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Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. “Advances in technology and corresponding shifts in consumer behavior and expectations point to elevated levels of customization, accessibility and convenience; thus mobile marketing must grow to be the number one marketing platform” Ravi Sran Mark Wilson Jenelle Ross
  2. 2. Agenda & Key Terms  Mobile Marketing  Mobile Sites & Apps  New Mobile Devices  Geolocation  QR Codes  4G  Near Field Communication
  3. 3. Smartphones BlackBerry  BBM – Popular IM application available only to Blackberry  Enterprise Email System  Enhanced Security features  Limited Applications Android - Open source software • 850,000 Devices activated everyday • 450,000 Applications Available • 300,000,000 Android devices worldwide Apple Iphone Google Nexus S on Android  m/iphone/features/ • Siri • 1080P Video Recording What Smartphone do you have?
  4. 4. Mobile Devices – World Wide Market Share Market Share Huawei Motorola 4% HTC 4% Sony RIM 4% 3% 4% Nokia 36% ZTE 5% Apple 6% LG 7% Samsung 27%
  5. 5. Growth of Mobile Marketing What is NOT Mobile? • Websites, Email, Radio… but is it? Advertising Spending Breakdown Infographic • For • Estimated growth: 1.56 billion in 2013 from 320 million in 2008 • Young consumers perception • Over 50% of all local searches from mobile • Predict $8.2 billion advertising in 2016 – up 38% • - Microsoft Tag • Against • Consumers are not always as receptive to Mobile Marketing as they are Traditional • Hanken Swedish School of Economics The Future in Mobile Marketing
  6. 6. Social & Mobile  1.7 billion users in 2016  Android: 56%  Text and Image posts What is your #1 Activity?  Short and sweet  Thursday – Sunday Best days to post  Future of Mobile & SM
  7. 7. Mobile Sites & Apps  33 billion apps offered by 2014  “People need to be adopting mobile friendly sites and apps” – Ms. Samy, FS Marketing & Harvard BR  Over 5 million handsets, up from 2 in 2005 The Advertising  Similar to Social Media – no blasting  Engagement & Value Proposition  Ad Revenue in US to reach $4.2 Billion  Up from $1 Billion 2010 (420% increase) The Third Screen – Mobile Marketing Handbook Chart
  8. 8. Shrinking Costs & Usability  Apple – Iphone Apps to Android Apps  Dropping App Costs  Entry level - $3000-8000  Highly Detailed - $50,000-150,000  Do it yourself models  “Mobile sites need to increase usability” – Naves, SEO Consultant Best Practice Heineken Star Player
  9. 9. QR Codes The Advocates  More than just a redirect to a website  Easy and inexpensive  Becoming more and more mainstream  B2B application  Analytics The Challenges  Scott Stratten  QR codes = traditional ads  5% of readers scanned
  10. 10. Geolocation The Advocates  80% of disposable income is spent locally  Right products to the right people at the right time  The Evolution of Geolocation  51% - give up location for tailored ads  “Relevancy is King”  “…as big as the Internet itself” The Opponents  Consumers are just going through a fad – provides illusion that Geo- location is here to stay  Generic ad campaigns  Reliant on consumer willingness to give information  Consumers want the benefits but not to have to give up their information
  11. 11. How can we apply this? Scavenger Hunt Exercise  QR Code & Geo-location  Test the QR Codes  ‘Check in’ using Foursquare!
  12. 12. Geolocation – Best Practice Jet Blue ShopKick  Encourages customers to  IPhone and Android devices check in at Jet Blue terminals can collect virtual rewards for with Facebook Places walking in to a store.  Offers special rewards as  Stores can offer rewards and incentives special offers for points as an  Encourages customer loyalty incentive to draw people to  Presents instantaneous stores. interaction with brand 
  13. 13. Near Field Communication  Virtual Wallet  Connects phone with payment terminal, etc.  34 million to 80 million users in 2013  Google is a major player  Google Wallet USA Today
  14. 14. Smartphone Purchases  Users grew 10% to 33% of all Mobile  74% have made Mobile Purchase  31% influenced by Ad  50% of users indicate the will purchase on mobile for Holidays  Mobile Gift Cards increased 1000% in 2011 National Retail Federation Vancouver Sun
  15. 15. Personal Information Safety  101 Popular Smartphone Apps Tested  56 transmitted the phone ID to other companies  47 shared geo-locations  5 sent age, gender and personal information  All WITHOUT consent!  Credit Card, Banking, & Personal Information  Customers may worry  New Safety Measures need to be taken Wall Street Journal
  16. 16. New Technologies  Mobile Phone Implants  Chip installed in tooth – used to relay sounds  Virtual Mirror Shopping  View clothes without actually undressing  Share with friends virtually
  17. 17. Market Share in Canada
  18. 18. What is 4G ?  4G is the fourth generation of cellular communication  Data can be sent 10x faster than 3G technology 4G & Apple Ipad 3  Reports indicate Apple Ipad 3 will have 4G Technology  Will take until the end of 2013 for 80% of the US to be covered by 4G Technology

Notas del editor

  • Mark - Intro
  • Jenelle - Agenda
  • RaviExplain different phones and operating systems very briefly to give an overview of Smartphones
  • RaviDiscussionWhat type of phone do you have?Android, Iphone, or BlackberryAnyone without a Smartphone – why haven’t you changed yet?Why do you think Nokia is so high when Apple and RIM are such dominant companies in the market?Regular cellphones v.s. Smartphones
  • JenelleBook ReviewScholary Article440 American college studentsApril 2010Young consumers are more willing to engage in viral mobile marketingAttention-Intent-BehaviourMarkMashableInfographScholarly Article against Mobile Marketing successVideo of the Future in Mobile MarketingBreak outWhat do you think about Mobile Marketing?-Is it a better means to Advertise? -Womens high fashion dress shop and laundry detergent for another, -Would you be more receptive?
  • Intro Question - How many of you use your mobile device for social purposes?JenelleWhitepaperMarkVideo on the Future of Mobile & Social MediaBreakoutWhat are your top mobile activities?Do they match up with the trends in Canada?
  • MarkBreakoutWhat are you favorite apps?Why?What makes apps so popular, how can companies use these strategically?If there are SO many in the market place, will companies see a ROI?
  • Mark SlideDiscussion - RaviWould you play along with the Heineken style game?Do you think they really got much of an ROI here? It was Free, but the millions spent, were they worth the interaction and ‘buzz’?Was it profitable?Are the returns short-term, or would they be looking at long-term benefits of brand awareness, not necessarily financial?
  • JenelleQR Codes: An Extra DimensionMedFlashThe Weather ChannelSmart scanning: QR Codes offer PR pros new options to connectWould you guys send a QR code by email? – then show video.The Problem With QR CodesPeople don’t think through the executionDiscussionHow Many Readers Use Snap Codes in Magazine Ads?Do you guys use QR codes?Will discuss further after exercise – Slide 7
  • JenelleThe Benefits Of Geolocation MarketingGeolocation: Advertising’s Future or 1984 RevisitedDiscussionDo you use features such as ‘checking in’?What are the benefits this gives you?We will discuss further after the exercise – slide 7
  • Ravi + MarkExerciseQR Code scanning & Geo-location checking in-Scan codes around classroom (magazine QR Code, Business Card QR Code, Poster QR Code, Web QR Code)-Final QR Code will tell users to ‘check in’ to a specific location (Kwantlen Richmond Campus) to test Geo-locationBreakout Discussion on ExerciseWas scanning the QR Code easy? How useful are they in each medium?What might be the most effective uses of QR Codes?Do you see a point to ‘checking in’?Would we be more inclined to use this feature if there were incentives provided? Such as local coupons.What are some of the benefits you see for companies using both tools?
  • Jenelle+RaviDiscussionWhat do you think of this use of geo-location? Would you check-in at an airport terminal if you were to receive special rewards?What kinds of special rewards?
  • MarkBreakoutHow do you feel about carrying less and adopting a mobile phone wallet?Would this be more convenient or is it too risky in case you lose your phone?It took years for the Mastercard ‘tap and go’ terminals to catch on, will this also take years?Coming out when ‘chips’ are so popular, will people AND businesses invest in this technology?
  • MarkDiscussionHow many people have made a mobile purchase?How many were motivated by some form of ad?Would you buy a big ticket item on your mobile like you do computer?
  • MarkBreakout – JenelleWhat do you think about all of the secure personal information that was released?What implications will this have on NFC and other new Mobile trends when consumers find out this is happening?Ultimately, will this impact the industry and result in LESS mobile use?How significant is your privacy to you?Does this information scare you? Did you even know? How do you think others will react?
  • MarkDiscussion –Mark+RaviAre they Practical Technology?Would you use or try them?Mobile Implants is very delayed, many tests still taking place, nothing to come in the near future. Tooth phone was not successful, barely usable.Don’t you still need to try clothes on? This app isn’t going to ‘fit the clothing’ to your body!
  • RaviSource - do you think Android is so much stronger in Japan and US over Canada?Is Apple gaining market share or losing? What do you predict for future?Does the Apple suicides impact the Asian Market?
  • RaviWith technology increasing so rapidly, how long do you think before 5G or similar is out?What will happen to 3G?Will it ever get to be too much? People can’t keep upgrading and spending, what is the breaking point? Will it ever fail?Summary – All 3Discussion of Mobile – Is Mobile really growing or is all of the new technology too much for people?Many of the new technologies require A LOT of interaction and have not exploded yet, but will they ever?Are customers really going to be more receptive to MORE advertising and bombardment on their phones?ORIs Mobile going to continue to blow up and become the biggest marketing means?