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Black Out Poetry.ppt

  1. Blackout poetry is a form of "found" poetry that allows the poet to use someone else's words to write a poem.
  2. Using a photocopied page (or several pages) from Night, you are going to write a poem inspired by this novel. Your poem can be about this particular scene or, preferably, about any feelings or images that come to mind when you think about Elie’s experiences.
  3. How to Make a Blackout Poem
  4. Step #1
  5. Step #2
  6. Step #3
  7. Tips
  8. • Create a black-out poem as a response to the first few chapters of Night • Don’t retell the story, just try to capture ideas and feelings created by the text • Grab a copy of the poem in any size you want. You can use one page or several. Be creative!
  9. Step 1: Use pencil to underline words you might to use Step 2: Next, circle words that you definitely want to use Step 3: Use a marker to black out all of the other words
  10. Step 4: Mount your poem on construction paper or bristol board. Make it look nice. Step 5: Give your poem a title. Pass it in.
  11. • Make your Blackout Poem visually appealing, as they will be displayed in the classroom. • Due Monday, but will be accepted as late as Thursday .