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Proč je vSAN č. 1 v software defined storage a HCI

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Prezentace VMware z konference Virtualization Forum 2018
Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, 25.10.2018

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Proč je vSAN č. 1 v software defined storage a HCI

  1. 1. ©2018 VMware, Inc. VMware and HCI vSAN Software Defined Storage Senior Systems Engineer October 2018 Pavel Kovář
  2. 2. Complex and Separate Silos Servers and Blades External Storage Networking Hardware Limitations of Traditional 3-Tiered Architecture 2
  3. 3. Modernization of the Data Center Being Fueled by HCI 3-Tiered Architecture Built on proprietary hardware Virtualization Compute Storage Networking Storage Greater agility and scale Lower total costs Simplified management Built on industry-standard servers and components Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Virtualization, Compute, Storage and Networking
  4. 4. Fundamental system design shift with HCI Storage Servers Converged SAN Hyper-Converged
  5. 5. Fundamental system design shift with HCI Fast network Scale-out Scale-out Software-defined storage
  6. 6. HCI is the Fastest Growing Storage Segment Hyperscale HCI and Server SAN Traditional Storage 2012 2026 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 $10.7 B $4.4B $2.8B $1.5B $0.5B 0 $10B $20B $30B $40B $50B Total Storage Market Source: Gartner Forecast Analysis: Integrated Systems Worldw ide, 1Q17 UpdateSource: Wikibon Server SANResearch Project, 2016 $60B $8.7B Hyper-Converged Infrastructure $6.4B
  7. 7. Hyper Converged Market – April 2018 7 78% vSphere 100% vSphere 100% vSphere 100% vSphere 94% vSphere 95% vSphere
  8. 8. VMware vSAN Software Defined Storage
  9. 9. VMware HCI 9 • Critical services converged in hypervisor kernel • Minimal software for reliability • Direct I/O path from VMs to hardware • No physical or virtual appliances to manage • Tight management & policy integration • Easy scale-up & scale-out vSphere Compute – vSphere Storage – vSAN Networking & Security – NSX The Key Difference: One Software Platform
  10. 10. 10Confidential │ ©2018 VMw are, Inc. vSAN 6.0 vSAN 6.1 vSAN6.2 vSAN 6.5 vSAN 6.6.x vSAN 6.7 March 2015 All Flash 64 Node Cluster 2x Hybrid Speed Sep 2015 Stretched Cluster 5min RPO 2-node ROBO March 2016 Deduplication Compression RAID5/6 Quality of Service Nov 2016 iSCSI Support 2-Node Connect Large Drives vSAN Innovation Continues to Drive HCI Adoption Apr/July 2017 Native Encryption vSAN Config Assist Cloud Analytics Intelligent Operations 50% higher performance April 2018 Modern UI Native vRealize FIPS 140-2 Adaptive Resync Host Pinning
  11. 11. Blistering Pace of vSAN Adoption vSAN Customer Adoption >70% YoY bookings growth >15,000 Customers Fastest since ESX Sw itched to Dell Technologies fiscalcalendar. Q4’16 ended Dec 31, 2016. Q1’18 ended May 5, 2017 *Tied for first place; Source: IDC’s 2Q2018 Worldw ide Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker, September 2018 Software run-rate Q4’FY18 $600M Recent industry awards #1 market share in Q2’2018* >34%
  12. 12. What workloads are appropriate for HCI? TRUE OR FALSE: HCI IS ONLY FOR VDI? FALSE!! Supports a wide variety of traditional and cloud-native workloads TRADITIONAL BUSINESS APPS TEST/DEV IAAS, PAAS BIG DATA ANALYTICS
  13. 13. vSAN Target Markets What use cases are you using vSAN for today? (Total Responses = 249) Source: vSAN Customer Survey, 2016 Business Critical Applications Test and Development Management Infrastructure Disaster Recovery Infrastructure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) Other 49% 40% 23% 22% 18% 3% 64%
  14. 14. 15Confidential │ ©2018 VMw are, Inc. Deployment Model Investment Protection 15 vSAN ReadyNodes Public CloudPrivate Cloud Jointly Engineered Systems
  15. 15. vSAN Cluster Types Standard vSAN Cluster 2-Node vSAN Cluster plus Witness VM Stretched vSAN Cluster vSphere vSAN Preferred Secondary Crossover Cables vSAN node 1 vSAN node 2 vSphere vSAN
  16. 16. vSphere vSAN The vSAN difference – Scale UP and OUT vSphere vSAN • Add capacity the way you want • Scale UP by adding drives • Scale OUT by adding hostsvSphere vSAN Compute Utilization
  17. 17. Tiered Hybrid vs All-Flash All-Flash 150K IOPS per Host + sub-millisecond latency Caching Writes cached first, Reads from capacity tier Capacity Tier Flash Devices Reads go directly to capacity tier SSD PCIe Data Persistence Hybrid 40K IOPS per Host Read and Write Cache Capacity Tier SAS / NL-SAS / SATA SSD PCIe Ultra DIMM Virtual SAN NVMe
  18. 18. 21Confidential │ ©2018VMware,Inc. vSAN Enterprise Features Deduplication and Compression • All-flash configurations • Per-cluster setting Data-at-Rest Encryption • Hybrid / All-flash / Stretched clusters support • Per-cluster setting vSAN iSCSI Service • Windows Server Failover Clusters (WSFC) support • Connect physical / virtual environment Simplicity and Efficiency vSAN iSCSI Target
  19. 19. Two clicks to deploy! vSAN Simplifies Storage If You know vSphere, You know vSAN, You know SDDC
  20. 20. Define a policy first… Virtual SAN currently surfaces multiple storage capabilitiesto vCenterServer WhatIf APIs
  21. 21. Assign it to a new or existing VM, or vmdk • When the policy is selected, vSAN uses it to place/distribute the VM to guarantee availability and Performance • Policies can be changed without any interruption to the VM
  22. 22. 25©2018 VMw are, Inc. Deliver Performance and Protection Based on Application Needs • Define storage protection and performance levels per VM or per VMDK • Managed in hypervisor • Simple and scalable Storage policies VM / VMDK policy profile PolicyGold Resiliency Capacity reservation IOPSLimits Value FTT = 1 RAID-1 (mirror) 1000 Policy Tolerance Method 40% vSphere vSAN
  23. 23. Example for redundancy with FTT = 1 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB ESX1 ESX2 ESX3 1TB 1TB 1TB ESX4
  24. 24. Witness Fault Domain Fault Domain BFault Domain A vSAN - Stretched Cluster 29 Active-Active data centers • Virtual SAN cluster split across 2 sites! • Site-level protection with zero data loss and near-instantaneous recovery • Support for up to 5ms RTT latency between data sites – 10Gbps bandwidth expectation • Witness VM can reside anywhere – 200ms RTT latency – 100Mbps bandwidth required at most • Automated failover • Requires vSAN Enterprise license witness 5ms RTT, 10GbE Today VMware vSphere & Virtual SANReads are done locally to the VMWrites are cross site
  25. 25. More than 50% of the votes vSAN – Stretched Cluster 30 Failure Scenarios – Site Failure witness Today
  26. 26. vSAN – Stretched Cluster 31 Failure Scenarios – Witness Failure witness Today VMs will stay in place Mirrors remain intact
  27. 27. Save up to 20%* per ROBO – eliminatestandardswitches between 2-nodes Reduced network complexity with reliable,low-cost crossover cables Better compliancewith separate vSAN datatraffic and witness VM traffic Central Data Center Lower ROBO Costs and Complexity with 2-Node Direct Connect vSAN Datastore vSAN Witness Traffic witness ROBO licensing available • Up to 25 VM’s per site with ROBO license • Can scale to more nodes if needed • Managed by single vCenter Server
  28. 28. vSAN Pricing and Packaging Summary 35 vSAN STD vSAN ADV vSAN ENT Features Storage Policy-Based Management Read / Write SSD Caching Distributed RAID vSphere Distributed Switch vSAN Snapshots & Clones Rack Awareness Replication (5 min RPO) All-Flash Support Block Access (iSCSI) QoS – IOPS Limits Deduplication & Compression (All Flash only) Erasure Coding (All Flash only) Stretched Cluster with Local Failure Protection Data-at-rest Encryption New Feature in vSAN 6.6 Existing feature in vSAN 6.5
  29. 29. vSphere Ess+ vSAN STD vCenter Server Essentials vSphere ENT+ vSAN ENT vROPs ADV HCI Kits: 20% Price Promotion to 25th Jan 2019 36 Components ROBO kits vSphere ROBO ADV vSAN ROBO ADV vSphere ROBO STD vSAN ROBO STD vSphere ROBO ADV vSAN ROBO ENT Data Center kits vSphere ENT+ vSAN ADV vSphere STD vSAN STD vSOM ENT+ vSAN ENT HCI Kit Essentials HCI Kit STD HCI Kit ADV HCI Kit ENT HCI Kit Ops Management Jan 2, 18 Oct 2, 17 April 1, 17 April 1, 17 Feb 8, 18 SMB SMB Commercial Commercial Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise 6 CPUs 1 CPU 1 CPU 1 CPU 1 CPU HCI Kit ROBO STD HCI Kit ROBO ADV HCI Kit ROBO ENT April 1, 17 April 1, 17 Jan 2, 18 SMB Commercial Commercial Enterprise Enterprise 25 VM Packs 25 VM Packs 25 VM Packs NEW NEW NEW 20% end customer promo only available for non-ELA transactions; OEMs are not eligible for this promo OEMs receive 10% promo which is set to expire on January 25, 2019 Editions Launch date Target market Size
  30. 30. VMware SDDC - The Most Comprehensive & Integrated Stack 37 Software-Defined Data Center Traditional Applications Cloud Native ApplicationsAPP APP APPAPP APP APP Compute Virtualization vSphere Software Defined Storage Virtual SAN Network Virtualization NSX Cloud Ops Analytics Chargeback Cloud Automation vRealize Suite Cloud Management Build-Your-Own Converged Infrastructure Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
  31. 31. Confidential │ ©2018 VMw are, Inc. Thank You Pavel Kovář +420 731 435 652