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The Social Shift Fund - Presentation

Discover the Social Shift Fund highlights

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The Social Shift Fund - Presentation

  1. 1. The Social Shift Fund Presentation
  2. 2. The Social Shift Fund We tackle social issues in a more sustainable and efficient way A program based on innovation and design tools Strong network of key actors and NGOs of the local ecosystem A Fund managed like a startup to ensure continuous improvement
  3. 3. Our key success factors 1 We work closely with the subjects, at every step of the program 2 We adapt the program to each subject and to each country 3 We know local culture is key and we integrate it at the right time in the process 4 We address a variety of subjects
  4. 4. The program in a glance
  5. 5. Inspiration Highlights NATURAL LANGUAGE TOOLKIT SUBJECTS INTERVIEWS NLT helps to understand society’s perception and evolution of the problem. It analyzes written data resources. This is to understand the journey of every subject. It highlights the behaviors and non behaviors, the drivers and obstacles. We work with local specialists to ensure every interviewee feels confident enough to share their story.PERSONA CARDS Personas are a reliable and realistic representations of the subjects. They are references for the rest of the process. Cards includes the main traits, value, pain point, social background and demographics, representative quotes, representativeness ratio, etc. GLOBAL INTERACTION MAP The Map highlights key actors and subjects interactions all along their journey. It can be different from one person to another. The purpose is also to identify which actor is the most likely to take certain actions.
  6. 6. Ideation Highlights OPEN ONLINE CHALLENGE HACKATHONS The online challenge allows anyone to take part in the program. Contributors can post, comment and vote for ideas. Local hackathons gather people in stimulating environment for 48 to 72 hours, to bring out detailed ideas. Each hackathon is divided into a serie sof creativity and working sessions. More resources are brought along the process.IDEAS DETAILED FILES A selection of ideas is processed in detailed files. These files dig deeper into the ideas and lay the foundation for the ‘test and learn’ experimentation. The files include the idea’s targeted persona, maturity ratio, estimated experimentation and implementation costs, implementation gaps, etc. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT A team of community managers stimulates online creativity and participation. They also identify and support community champions.
  7. 7. Recommendation Highlights EXPERTS INTERVIEWS GLOBAL REPORT Along with the experts, we discuss and adapt the detailed ideas to each local context. The purpose is to make the implementation of ideas easier and more efficient. To do so, we partner with a network of experts who have a high comprehension and knowledge of the local ecosystem and its sphere of influence. The Report presents the program methodology, the previous phases and a 5- year plan. The 5-year plan is based on the detailed ideas, their maturity ratio and implementation gaps.
  8. 8. Implementation Highlights PROJECTS SUPPORT AND EXPERIMENTATION PROJECTS FOLLOW UP To spread innovation, we support the project launch as an incubator would. We build networks of local experts and create the right connections. We also teach the teams to run experimentations with a test and learn process. Thus, teams adapt projects throughout their development. They work with subjects and experts until the project reaches maturity. The test and learn process works by iteration. Each iteration tests a specific hypothesis. This method makes the project implementation easier. Every quarter, project teams present their follow-up reports. They sum up the projects’ status and timeline, objectives achievement, qualitative and quantitative results, next milestones, etc. The calculation of the Fund's social impact is based on these reports. PROJECTS FUNDING The Fund dedicates a part of its budget to project funding. Depending on their nature, projects benefit either of a 0% rate loan or a microcredit. We also partner with a crowdfunding platform.
  9. 9. CONTACTS Marine AUBIN Founder and President +33 6 18 29 57 53 Tia KANSARA India Program Director +33 6 18 29 57 53