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Venn Diagram - Our Point Of Difference - SPECIALTY IMAGING

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I received several messages from clients who were not clear about our point of difference from other event photography services. After extensive research and conversations with longtime event producers, I created this Venn diagram to show the areas where our services overlap and where we are unique. I soon discovered that I needed a much larger space to capture all of our unique features and customer benefits.

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Venn Diagram - Our Point Of Difference - SPECIALTY IMAGING

  1. 1. Videography Added fee for editing Delayed delivery of images Stage production Carnival of gadgets, audio visual stuff Other content creation Digital Photography Aerial Photography Photo Kiosks On-Site Printing Daily event montages Green screens Photo booths Custom photo books OUR ENGAGING TECHNOLOGY BUILDS MOMENTUM FROM DAY 1 • Live Sync feature creates immediate access to images during events • Engagement and sharing increases over multi day events, stats prove it • We’re the only event photography service with over 15M photo views • Empower attendees, immediately share “favorites” on social networks • Live Sync images to secure event site and mobile app • Live Sync images taken by attendees can be uploaded to the event site • Live Sync images directly to photo printing kiosk in hospitality areas • NEW in 2017: EzPrint touchscreen with fast, high-quality printing • Option to control, review, and approve imagery prior to Live-Sync • Free license to use images and no charge to download from site • User access via customizable survey + capture up to 6 user data points • No added fee for editing; no additional travel expenses for editor • All inclusive pricing, no taxes, no per diems, no surprise fees Once attendees start viewing, sharing, uploading, and printing… …they’ll pursue our photographers for more and more shots. Best of all, they become friends, and when it’s over say, “See you next year!” Specialty Imaging Event Production Companies Traditional In-house Photographers