Professor Malone was a senior attorney for over 20 years with the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), where he directed numerous civil and criminal
  18. 18. 18 antitrust investigations and litigated a number of major antitrust trials. Much of his Antitrust Division experience focused on high-technology industries, the Internet and computer software and hardware. Beginning in 1996 he was lead counsel in the DOJ's investigations of Microsoft, and he was the primary career counsel in the antitrust trial and appeal against Microsoft (U.S. v. Microsoft Corp.). Professor Malone received his BA from Harvard College and his JD from the University of Arizona College of Law. Ping Zhang 张平 北京大学法学院教授 Professor of law, Peking University Law School 北京大学法学院教授,知识产权学院常务副院长,北京 大学互联网法律中心主任。张平教授还担任中国科技法 学会副会长兼秘书长,中国知识产权研究会副会长,最 高人民法院知识产权理论研究基地主任,国家数字版权 研究中心主任。张平近年的研究项目包括:技术标准中 的知识产权许可政策及反垄断规制;计算机软件专利保 护与知识产权的开放许可;互联网环境下的知识产权问 题等。张平曾参与国家中长期科技发展规划研究,国家 知识产权战略研究,信息社会知识产权保护与应用研究, 中国高校专利成果转化模式研究和互联网基础立法研究 等多项国家重点研究课题。 Ping Zhang is a Professor of Law at Peking University Law School. She is the Executive Deputy of the School of Intellectual Property Law, and the Director of the Institute for Internet Law, Peking University. She also serves as the Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China’s Law Association on Sciences and Technology, Vice President of the Intellectual Property Research Association, China’s Law Society, and is the Director of China Supreme Court’s Theory Research Base on Intellectual Property, and the National Institute for Digital Copyright Research. Her research interests include: licensing policy of intellectual property rights in technology standards and related antitrust issues, patent protection of computer software and intellectual property opening license, and IP issues in Internet-related industries. She has also served as the Director and General Advisor of several state funded research programs, including: China’s National Long-term Science and Technology Development Planning, the National Intellectual Property Strategy Research, Intellectual Protection and Applicable Solutions in Information Society, Patterns and Policies for Commercializing Chinese Universities’ Patents, add Internet-based Legislative Research. Qinkun Zhang 张钦坤 腾讯研究院秘书长 Secretary-General of Tencent Research Institute 张钦坤,腾讯研究院秘书长,法学博士。张钦坤博士长 期从事互联网知识产权、竞争法和个人信息等问题的研 究工作,发表论文多篇。 Qinkun Zhang is Secretary-General of Tencent Legal Research Institute and he holds a Doctorate in Law. Dr. Zhang has long been involved in the research focusing on intellectual property rights on Internet, competition law and personal information. He has published several articles in these fields. Richard Danbury 牛津大学比较媒体法律与 政策项目研究员 Researcher, Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy, Oxford University Richard Danbury 博士是牛津大学比较媒体法律和政 策项目的研究员。在剑桥大学知识产权和信息法中心进 行有关版权和新闻的研究后,他回到牛津大学并取得了 牛津大学媒体法博士学位。他也是莱斯特德蒙福特大学 新闻调查 4 频道的首席讲师和伦敦大学高等法律研究所 的助理研究员。1994 年取得律师资格,曾在 BBC 担 任记者约十年。 Dr Richard Danbury is a researcher with the Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy at the University of Oxford. He returns to Oxford, where he completed his DPhil in media law, after working at Cambridge University’s Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law, where he researched copyright and news. He is also a principal lecturer on the Channel 4 MA in investigative journalism at De Montfort University Leicester and an Associate Research Fellow at London University’s Institute for Advanced Legal Studies. He was called to the Bar in 1994, was a journalist at the BBC for about a decade.
  19. 19. 19 1991 年至 1999 年,任国家科委体制改革司司长、政 策法规与体制改革司司长、科技部专职副秘书长,主持 起草《技术合同法》、《科学技术进步法》、《促进科 学技术成果推广法》、《国家科学技术奖励条例》等法 律法规,参与我国主要知识产权立法,牵头研究制定国 家高新技术开发区改革与发展等多项政策。 1994 年至 1998 年,任国务院知识产权办公会议办公 室主任,负责有关知识产权立法、执法和国际知识产权 谈判的组织协调工作。在中国同美国、欧盟、俄罗斯等 国科技合作协定知识产权谈判中,为中方首席代表,在 与“复关”、“入世”有关的知识产权谈判中,担任我 国主要谈判代表,为我国加入世界贸易组织做出积极贡 献。 2000 年至 2006 年,在中央企业工委 / 国务院国资委 担任国有重点大型企业监事会主席,先后对中国东方电 气集团、中国一汽集团、中国南车集团等中央企业进行 监督检查,并就国有企业技术创新、知识产权和品牌建 设等问题深入调查研,发表多篇论文、研究报告。 2004 年至 2005 年,担任《国家中长期科学与技术发 展规划纲要(2006 至 2020)》专题研究组负责人, 2007 年担任《国家知识产权战略》总报告和若干专题 报告评审组组长。 Ruichun Duan, a well-known expert on intellectual property and enterprise technical innovation, a senior leader at duputy-governor level, Chairman of China Law Association on Science & Technology (CLAST), and secretary-general of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation. From 1991 to 1999, Duan took positions as Director of the System Reform Department and Director of Policies and Regulations and System Reform Department in the State Scientific and Technological Commission, and the full-time Deputy Secretary-general in the Ministry of Science and Technology. She headed the drafting of Technology Contract Law, the Science and Technology Progress Law, the Law on Promotion of Scientific and Technological Achievements, Regulations on Scientific & Technical Awards of China, etc.. She participated in major legislative activities on intellectual property, and led the study and establishment of multiple national policies on the reform and growth of State High & New Technology Development Zones. From 1994 to 1998, Duan was the head of Intellectual Property Working Meeting Office of the State Council, responsible for the legislation and enforcement of intellectual property law as well as the coordination of international negotiations on intellectual properties. She was the Chief Representative in the negotiations with USA, EU, Russia, etc. on technical cooperation agreements and the main negotiator on China’s rejoining GATT and entering WTO, thus playing an active role in our entry of WTO. From 2000 to 2006, Duan was the Chairman of Board of Supervisors for Key & Large State-owned Enterprises under the Working Committee of Central Robert van den Hoven van Genderen 阿姆斯特丹自由大学法律 与互联网中心主任 Director, Center for Law & Internet of the VU Amsterdam University Robert 教授是阿姆斯特丹自由大学互联网法律中心主 任。Robert 在隐私、新兴科技、机器人法、社会监管 和通信行业发方面发表了数个书籍与文章。他讲授机 器人法、媒体与传播法、监管以及网络犯罪。他最近 也在欧洲的一个为期三年,旨在反恐怖主义融资的, 称作“HEMOLIA”的项目里担任执行法律顾问。此 外,Robert 还担任电信规制事务处主任,负责对英国 电信,荷兰电信以及其他电信运营商进行监管。他也 是 GSM 协会法律委员会的主席,研究对荷兰雇员组织 (Netherlands Employers Organization)以及政府 电信行业的私有化。他也担任 Diagnosy fountation. 基金会的主席。 Professor Dr. Robert van den Hoven van Genderen is director of the Center for Law & Internet of the VU Amsterdam University. He has published several books and articles about privacy, new technologies, robot law, surveillance society and telecommunications law. He lectures on robotlaw, media and communications law, surveillance, and cybercrime. He has recently also performed as the executive legal officer for a 3 year European project on anti terrorism financing, named HEMOLIA. Further he a.o. has been director regulatory Affairs for British Telecom Netherlands and other telecommunication operators. He also was chairman of the legal committee of the GSM association and has been working on the privatization of the telecommunications industry for the Netherlands Employers Organization(VNO) and the Government. He also is chairman of the Diagnosy fountation. Ruichun Duan 段瑞春 中国科技法学会会长 President, China Law Association on Science and Technology 段瑞春,我国著名知识产权、企业技术创新专家,副省 部长级干部。中国科技法学会会长,何梁何利基金评选 委员会秘书长。
  20. 20. 20 Enterprises (WCCE)/State-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), and conducted supervisions on China Dongfang Electric Corporation, China FAW Group, and China South Locomotive Group. She also carried out in-depth studies on technical innovation, intellectual property, brand building, etc. in SOEs and published multiple papers and research reports. From 2004-2005, Duan was the leader in the project of National medium and long-term science and technology development plan outline (2006-2020). In 2007, she was the head of multiple special report assessment groups including the report-general of National Intellectual Property Strategy. Sam Cai 蔡雄山 腾讯研究院法律研究中心 副主任 Associate Director, Cyber Law Research Center of Tencent Research Institute 蔡雄山,韩国国际法律经营大学法学硕士,法国巴黎一 大欧盟与国际经济法硕士。中国法学会会员。 现为腾讯 研究院法律研究中心 副主任,首席研究员。北京市企业 法治与发展研究会网络法中心主任。 曾就职于工业和信息化部电信研究院政策与经济研究 所 , 主要从事电信与互联网相关立法与研究、知识产权、 竞争法 WTO 规则研究等。曾担任中国 - 瑞士自由贸易 区谈判中国政府谈判代表。2012 年 3 月应邀于世界贸 易组织发表英文专题演讲。2014 年 3 月应邀于牛津大 学发表演讲,介绍中国互联网产业与立法,并担任牛津 普莱斯国际模拟法庭决赛法官。掌握英语、法语,略通 西班牙语。 Sam Cai received a Master degree from the Transnational Law and Business University in Korea and a Master degree from the University of Paris I: Panthéon-Sorbonne’s EU and International Economic Law Programme). Sam holds the Chinese Legal Professional Qualification Certificate and also a member of China Law Society .Now Sam is the Chief Researcher of cyber law research center of Tencent Institution. Sam worked at the China Academy for Telecommunications Research and at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. His areas of expertise are Telecommunications and Internet Law, E-Commerce, Intellectual Property Protection, Competition Law, and WTO rules. He assisted in drafting a series of laws and regulations targeting the Chinese Internet and Telecommunications industries, including the ‘Telecommunication Act’ ‘Regulation on Real Name Registration System of Telecommunication’, ‘ Several Provisions on the Internet Information Service Market Order’, ‘Provisions on Administration of Internet Information Service’, ‘Telecommunication Services Catalogue 2013’, the’ implementation opinions on Encouraging and Guiding Private Capital to further Enter into Telecommunication Industry’ and the ‘Pilot Plan for Resale of Mobile Telecommunication Services’. Sam also developed the negotiation strategy for and provided legal advice to the Chinese government on the China and Australia Free Trade Agreement, the China-Korea Free Trade Agreement ,the China-U.S. Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) and the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Pilot.He also served as a telecommunications negotiator representing the Chinese government in the China-Switzerland Free Trade Zone negotiations. Sam was invited to give a keynote speech in English in WTO in 2012. He was also invited to deliver a speech to introduce Chinese Internet industry and Internet legislation in Oxford University in 2014 and served as the judge of the final round of International Price Media Law Moot Court Competition.This was the first time for the moot court to have Chinese judge on bench for the final round . He masters Chinese, English, French and some Spanish. Shouwen Zhang 张守文 北京大学法学院院长,教授 Dean, Professor of Law, Peking University Law School 北京大学法学院教授、博士生导师、院长。张守文教授 1994 年加入北京大学法学院,研究领域为经济法、财 税法、社会法和信息法。张守文教授兼任中国法学会经 济法学研究会副会长兼秘书长、中国法学会财税法学研 究会副会长等职。出版多本专著,包括《税法原理(第 五版)》、《财税法总论》等。近期发表的论文包括:“论 税收分配模式及相关立法完善”,“宪法与经济法关系
  21. 21. 21 会授予“哈利·s·杜鲁门总统学者”称号。在伦敦大 学的学习期间,他在英国议会担任英国国会议事录学者。 Vijay is an award-winning book author and senior editor at the Economist. He opened the Economist's first Shanghai bureau in 2012, and currently serves as its China Business Editor. His editorial responsibilities range from business and finance to science, technology and innovation. He is the author of the first lengthy Special Report produced by the Economist in a decade on business in China (“Back to Business”, September 2015).He leads the Editorial team that launched the Economist Global Business Review, the first bilingual product offered by the magazine in its 173-year history. Vijay is a life member at the Council on Foreign Relations. He is an advisor on sustainability and innovation to the World Economic Forum/Davos, and a regular speaker at the Clinton Global Initiative. For years, Vijay taught at NYU’s Stern Business School. His commentaries have appeared on NPR and the BBC, in the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times and the New York Times. He has had the honor of addressing groups ranging from the US National Governors’ Association and the UN General Assembly to the Technology, Entertainment & Design (TED), Aspen Ideas Festival and AAAS conferences. He also serves as chairman of the Economist's provocative series of Innovation Summits, held annually in America and Asia. Vijay is an engineering graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was named a Harry S. Truman Presidential Scholar by the U.S. Congress. During foreign studies at the University of London, he served as a Hansard Scholar in the British Parliament. Weiguang Wu 吴伟光 清华大学法学院副教授 Associate Professor,Tsinghua University Law School 清华大学法学院副教授,博士生导师。 研究领域:知识产权法/媒体法、中国社会科学院研究 生院法学博士、美国 SMU 大学法学院比较法硕士、中 欧法律与司法合作项目欧盟法文凭、清华大学法学院民 商法硕士、清华大学工程力学系 工学学士。 清华大学网络行为研究所副主任、中国知识产权法学研 的经济分析”,“经济法缓解’双重压力’的路径”等。 houwen Zhang is a Professor of Law and the Dean of Peking University Law School. He became a faculty member of Peking University Law School in 1994. Dean Zhang specializes in Economic Law, Fiscal and Taxation Law, Social Law, and Information Law. He serves as the Vice Chairman and the Secretary General of Economic Law Research Association, and Taxation and Fiscal Law Research Association, China’s Law Society. He has published several books such as Principles of Taxation Law (5th Edition), and General Theories of Economic Law. His recent papers published include “A Discussion on the Sharing Type of Tax Distribution and Related Litigation Improvements”, “An Economic Analysis of the Relationship between the Constitutional Law and Economic Law”, “The Path of the Economic Law to Ease and Release the ‘Double Pressure’”, and “The Differentiated Distribution and its Regulation by the Fiscal and Taxation Research”. Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran 《经济学人》资深编辑 Senior editor, the Economist Vijay 是《经济学人》的资深编辑和获奖作家。2012 年, 他开设了《经济学人》在上海的第一个办事处,现任《经 济学人》杂志《中国商业》的编辑。他的责任编辑范围 涵盖商业、金融到科学、技术和创新。他也是《经济学人》 近十年来第一篇有关中国商业的长篇特别报道(“Back to Business”,2015 年 9 月)的作者,他领导的编辑 团队推出了《经济学人全球商业评论》,这是杂志社 173 年以来的第一份双语杂志。 Vijay 是外交关系委员会成员。他世界经济(达沃斯) 论坛有关可持续发展和创新问题的顾问,也是“克林顿 全球倡议”活动上的定期发言人。多年来,Vijay 在纽 约大学斯特恩商学院教学。他的评论出现在美国国家公 共电台和英国广播公司(BBC)、《华尔街日报》、英 国的《金融时报》和《纽约时报》上。他拥有美国全国 州长协会、联合国大会、技术娱乐与设计(TED)组织、 阿斯彭创意节和美国科学促进会等组织的荣誉头衔。他 也曾在美国和亚洲举办的年度《经济学人》系列创新峰 会上担任的主席。 Vijay 是麻省理工学院的工程硕士,在校期间被美国国
  22. 22. 22 究会理事 ;、北京通信法治研究会理事、腾讯互联网络 法律研究中心专家、卓亚网络法治研究中心成员。 Associate Professor of Tsinghua University Law School, Intellectual property law and IT law. Memberships: Vice Director of Network Behavior Research Institute, Tsinghua University; Committee Member of China Intellectual Property Law Research Association; Committee Member of Beijing Information and Telecommunications Law Research Association; Expert of Tecent Internet Law Research Center; Member of Beijing Bar Association. Education Background: PhD of Intellectual Property Law, the Post Graduate School of China Academy of Social Science; LLM of Comparative Law, Southern Methodist University School of Law, Dallas, TX, USA; Diploma of European Union Law, EU-China Legal and Judicial Cooperation Program; Master of Civil and Commercial Law, School of Law, Tsinghua University; Bachelor of M.E., Engineering Mechanics Department, Tsinghua University. Weiqiu Long 龙卫球 北京航空航天大学法学院 院长,教授 Dean, Professor of Law, Beihang University Law School 北京航空航天大学法学院教授、博士生导师、院长。教 育部长江学者特聘教授,国务院政府特殊津贴专家、工 业和信息化法治战略与管理工信部重点实验室主任、北 航工业与信息化法治研究院院长。 Dean of BeingHang University law school,professor,Chair Professor of Cheung Kong Scholars Programme. Expert with State Department special allowance. Director of Institute of Industry and Information Technology Law, Beihang University, Director of Key Laboratory of Ministry of Information and Technology. Xinliang Tao 陶鑫良 大连理工大学知识产权学院 院长 Dean, School of Intellectual Property, Dalian University of Science and Engineering 陶鑫良,教授、律师、仲裁员,中国第一批专利代理人; 从事知识产权教学、研究和法律服务 30 多年。曾任上 海大学知识产权学院院长、同济大学知识产权学院院长 等;现任大连理工大学知识产权学院院长和大成(上海) 律师事务所知识产权部主任;兼任国家知识产权专家咨 询委员会委员 , 中国知识产权法学研究会副会长、中国 高校知识产权研究会副理事长。曾参加中国《专利法》、 《商标法》、《著作权法》和《合同法》等立法修法研 究和中国的国家知识产权战略纲要制定研究。曾获“全 国知识产权先进工作者”、“全国知识产权最有影响力 人物”、“A L B2015 中国十五佳诉讼律师”、“钱伯 斯 2014、2015、2016 中国知识产权诉讼(业界贤达) 杰出律师”等荣誉。 Tao Xinliang, Professor, lawyer, arbitrator and the firstling patent agent of CHINA. He devotes on intellectual property education research and legal service more than 30years. He was director of intellectual property college of Shanghai University and of intellectual property college of Tongji University. He is now being dean of School of Intellectual Property, Dalian University of Science and Engineering and chief intellectual property lawyer of Dentons firm (shanghai office). Meanwhile he also be commissioner of national intellectual property experts consulting committee, deputy director of intellectual law property society of China, and deputy director of China university intellectual property society. He participated in national legalization and amendment of Patent Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law and Contract Law. He enjoyed“the most powerful intellectual property person in china ”by SIOP. He also attained“the intellectual property advanced worker of CHINA”, and“the title of 2015 Top 15 litigation lawyers in China”awarded by ALB,the 2014,2015,2016 Eminent Practitioner in intellectual property by Chambers.
  23. 23. 23 Ylva Rodny -vGumede 获得了伦敦大学东方及非洲 研究学院的博士学位,南非威特沃特斯兰德大学的政治 学硕士学位以及英国卡迪夫大学的新闻学硕士学位。 Ylva Rodny-Gumede is Associate Professor and head of the Department of Journalism, Film and Television in the School of Communication at the University of Johannesburg and a Senior Associate Researcher with the Stanhope Centre for International Communications Policy Research at the London School of Economics. She holds a PhD from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University as well as an MA degree in Politics from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa and an MA in Journalism from Cardiff University, U.K . Yongwei Chen 陈永伟 北京大学市场与网络经济研 究中心研究员、主任助理 Researcher, Assistant Director, Research Center of Market and Network E c o n o m i c s , P e k i n g University 陈永伟博士于 2013 年取得北京大学经济学博士学位, 现为北京大学市场与网络经济研究中心研究员、主任助 理。其研究兴趣包括产业经济学、发展经济学,以及法 律的经济分析。 Dr. Chen received his Ph.D in Economics from Peking University in 2013, and now he is a researcher and the assistant director of the Research Center of Market and Network Economics in Peking University.His research interests include industrial economics,development economics and economic analysis of law. Xixin Wang 王锡锌 北京大学法学院副院长 教授 Associate Dean, Professor of Law, Peking University Law School 王锡锌,法学博士,现担任北京大学法学院副院长,北 京大学宪法与行政法研究中心副主任。同时他还是北京 大学北大 - 耶鲁法律与政策改革联合研究中心的共同负 责人。王教授是推进中国行政法改革的主要学者之一。 自 1999 年起,王教授担任中国行政法研究组成员,此 研究组负责向中国人民代表大会常务委员会提出行政法 改革建议。王教授参与了许多法律的起草或修改,包括 《行政许可法》、《行政诉讼法》、《公开政府信息公 开法》、《行政程序法》。 Xixin Wang, LL.D, is a Professor of Law and Deputy Dean of Peking University Law School, and Deputy Director of the Center for Constitutional and Administrative Law Study at PKU. He also serves as the Co-Director of PKU-Yale Center for Law and Policy Reforms at Peking University. Professor Wang is one of the leading scholars engaging in the administrative law reforms in China. Since 1999, Professor Wang has served as a member of China’s Administrative Law Research Group, an academic team advising China's National People's Congress Standing Committee in administrative law reforms, and participated in the drafting and amending of many laws, including Administrative Licensing Law, Administrative Litigation Law, Open Government Information Regulation, and the Administrative Procedure Act. Ylva Rodny Gumede 约翰内斯堡大学传媒学院 新闻、电影、电视部主任 副教授 Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Journalism, Film and Television, School of Communication, University of Johannesburg Ylva Rodny Gumede 是约翰内斯堡大学传播学院新 闻、电影和电视系的助理教授和主任,也是伦敦政经学 院 Stanhope 国际交流策略研究中心的高级副研究员。
  24. 24. 24 互联网法律与公共政策系列研讨会始于 2012 年,由北京大学法学院、北京大学互联网法律中心和 斯坦福大学法学院共同发起并主办,牛津大学法学院于 2014 年加入了会议主办方的行列。会议得 到了腾讯公司的慷慨资助。 “北大 - 斯坦福 - 牛津互联网法律与公共政策研讨会”现已作为年度性会议于每年年末定期举办。 每年,会议议题均围绕中、美、欧以及全球互联网法律与公共政策领域的重点和前沿问题进行设置。 去年的会议在牛津大学举办 , 会议围绕互联网与生活质量;“互联网 +”与智慧城市;数据权利的 新趋势与“被遗忘权”;互联网治理的外交政策;规制和识别仇恨言论;商业、安全与人权;新技 术与法院等议题展开了深入探讨。 想要获得更多关于 2015 年互联网法律与公共政策研讨会的信息,请访问: 1. 北京大学法学院网站: 2. 北京大学互联网法律中心网站: 3. 牛津大学媒体法律与政策比较研究项目网站: new-directions/ 往期会议回顾 Previous Conferences 24
  25. 25. 25 The Internet Law and Public Policy series began in 2012 as co-initiated and organized by the Law School and the Institute for Internet Law, Peking University as well as Stanford Law School. Later, the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford joined the organizers in 2014. The conferences have been generously sponsored by Tencent. As an annual series, Peking-Stanford-Oxford Internet Law and Public Policy Conference is held at the end of a year. Each year, the theme is set to center around key and frontier issues in China, the U.S., Europe and the world. Last year the conference was held in Oxford, where the Internet and quality of life, the Internet+ and smart city, new trends of data rights and ‘the rights to be forgotten’, foreign policies of the Internet governance, regulating and identifying hatred speech, commerce, security and human rights, and new technologies and courts were main subjects of discussion. For more information about the 2015 Internet Law and Public Policy Conference, please visit a. The Law School, Peking University b.The Institute for Internet Law, Peking University c.The Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy, Oxford University 25