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Presentation of Squeak, held at University of Siegen, 30.05.2007

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  1. 1. Squeak Marcus Denker University of Bern
  2. 2. Topics History: The Dynabook Squeak Overview Projects using Squeak Squeak: A Tool for Research
  3. 3. History Alan Kay 1968: The Dynabook Vision Xerox PARC 1972-1980: Smalltalk Disney 1997 - 2001: Squeak
  4. 4. The Dynabook A Dynamic Medium for Creative Thought
  5. 5. Xerox PARC: Smalltalk
  6. 6. Squeak Prototyping Environment Based on Smalltalk 80 Adds Multimedia features Color and 2D Graphics 3D, Sound, Networking... Etoys prototype for kids
  7. 7. Squeak: Overview DEMO
  8. 8. Viewpoints Tweak: Scripting + UI Croquet Coke/Pepsi/Cola Rethinking Language Implementation
  9. 9. Community Lots of cool projects Some demos later Sadly not much coordination Working together is very hard!
  10. 10. Squeak 3.9 Merged back Squeakland + SmallLand + SCG + Impara + Seaside (NetStyle) New Features: Traits, Pragmas, Services, Look A ****lot**** of changes!
  11. 11. Projects Sophie Impara: Plopp3d, .... Croquet OLPC Seaside
  12. 12. Plopp3d DEMO
  13. 13. Sophie Open-source multimedia publication and run-time frameworks Flash + iMovie + PDF Completely new text + font implementation
  14. 14. Sophie Project DEMO
  15. 15. Open-Croquet Immersible and collaborative system version 1.0 is out
  16. 16. Qwaq Forums
  17. 17. OLPC: $100 Laptop
  18. 18. Seaside Free seaside hosting Support for Ajax
  19. 19. Seaside-based venture capital funded
  20. 20. CMSBox
  21. 21. Part II: Research Why use a kids system for Research? Especially Software Engineering?
  22. 22. Example: SCG Software Evolution Two directions Reengineering Language support for Evolution
  23. 23. Reengineering Analyzing existing source code Understanding big systems Enabling future evolution Software Visualization
  24. 24. Moose Reengineering Environment Example: Chronia Many Plugins
  25. 25. Moose Implemented in Smalltalk (Cincom) Smalltalk enables Rapid prototyping of complex tools Very fast turnaround Agile development
  26. 26. Languages for Evolution Languages do not support Evolution How to support Evolution better?
  27. 27. Squeak for Prototyping Languages Completely open Reflection VM easy to modify Simple Simple Syntax Dynamic Typing
  28. 28. Traits Classes composed of Traits Collection of methods No state Pioneered in Squeak Scala, Perl6, Fortress, Slate
  29. 29. Changeboxes Provide first class model of Change History always available even at runtime System can be run in old version
  30. 30. Other groups... HPI Potsdam (Germany) University of Savoie (France) Ecole des Mines de Douai (France) Cadence Design Systems Inc. (USA)
  31. 31. Thats it...? ... for now Questions? Next?
  32. 32. Possible topics... Reflection Metaprogramming and Refactoring Bytecode + Bytecode Transformation Examples of how to use dev tools Monticello, Browser...