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Open-Source: An Infinite Game

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Talk from ESUG 2018, Cagliari, Italy

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Open-Source: An Infinite Game

  1. 1. Open-Source: An Infinite Game M. Denker S. Ducasse
  2. 2. Some ESUG past…
  3. 3. Book Presentation
  4. 4. Book Suggestion
  5. 5. We should have a book session at esug
  6. 6. Today
  7. 7. Strange Book
  8. 8. Interesting Book
  9. 9. "The wisdom held in this brief book now informs most of what I do in life." Kevin Kelly
  10. 10. There are at least two kinds of games.
  11. 11. One could be called finite, the other, infinite.
  12. 12. A finite game is played for the purpose of winning
  13. 13. An infinite game is played for the purpose of continuing the play
  14. 14. Book is more than that (and a bit odd)
  15. 15. Interesting way to look at what you do
  16. 16. “…resolves my uncertainties about what to do next. Easy: always choose infinite games” Kevin Kelly
  17. 17. Open-source as an infinite game
  18. 18. 1. For the Individual
  19. 19. Story one
  20. 20. X worked Z years on a business
  21. 21. But business failed and position got “compressed”
  22. 22. X did not have any code legally in his hand
  23. 23. Story two
  24. 24. Company Z is successful, project X is nice
  25. 25. Company K “merged” company Z
  26. 26. Project X does not fit the new vision
  27. 27. Xxx years of efforts thrown away
  28. 28. For Individuals, work done in companies are often finite games
  29. 29. Do not die with the company
  30. 30. Contribute to Open Source and be part of a community!
  31. 31. 2. For Companies
  32. 32. A company should be an Infinite Game
  33. 33. e.g. Toyota
  34. 34. Would be a nice Book
  35. 35. Here: Open Source
  36. 36. Of course not everything has to be open source
  37. 37. But it has a space even in a company where the product is closed
  38. 38. Finding Talent
  39. 39. Find experts inside a community Find future real colleagues within a community
  40. 40. Story three
  41. 41. Company X was looking for CTO and hired a “super smart” guy without the possibility to really look at his achievements
  42. 42. How a company could do that? No idea. But it did :( and miserably failed
  43. 43. Be wary about a developer you cannot browse source code…
  44. 44. Retaining Talent
  45. 45. e.g. allow people to contribute to a community
  46. 46. An infinite game is played for the purpose of continuing the play
  47. 47. Open-source is an infinite game
  48. 48. No one can play a game alone
  49. 49. Links: Speaker: