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  2. CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Background of the study  In our study show that high way calorie meals have an negative impact on child’s ability to concentrate (  Children with insufficient diets very reported have more problem with health, academic learning and phycosocial behavior (  Eating a good diet can help provide the energy you need to finish a race or just enjoy a casual sports or capacity or more likely to be tired and perform poorly during when you do not get enough calories,carbohydrates (  Student academic performance is affected by several factors (
  3. Statement of the problem 1. What is the profile respondent in term of a. Age b. Sex c. Food preference d. time they eat? 2. What Is the food intake grade 12 students? 3. How does eting habits affect academic performance?
  4. ASSUMPTIONS 1. The eating habits of GRADE 12 in Aroroy National high school are varied in terms of age,sex,preference,time they eat. 2. The food intake of GRADE 12 students in Aroroy National High School are varied. 3. It affect the academic performance are depends or their food intake eatings habits affect academic performance of GRADE 12 students.
  5. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Students will know if what they are eating is right and wether it nutritious because their grades on it and especially their physical,mental and emotional health.
  6. THEORITICAL FRAMEWORK Based on social cognitive theory (sct) describe the influence of individual experience, the action of others environmental factors on individual health behaviors. And according to piaget theory can also be used a guide in nutrition, in the education in the early years of life. Particularly in the personal period is very important for an individual’s heath throughout life.
  7. Social cognitive theory Piaget’s theory Figure 1: theoretical paradigm
  8. Figure 2: theoretical paradigm of the study The conceptual framework of the study are composed of input process, and output. the input are demographic profile of the students such us age,sex,marital status.the process are survey, interview, and data analysis output. And the output is the respondents will be guided by the way of the profile respondents in terms of age,sex,food reference, and time they eat.
  9. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK INPUT 1.The demographic profile such a.Age b.Sex 2. Marital status process 1.Survey 2.Interview 3.Data analysis output Output The researcher will be guided by the way of profile respondents in terms of a.Age b.Sex c.Food reference d.Time they eat
  10. DEFINATION OF TERMS The influence eating habits in the academic performance of GRADE 12 students of Aroroy National High School. Academic performance. Relating to education and scholarship. Eating habits. Defined as conscious,collective and repetitive behaviors which lead people to select, cosume, and use certain foods or diets. Influence. The capacity tonhave an effect on the character, development or behavior or something or the effect itself. Student. A person who studying at a school or college. School. An institution for educating children.
  11. CHAPTER III METHOD AND PROCEDURE Research Design For this study, the researchers will use descriptive method. According to (shonaMcConbes.published on 2015), A descriptive design can use a wide variety of research methods to investagate one or more variables. Unlike the experience research the researcher does not control or manipulate any of the variables, but only observes and measures them. With this form, the researcher will be able to describe the factors cause the students to unhealthy food intake of the GRADE 12 students.
  12. RESEARCH POPULATION SAMPLING This study will be conducted at Aroroy National High School year (2022-2023). The population of this study will be the GRADE 12 students of Aroroy National High School. The research will made simple random sampling is a type of probability sampling in the researcher randomly selects subsets of participants from population.
  13. RESEARCH INSTRUMENT The researcher will use recognition type questionnaire about the influence of eating habits in the academic performance of GRADE 12 students Aroroy National High School.
  14. RESEARCH POPULATION AND SAMPLING METHOD The researcher will administer the questionnaire to the respondents in Aroroy National High School.we will give them survey questionnaires, to fill out our question connected to our research about influence of eating habits to academic performance of Aroroy National High School. The researcher will use random sampling method. Sampling method means selecting the group that you will actually collect data from this research, statistic, sampling allows you to test a hypothesis about the characteristic of population.