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  1. 1. & ALEXIS MINDEGIA Coordinador en Adimedia@adimedianet – I have not received really CREATIVE curriculums. Video: One of them came with a video. Unfortunately, due to the lack of resources the creativity and realization was not appropriate. Open minded - listening - willing to learn from the beginning: The second one came with the idea of LISTENING. He told he had all the experience and abilities needed but he was willing to listen to what the company wanted to say. He showed he was open minded and that he was willing to learn form the very beginning IN CONCLUSION: It is important to adjust your CV to the company you are applying for. Try to get as much information as you can from the company. Match the CV with the company - Get information
  2. 2. GABI SOLA Gerente GRUPO DELTA @GrupoDelta1 - Be ONLINE! (Google, LinkedIn, Social Networks, etc). Take care of your PERSONAL IMAGE. I bet you can tell me last time you saw someone with green hair, right? BE CAREFUL WHEN ASKING FOR HOLIDAYS ON YOUR 1st INTERVIEW. HIRING STORY I was once looking for someone to employ for a few months and a woman came up recommended by somebody I know. I had an interview with her and told her the job to do. The first thing she said is that the schedule was not suitable for her and if it was possible to change it. Right after that, she asked me for Christmas holiday arguing she needed to organize her personal agenda. Finally, that salary was not convenient for her, she said she was earning more money in the last job she had and asked for equal salary. I finally decided not to hire her and she call me asking me why!
  3. 3. AITZOL BATIZ Gerente KULTIBA @ Kultiba - IT IS ENOUGH?
  4. 4. AITZOL BATIZ Gerente KULTIBA @ Kultiba - Abilities (be able to) Willingness (want)
  5. 5. AITZOL BATIZ Gerente KULTIBA @Kultiba - Attitude To Innovate To Learn To Share HIRE Attitude & Aptitude Develop
  7. 7. AITZOL BATIZ Gerente KULTIBA @ Kultiba - Social System = Company