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Itg marketnet

  1. 1. =$ WiFi RevenueSocial
  2. 2. …..and we continue evolve with our customers add value through new offerings. Over 400 hotels and 50 property management companies trust ITG for their WIFI and Communications Needs……. WiFi STATISTICS
  3. 3. 3 115% WiFi Growth From 2013-2018 Both Social and WiFi are Growing in Demand 1,262,531 558,642 154,339 22,624 14,402 391,419Americans with Social Logins 67% Hotspot Growth 2011 - 2015 +88% WiFi HotSpots in 2018 Say Social Media Friends Influence Decisions +92% Source: State of the Industry
  4. 4. How businesses are using social Users Login With Social media We analyze customer data and movements. We use the data to sell and promote A Simple Approach
  5. 5. Introducing MarketNet A complete solution of software, hardware and services.
  6. 6. WiFi - Services Wow Your Customers With Usable Information and a Richer Experience
  7. 7. 7 Gain Insight Like Never Before With a Single Dashboard Data and Analytics Trends Statistics Behavior ROI
  8. 8. 8 Get information about users that tell you where they go and what they do. Behaviors Gain insight in to what your customers like and dislike giving you the ability to customize your marketing messages. Liked and Dislikes Gain customers primary email address and feel confident you are getting real information. Email Address Send personalized promotions and time sensitive incentives to customers. Anniversaries and Birthdays Why the data is important
  9. 9. 9 Setup and Support Promotion Inbound Marketing Creative Services Ongoing Coaching Most vendors do not offer complete solutions The ITG Difference
  10. 10. 1 0 MarketNet Includes Services To Help Your Business Succeed With Digital Marketing Enhanced Marketing
  11. 11. 1 1 Industry Success Food and beverage sales up 32%, event revenues 37%, and 75-175 rooms per month filled directly due to social media efforts. Rooms/ Month 75 250 room nights booked because of social media and 144 room nights booked from one email campaign. 95K Lennox Hotel Washington Court Hotel
  12. 12. 1 2 MarketNet Options Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor MarketNet Event WiFi Retail/FoodGuest WiFi
  13. 13. 1 3 PRICING 100 products kkk Best stats Full customization Discount codes tracking MarketNet Events 25 products jjj Better stats Full customization Discount codes tracking MarketNet Pro 5 products hhh Basic stats Basic customization No discount codes No inventory tracking Social Only $$ $$ $$
  14. 14. We offer ongoing consulting and monthly packages to ensure that your implementation is a Success. We gather data and implement campaigns based on your needs and goals. Our Marketing team meets with you to establish goals, gather data and customize your marketing environment We work with you to setup your hardware and access points to accommodate social login. 1 4 WiFi and Technology Setup Ongoing Services Marketing Onboarding Campaigns Customer Onboarding Our onboarding process ensures you have a smooth implementation and ongoing success.

Notas del editor

  • ITG is a leader in providing network and WiFi services
    We do Phones, Networks, WiFi and others
    We saw a need to help customers in this emerging need of WiFi
    This is our explanation of how we help customers with this solution

    ITG has evolved over the last 10 years from a pure network support provider to a full service communications and marketing technology firm helping organizations maximize the use of technology to decrease expenses and increase revenue.
  • Background -
         There has been a paradigm shift in WiFi 
         Setup the market trends - Open Eyes
         Social Media Is Still Rapidly Growing
         over 50% of social login users will take advantage of a social login
  • What's being done is not complicated. Businesses are getting access to data using social media and WiFi and then using that information more effectively market to customers.
  • We knew that our customers needed more than just technology to be successful.
    We created this offering as a complete solution to ensure success.
  • Our goal wasn’t just to give our customers more marketing options… we wanted to help them be more competitive.
    A login screen should do more than just gather data, it should be an extension of the customers brand experience and our solution provides that.
    Using social login users authenticate.
  • We give out a simple dashboard to login and see information real time, and get a better understanding of how the customers are moving and behaving both during their visit and after.
  • Talk through each data point and explain that there would otherwise be no way for customers to provide this level of detail and data about themselves.
  • Getting data is great but using it correctly is critical  
    Proper adoption requires implementation expertise
    One company to do both setup, integration, and ongoing marketing support
    There are lots of software but very few integrators with cross platform continuity