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Chop - Shop Barbers, Crane Lane

Barber shop marketing presentation 2014 Digital Skills Academy B.Sc.
Group given 1 hour to create pro

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Chop - Shop Barbers, Crane Lane

  1. 1. The Crane Lane Chop Shop Frances Street, Dublin 7
  2. 2. Core Target Market ● Hipsters ● College students ● Artists/bohemian ● Age 17 - 30 ● Males & Female
  3. 3. USP - Unique Selling Point ● Pop up barbers in NCAD - bi-monthly ● Tailored for men and womens ‘short’ hairstyles ● After cut care - tips and advice on maintaining style for every customer before leaving the shop ● Stock a range of trendy vintage products, such as dax wax and Layrite ● Mustache and beard expert on site ● “Ride and slide” ruined helmet hair? come in and get a quick gel hair fix
  4. 4. Competition ● Boston Barbers ● Sam’s barbers ● The Grafton barbers ● Local independent barbers
  5. 5. Strategy ● An increase in advertising for Oct in the run up to Movember ● Social media foot print (personalised hashtag, FB, Twitter, Vine, Instagram) ● Instragram, Twitter, facebook, Vine - #CLchopshop ● I’ve been chop shopped ● App - weekly notifications of special offer, book an appointment, participate in a loyalty scheme, product announcements ● Consistent branding across all sites ● Tone of voice: vaguely sarcastic inner city dublin slang ●
  6. 6. Online Channels ● Mobile optimised website ● Social - Instragram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook ● Email - Monthly ezine, with latest trends, products, offers, images from Rock a’ Billy (hipster) styles, Contextual Advertising ● Mobile - App ● Online PR : Vine - ‘The 6-second cut’ & ‘Hair style hacks’ ● Content Strategy - sharing tips, examples of hairstyles cut in store, special offers, sharing of latest trending hairstyles online, link to local businesses i.e coffee shops