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Innovation Connected

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Uwe Richter, Juniper Networks
Juniper Day, Praha, 13.5.2015

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Innovation Connected

  1. 1. Uwe RIchter Juniper Networks
  2. 2. A LITTLE QUIZ AT THE BEGINNING What is the difference between Germany and Czech these days ?? Congratulations and go czech team !!!
  3. 3. SILICON VALLEY TRENDS – SHARING ECONOMY Sharing Economy Winner takes it all
  4. 4. SILICON VALLEY TRENDS – VIDEO AND MEDIA Streaming: 7.8 Billion hours TV on Netflix in Q4 2014 alone Content is king – own series (Netflix, Amazon, HBO .. – own networks (Apple, Google, Facebook .. )
  5. 5. SILICON VALLEY TRENDS – CONTINUED Augmented Reality Virtual Reality Big Data and Machine Learning
  6. 6. INFLECTION POINT: GLOBALLY CONNECTED PEOPLE DEMAND CONSTANT INNOVATION ~50% of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017CLOUD 1.28B smartphones shipped in 2014MOBILITY Average total cost of a data breach jumped 15% in 2014 to ~$3.5M SECURITY Mobile video will account for more than half of all mobile data traffic by 2018 VIDEO BIG DATA Through 2017, 25% of big data implementations will fail due to inadequate network infrastructure
  7. 7. TRENDS DRIVE INTENSE DEMAND FOR NETWORK… & CONTINIOUS NEED FOR INNOVATION "Massive in the core, intelligent in the edge". “pervasive in the access and simple to operate. 80% of new Enterprise Apps are deployed in the Cloud. Consumerization of IT, ENT SMAC, TV4K, IoT… CLOUD & VIRTUALIZATION G.Fast, vectoring for existing copper, 10GPON (G987), DOCSIS 1.3, Wifi 802.11ac/ad, LTE-A, 5G, TV4K, IoT… ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES Pluggable 100G coherent, coherent 100G transponder, soon 400G and 1T optical interfaces CORE & OPTICAL Edge services evolving from L2-3 to Virtual L4-7, scaling out, automation…EDGE & NFV From static CLI, to “click to cash”, SON… analytics, simplification, SOFTWARE & AUTOMATION
  8. 8. Campus / Branch Data Center Core Edge / Access & Aggregation INNOVATION MATTERS ACROSS THE NETWORK
  9. 9. MASSIVE SCALE PHYSICAL & VIRTUAL SECURITY FIVE 9s AVAILABILITY AUTOMATION MULTI-TENANCY AGILE SERVICE DELIVERY Accelerating growth in data traffic 2009 2013 100 petabytes 2,000 petabytes EVERYTHING AS A SERVICE • Global Delivery Engine Attributes
  10. 10. SIMPLIFIED ARCHITECTURES DYNAMIC OPTIMIZATION RICH ANALYTICS CENTRALIZED & DISTRIBUTED INTELLIGENCE AND CONTEXT SECURITY CORRELATION & ACTIVE DEFENSE THE NETWORK THAT KNOWS • High-Performance Networks Attributes Connections are open standard interfaces Security Core Routing Switching Edge Routing Network Intelligence and Control
  12. 12. OUR FOCUS: CAMPUS, BRANCH & DATA CENTER Stop Threats. Faster. Performance and Scale Automation and Orchestration Analytics
  13. 13. METAFABRIC DATA CENTER INNOVATIONS SMARTOPENSIMPLE • Cloud Analytics Engine • Virtual Chassis Fabric Scale • Leading Availability Switching Security SDN • Contrail Adoption • VMware Partnership • Stop Threats. Faster. • vSRX • Automation • Consistent Policy
  15. 15. ROUTING PRODUCT PORTFOLIO Massive in the core - Lean Core with LSR - Packet Optical Transport - Full IP Core, QoS & Services - Lead with Northstar: Optimized and automated with multi-layers traffic engineering. Universal In the Edge - Continuous leadership: new HW, SW, User experience - Advance services (SCG) and pathway to NFV - Virtualization: vRR, vMX… - Continuous new use cases Ubiquitous in the Access - Mature SW for access: L2, OAM … - SCBH: ACX500 - Wireline & Converged: ACX5K - MBH: ACX1,2 & 4K - NMS: SAD2.0 PTX MX ACX
  16. 16. MX Advanced Router and Cloud Services Application and Subscriber Aware software App Awareness Sub. Awareness Inline JFlow Visibility software Security software Flow Monitoring Deep Inspection IPS IPSec Stateful Firewall Network Addressing software CGNAT Junos Web Aware MX 3D Universal Edge Routers
  17. 17. LESS LOW HIGH FLEXIBILITY MORE Multiservice Edge Consumer Edge MPLS Core Data Center Switching IP Core Campus Switching Secured Routers Security Appliance Mobile Edge Vanilla Switching Low Bandwidth Access Merchant Silicon BANDWIDTH OTN Services Trio Express Stateful Processors Silicon Architectural Coverage
  18. 18. 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.54 1.24 0.57 Watts / Gig (Full-Duplex) PTX EVOLUTION system FPC1 FPC2* FPC3* 2012 2014 2015 ~6KW System ~9.5KW System 13.8KW System PTX: LEADING POWER EFFICIENCY/ENVELOP
  21. 21.  Effects:  Car manufacturing time reduced by 90%  Introduced interchangeable/standardized parts (always available).  Able to lower car cost by 50%  Car demand increased exponentially  Increased employee wages by 150%  Result:  Higher profitability  Lower cost of operations thru increased automation & efficiency ASSEMBLY LINE AS A DISRUPTIVE AUTOMATION FRAMEWORK
  22. 22. SDN is/could be the “ASSEMBLY LINE” for the Service Provider!
  23. 23. is a Service Provider services framework, leveraging on SDN and virtualization capabilities, to provide network functions and software, to enterprise customers and consumers, in a cost-effective, timely and efficient manner, to create new revenue opportunities. vCPE
  24. 24. Thank you