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Gamification for brands

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These are some quick notes I prepared for a panel discussion for the Social Media Club Melbourne

Gamification for brands

  1. 1. Gamification for Brands Marigo RaftopoulosOptimising Meaningful Engagement 2 November 2011
  2. 2. Social Media Club Melbourne:Notes for panel discussion on Social Games andGamification for Brands+ Media opportunities in social gaming on Zynga & Pop Cap+ The process & thinking around game creation & gamification+ How to integrate gaming into marketing strategies
  3. 3. Why use social gamesand gamification foryour brand?* Engage with your target audience* Build brand awareness & positioning* Stimulate interaction & community* Encourage action (sales)* Build brand loyalty* Change behaviours* Innovate
  4. 4. Three key game strategies to considerGame development: Game mechanics: Game dynamics:Build a game as an imbed Add extrinsic Build integrated andon your website or as a gamification motivators immersive experiencesmobile app. Entertainment, engage your customers. for your customers.information, awareness Reward & recogition Creating pervasive
  5. 5. Example 1: Branded gaming as a marketing strategyObjective: Raise awareness of insurance issues as a prompt to increase sales
  6. 6. Example 2: Gamification (extrinsic + intrinsic strategies)Objective: Strengthen brand loyalty by creating connection, community, reward & recognition between runners
  7. 7. Example 3: Pervasive game design + gamificationObjective: Thrill and reward loyal fans through a collaborative, pervasive scavenger hunt across NY
  8. 8. Key inputs that shapeyour game strategy* Clear business objectives* How your customers behave* What motivates them* How do they like to be engaged* Your budget
  9. 9. But a game strategycan’t fix this legacyGames and gamification areoffering a fresh solution to brands82% consumers distrust brands95% consumers distrust marketingYour game and gamificationstrategy will be viewed withsuspicion unless it’s done properly- be authentic
  10. 10. How to integrate a game strategySelect the right medium Be genuine Be socialWhere and how do your Your customer relationship Your customers trust theircustomer like to play? with your brand is a form of friends and family over yourDesktop, Social Networks, self expression. Therefore you marketing. Your game strategyMobile, Web? need to create a meaningful needs to create conversations story as a backbone to your and make sharing easy.
  11. 11. How to integrate a game strategyCreate experiences Know your customers Be playful yourself!Balance extrinsic (rewards, Profile your customers to It’s essential that yourachievements, recognition) design gameful experiences organisation is playful. Happy,with intrinsic (meaningful & that are meaningful and engaged and connected staffengaging interactions). Ensure relevant to them. Ensure your will facilitate the same for yourcustomers control their brand message is consistent. customers.
  12. 12. Considerations• 10% design, 90% iteration• Continuous development & community management (this isn’t a one-off strategy)• Your business isn’t a ‘social game’ it is a ‘massive multiplayer game’ - design accordingly• Connect to meaning by inviting the customer to bring their goals to your platform (or game)• A game strategy may not be right for your customers or your business
  13. 13. Thank you! Marigo Raftopoulos Mobile/Cell: +61 (0)412 183735 Skype: marigo.raftopoulos Twitter:@MarigoBlog: Web: