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  1. Commercial Painting Services
  2. Welcome To Our Company Commercial Painting Services is a leading Michigan based Industrial / Commercial Painting Contractor with over 20 years experience. Our diverse service offering makes us an ideal choice for larger industrial painting or commercial painting clients. Our highly trained staff is capable of handling your most challenging projects. LEARN MORE
  3. COMMERCIAL ROOFING CONTRACTOR – METRO DETROIT Commercial Painting Services is an Industrial / Commercial Roofing Contractor for all of Metro Detroit, Michigan. We offer Spray on Roof Coatings, Flat Roof Coatings, White Rubber Roofing, Metal Roof Painting, Liquid Roofing, Fluid Applied Roofing, and White Reflective Roof Coatings in Hamtramck, LEARN MORE
  4. Extend Roof Life Fluid Applied Roofing is an excellent option for most Industrial / Commercial roof-types because it extends the life of your existing roof. With the proper maintenance, a Fluid Applied Roof System can be the last roof your building will ever need. Renewable warranty options are 10 or 20 years. LEARN MORE
  5. COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING Commercial properties face environmental and daily use maintenance issues. Buildings and concrete surfaces take a real beating from dirt, grime, oil, grease, gum and pollution. By not having a prsssure washing maintenance program in place, a commercial property can take on a dirty, run-down appearance that isn’t good for your business appearance. LEARN MORE
  6. COMMERCIAL PAINTING CONTRACTOR DETROIT, MI. Commercial Painting Services ​is the best choice when choosing a Commercial Painting Contractor in​​ Detroit, ​​Michigan and the ​​Greater Detroit Mi. Area. We have the experience to revive and protect your current facility or bring your new construction project to life. We carefully analyze your current conditions and provide a product spec that meets or exceeds your facilities environmental stress. LEARN MORE
  7. CONCRETE POLISHING DETROIT, MI. Commercial Painting Services offers turn-key Concrete Floor Polishing / Grinding solutions in Detroit, Mi. and the Greater Metro Detroit Area. Our highly trained crew uses state-of-the-art diamond tip grinding equipment to ensure the intended results. Whether you’re company is after an extremely durable high gloss, or low sheen application, your new polished concrete floor will be easier to maintain with no flaking or pealing. LEARN MORE
  8. INDUSTRIAL EPOXY FLOORING DETROIT, MI. Commercial Painting Services offers the Greater Metro Detroit area Epoxy and Urethane Floor design, installation, and maintenance for all industrial & commercial applications. We understand that your business production schedule is effected by downtime. Our work crews are well trained epoxy flooring professionals capable of keeping your project on schedule. Your deadline is kept on track whether it’s 5000 sq ft or 50,000 sq ft LEARN MORE
  9. METAL ROOF PAINTING Your roof is one of the most important investments you have. It protects your inside investment. Painted metal roofs are subject to harsh weathering from mother nature. Extreme thermal shock from rising daytime temperatures and moisture is always present. Commercial Painting Services has years of experience dealing with metal roof painting clients that have neglected their metal roof maintenance. LEARN MORE
  10. INDUSTRIAL PRESSURE WASHING Industrial pressure washing is a necessary maintenance requirement for building hygiene. Industrial pressure washing environments take a real abuse from grime, grease, oil, contamination, and pollution. By not having a pressure washing maintenance program in place, industrial properties can take on a dirty, rough looking appearance that isn’t good for safety, service life, and overall aesthetics. LEARN MORE
  11. INDUSTRIAL TANK COATINGS Maintaining storage tanks with industrial coatings, along with the pipeline systems that feed them, is critical. Whether tank in question is holding something as simple as water or as volatile as jet fuel, the outcome of a leak or failure in containment due to corrosion can be catastrophic. Proper preventive maintenance of your storage tank is important to keep ahead of corrosion. Pro-active thinking on a regular basis will keep overall lifetime expenses to a minimum. LEARN MORE
  12. Contact Us 248-509-2400 Commercial Painting Services 24700 Northwestern HWY #500 Southfield, MI 48075
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