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  1. 1. Media Kit 2015
  2. 2. Who we are is the gateway to the biggest pool of prospective franchisees in Australia, offering franchisors an effective means to engage future business owners. The iconic leading consumer publication for anyone interested in investing in a franchise. Features include franchise industry news, trends, expert legal & financial advice and franchise case studies. Cirrus Media is Australia’s largest B2B media, content marketing and events business We are experts with a wealth of experience in connecting franchise sellers with the right audience... Our channels We approach franchise marketing scientifically by using engaging content, cutting edge media channels and audience behavioural data to optimise your advertising ROI. We provide an end-to-end franchise marketing solution for our clients. Websites Magazines Email Content Marketing
  3. 3. The changing landscape of the franchise recruitment market Environment Our position in the marketplace has allowed us to analyse recent shifts in franchisee research and enquiry behaviours. In 2014, Franchise recruitment is a buyer-driven market. As it is with all types of information, people are now choosing when and where they absorb their media, meaning franchise brands need to engage with potential buyers in ways that add educational value at each stage of discovery and nurture prospects along the purchase journey. It’s now harder than ever to target prospects whilst also gaining appropriate cut through for your message. We know where, why and how prospective franchisees consume information and consequently how to market your brand to drive maximum engagement and advertising ROI at each stage of their purchase journey. Awareness Lead Gen Demand Gen John Smith: • Sydney Northern Beaches • Mid 40’s • Senior manager • Looking for a sea change Is franchising the right fit for me? What are the benefits of the franchise model? Send Enquiry Franchise recruitment is becoming more complex, so potential for cost inefficiencies in your advertising is high. Our insights and capabilities help reduce this risk... Consideration Preference Action Lead Which franchise industries and brands are the best fit? What type of franchise best suits my needs? I’m shortlisting and researching Healthy Fast Food Franchises with national brand presence I am going to invest $250k I’m looking for a Boost Juice Franchise for $250k in the Manly area Industry Research Brand Research Passive Buyer Active Buyer
  4. 4. people management experience 55% 35-55 year olds 40% household income over $100k 55% owned a business 70% 55% looking to purchase in 3-6 months Australia’s wealthiest, most qualified and engaged audience of prospective franchisees Our audience As Australia’s leading multi-channel franchise media business, we possess an audience of over half a million highly qualified franchisees* engaging directly with franchise owners and head office decision makers. Source: Franchise Business Survey 2013, * Google analytics, Sep13-Sep14 - Existing franchise and independent business owners - High net worth individuals and C-level executives - White collar B2B professionals - Blue collar trade professionals. ex-service and armed forces Typical Personas 18.65% 26.29% 18.83% 19.72% 12.26% 4.26% Less than $20k $20k - $50k $50k - $100k $100k - $250k $250k - $500k $500k+ Over 35% will invest more than $100k How much are you prepared to invest in a franchise business? - Gen Y investors with liquid capital - Married couples and other partnerships - Recently made redundant and those looking for a sea change Our audience is actively engaged and ready to hear your story...
  5. 5. Cirrus Franchise Network Capabilities End-to-end franchise marketing solutions Every franchise brand has a story, and telling that story in a fresh and engaging way is the key to getting cut through in today’s noisy and competitive franchise recruitment landscape. But, for many businesses, acting like a publisher is time consuming, costly and requires expertise. At Cirrus, we provide end-to-end franchise marketing solutions which improve cost- inefficiencies at every stage of the process and allow you to focus on your core competencies. Once we have formulated the most engaging way of telling your story, we take it to market... WE CREATE GREAT CONTENT TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS PROVIDE DETAILED REPORTING TO HELP MAXIMISE YOUR ROI PUSH IT TO OUR AUDIENCE THROUGH MULTI-CHANNELS HOME ADVANTAGE: WAYS TO WORK AND SUCCEED AT HOME P.54 WHERE IS THE PROFIT? EVALUATING THE FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY P.28 SPACE PATROL: HOW SECURE IS YOUR TERRITORY? P.66 SECTOR REPORTS, WHAT YOU NEED IN YOUR LEASE, LOCAL AREA MARKETING TIPS Sandwich SPECIALIST THE FRANCHISINGWWW.FRANCHISE.NET.AUJUL/AUG2014 YOUR ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO BUYING A FRANCHISE | WWW.FRANCHISE.NET.AU AUS $6.95|NZ $7.95 PRINTPOSTAPPROVED100008121 Franchising F R 0 7 1 4 _ 0 0 1 - 1 2 0 1 4 - 0 7 - 0 3 T 2 2 : 3 5 : 0 1 + 1 0 : 0 0
  6. 6. HOME ADVANTAGE: WAYS TO WORK AND SUCCEED AT HOME P.54 WHERE IS THE PROFIT? EVALUATING THE FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY P.28 SPACE PATROL: HOW SECURE IS YOUR TERRITORY? P.66 SECTOR REPORTS, WHAT YOU NEED IN YOUR LEASE, LOCAL AREA MARKETING TIPS Sandwich SPECIALIST THE FRANCHISINGWWW.FRANCHISE.NET.AUJUL/AUG2014 YOUR ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO BUYING A FRANCHISE | WWW.FRANCHISE.NET.AU AUS $6.95|NZ $7.95 PRINTPOSTAPPROVED100008121 Franchising F R 0 7 1 4 _ 0 0 1 - 1 2 0 1 4 - 0 7 - 0 3 T 2 2 : 3 5 : 0 1 + 1 0 : 0 0 Our channels Our products Franchise Business Australia’s market-leading franchise for sale website – official directory of the FCA • Reach over 70,000 prospective franchisees/month • Create your own interactive profile page • Publish videos, articles and downloadable brochures • Showcase Franchise for Sale territories • Position your brand as a category leader • Generate direct email, telephone and website referrals Targeted Emails Highly targeted national database of 17,500 prospective franchisees • Metro and regional locations across Australia qualified by: contact details, investment level, purchase timeframe • Average 20-40 leads within 48 hours of send Franchising Magazine Essential franchise advice, insights and up-to-date news • Franchising magazine • Award winning journalism • 27 years market leader • 7,142 CAB audited circulation (March 2014) • Distributed at Major franchise expos Franchise Social Media • Highly targeted, franchise recruitment • Over 200,000 interactions monthly Brand & Bespoke Animated Videos • Brand videos: Piece-to-camera presentation with graphic elements, increasing viewer engagement • Bespoke animated videos: hand-crafted, fully animated, engaging and highly shareable content • Our production team can shoot on any location Sponsored Articles/ Whitepapers • Engage large scale audiences with topic of your choice • Break new ground with beyond surface level insights • Drive lead generation activity and help your brand to engage as a thought leader • Leads automatically sent to you Franchise Brochures & Case Studies • Highlight your real world solutions in action • Demonstrate your brand’s personality and position your business Social Media Strategy • We carry out an audit of your current social media and create a playbook to provide overall brand social strategy going forward. • Includes recommendations on which social channels to focus on, when to posttype of content to post and suggested budget for ads/ sponsored posts Magazines SocialEmailWebsite Social Brochure & Case Studies Articles/ White papers Brand & bespoke videos
  7. 7. After three months, views of the Ferguson Plarre company listing on the directory increased by more than 250%, article views tripled, contact details were accessed 60 times (up from 12), click-throughs to their website more than doubled, phone call enquiries doubled and downloads of their information pack tripled. Based on this initial success, Ferguson Plarre has since signed on for a full 12-month integrated content campaign, including: • Two more white papers; • Two more videos; • Six more sponsored articles; and • Additional distribution. “ "The team at Cirrus Media came in and consulted with us to help define franchisee target audience personas and establish the most compelling ways to compel these specific groups. Consequently they put together a strategic plan and created engaging content that crystallised our franchise story. We are now using this content to attract future franchisees with a well-executed distribution strategy also created by Cirrus Media. I can confirm that in July 2014, only 3 months in, we sold our first franchise as a direct result of a highly qualified lead generated by this campaign. I Iook forward to the fruitful relationship for 2014 and beyond." Steve Plarre Case Study: Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses Background Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses is a fifth generation bakery-café franchise that had been working with Cirrus Media on display advertising campaigns and directory listings, as well as paid search, pay-per-click (PPC) and classified advertising with other agencies. We identified a need for an initial three-month ‘test and learn’ content strategy that targeted earlier stages of the prospective franchisee purchasing cycle – namely, awareness (why is franchising the best investment model for me?) and consideration (which sector of franchising is most suitable for my financial and lifestyle goals?) – as well as content that wasn’t pushing hard sales messages. Strategy To test the audience’s appetite for educational content designed to help them make key discoveries along the franchise purchase journey, we produced four sponsored articles on four different topics, which were published via Cirrus channels. Consumption and engagement metrics for these articles were analysed in order to determine the most relevant topic for more in- depth content production. The four topics were: • Family first: why family-run franchises have the edge • Finding the balance: assisted independence in franchising • Setting the standards: how ongoing support and learning opportunities boost franchises • Getting personal: when familiarity breeds success Based on the number of views and time spent on page, it was determined that topics two and three were of most interest and relevance to the audience. We then began production on a white paper and video. This white paper was hosted on and promoted via the franchising e-newsletter and directory. Results 69 leads in 24 hours 3x article views 2x telephone enquiries 3x PDF downloads 3x listing views
  8. 8. We have worked with thousands of local, national and international franchise brands since 1987, including many of Australia’s most successful franchise systems. The Team: Raffael Fernandes, Sarah Stowe, Anthony Butler, Jesse Hopwood, Kim Church, Andrew Dalton & David Strong 1300 206 812 or email Contact us Notes