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Kind Bars Advertising Campaign

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Student produced advertising campaign for KIND Bar products. Created "Media Monkey" advertising agency comprised of five individuals to address advertising and marketing concerns surrounding KIND products as found in research. Assigned the role of Graphic Designer and Creative Director within the group. Designed page layouts and graphics, as well as advertising executions. Done in an Advertising class taken at Ithaca College, taught by Professor Scott Hamula.

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Kind Bars Advertising Campaign

  1. 1. Marlowe Padilla Colleen DiPofi Hannah Corderman Laura Telischi Emily Morley
  2. 2. Tab 1. Summary & Overview . Agency Brand Strategy . History of KIND . Environmental Analysis . Competitor Analysis . SWOT Analysis . Objectives and Budget . Research . Brand Value Proposition 10. Target Market 11. Campaign Strategy 12. Big Idea 13. Creative Overview 14. Creative Executions- Print Ads 15. Creative Executions- Print Ads 16. Creative Executions- Commercial 17. Creative Executions- Online/ Transit 18. Creative Testing 19. Media Objectives 20. Media Choices- Magazine 21. Media Choices- Television 22. Media Choices- Internet 23. Media Schedule 24. Media Budget 25. Brand Activation 26. Marketing Recommendations APPENDIX Evaluation Creative Brief Meet the Team £DOlOt0'l-hulk) ntelrlts ummry KIND granola bars are filled with nutritious. natural and tasty ingredients creating the ideal on the go snack. Media Monkey's goal is to increase awareness about KIND as well as promote its wide range of granola bar flavors and other types of products that are offered. We want KIND bars to be known as the perfect on the go snack that stands for the healthier option from other snack bars. Our target market will be reached through KIND Karts, which are our portable vehicles that travel to sporting and venue events handing out KIND bars to create stronger brand awareness as well as a closer connection with our target market. Our campaign is targeted towards men and women ages 18-29. Media Monkey's big idea, “What KIND are you? ” will be displayed on every ad to promote KIND bar's vast assortment of granola bars and flavors. For brand acti- vation we created The KIND Kart, The KIND Kar, The KIND Kontest and The Kandid KIND. We will reach our target market through print, television, transit and Internet advertisements in the hopes that we increase sales by 9% and increase awareness by 80%.
  3. 3. We know you’re swinging from one idea to the next. That’s why with Media Monkey? ‘ we’re here to help you connect your ideas together, one at a time. Our agency is dedicated to producing a clean and simple design but with a little bit of added fun. We help our clients reach their fullest potential, by creating work that empowers and inspires creativity. Instead of going in a world of chaos, why not stay simple? Media Monkey believes that all great advertising starts with one big idea. Media Monkey will help you "unpeel the next big thing. ” Media '" ‘9’-3 .3; ‘<7 1‘
  4. 4. Historical Analysis KIND believes in the brand philosophy - there's health and taste, and you as the customer deserve both! Starting in 2004, KIND began with a variety of only 8 bars. 10 years later in 2014, there are now 22 bars and 6 Healthy Grains clusters, Healthy shouldn't be confusing. That’s why KIND incorporates ingredients you can see & pronounce. KIND is made from all-natural whole nuts, fruits and whole grains. No secrets, and especially nothing artificial. Simple, yet. extremely beneficial nutrients such as fiber, protein and antioxidants make a delicious way of giving your body exactly what it deserves. The KIND team is comprised of individuals who work together to achieve good things. They are made up of socially conscious health nuts and foodies, which is something they are proud about. KIND is a company dedicated not only to customer service but to a healthy team atmosphere. KIND is known for their “Do the KIND Thing, " attitude. Their aim is to make the world a little kinder, one act at a time. K| ND’s message of holistic kindness has been the basis of foundation since day one, and continues each time they make a new snack or introduce a new social initiative. There's more business thanjust profit, and there is more than enough time to say “thank you" to the people you meet and the places you inhabit. “Do the KIND thing for your body, your taste buds, & the world. " 2012 2004 2008 2010 | 2°13 MADAGASCAR VANILLA ALMOND °”LY 49 SUGAR F fig Birth of KIND KIND minis KIND Healthy (12 Flavors) (4 Flavors) Grains (4 Flavors) KIND PLUS KIND Nuts & (8 Flavors) Spices (6 Flavors)
  5. 5. Environmental Analysis Competitive Forces Over the last few years, America's demand for natural ingredients in food products has sky- rocketed. Individuals who fall under that demand are on a constant lookout for products containing less ingredients, healthy ingredients and legible ingredients. Today, the KIND bar stands against many other granola bars that share a similar mission of creating a nutrient bountiful bar that caters to the lifestyles of health conscious consumers. Although these competing granola bar brands also include whole grains, nuts and fruit, the KIND bar is shown to have the least ingredients, all of which are completely natural. Economic Forces Consumers looking for granola bars that contain natural and nutritious ingredients may typically find those to be more expensive than a generic sugary granola bar. Depending on the individual, their willingness and ability to spend a dollar or two extra on a healthier granola bar, will deter- mine whether or not they will invest in that brand. Even though KIND bars are created and filled with hearty grains, natural sugars, and pure nutrients, the price of a KIND bar is not too much more than the average price of a standard granola bar. Consumers are looking to invest in products that are not only affordable but offer healthy and nutritious benefits. Sociocultural Forces Today, society places a large emphasis on creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A large percentage of the food industry is attempting to tackle the new health craze by producing more nourishing products that will satisfy consumers newfound needs and wants. Not only do these consumers want a healthy, reliable product but they also want to see that the brand or company they are investing in is contributing to or making a positive impact in society. KIND bars believe in being kind to your body as well as being kind to others, the environment and the world around you. Through this belief KIND has created their KIND Movement, which inspires others to spread acts of kindness around the world to help live in a kinder environment. Environmental Forces KIND greatly emphasizes the importance of enjoying, maintaining and protecting our world's natural lands. KIND’s team also inspires individuals to immerse them- selves into Mother Nature's bountiful environments as frequently as possible. On the KIND website under “Do the Kind Thing”, it features a list of foundations and national companies that are available to volunteer for those who strive to lead a more sustainable and environ- mentally friendly impact on the world.
  6. 6. NATURE VALLEY + High brand awareness + Wide variety of choices to choose from within the granola bar category + Environmentally friendly + Known as the “on-the-go" snack granola bar - No vitamins included - High in fat VA’ '3‘ 11'" Competitor Analy CLIFF + Known as a protein bar that provides a lot of energy within one bar + Customer loyalty to company + Unique products and flavors + 100% organic bars + Clif bar for every demographic (Zbars for children and Luna bars for women) - High prices - Not directed for snacking, more about giving energy - Classified as a protein bar rather than a “on-the-go" snack bar CHOCOLATE BROWNIE KASHI + Strong brand identity and high brand awareness + Many varieties of flavors + Owned by Kellogg, there fore access to monetary resources, large suppliers and retail locations + Synergy of mixed media: TV, Internet, Print — Relatively expensive - Added sugars - Low brand awareness for younger market CASCADIAN FARMS + No Hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, or preservatives + At least 95% Organic + Wide variety of flavors + Available at many grocery stores + Owned by General Mills - Added sugars — Low brand awareness - Lacks strong brand identity - Advertising primarily focused on print
  7. 7. SWOT Analysis Strengths - All natural ingredients - Wide range of flavors - Different product offerings ~ Socially responsible - Many health benefits - well designed and easy to navigate website - On-the-go, simple snack Opportunities * Low awareness allows us to create impression on prospective customers - Potential to strengthen presence through more advertisements and marketing - Potential for a large target audience Weaknesses - Not very much awareness about products - More expensive than other granola bars - No real marketing campaign Threats - Other competitors have greater awareness - Competitors have less expensive products - Other substitutions with similar products
  8. 8. Objectives & Budget Marketing & Advertising Our marketing objective is to increase the sales of KIND bars by 9%. We aspire to reach 60% awareness of KIND bars among our target market of men and women ages 18-29. The effective reach for the KIND bar campaign is 80, with a frequency of 4 for our target market. Time Frame Media Monkey will run the “What Kind Are You? " campaign for one year from November _ _ _ _ 2014 to October 20i5_ Media Monkey was given a $12 Million Dollar Budget to strategically create an effective campaign for KIND Bars. Budget Summary -. 5' TV: $2,100,000.00 Print: $2,104,308.00 (T'*'= ‘"5'*) Internet OOH (Transit): $2,603,138.94 Ram 22.76% Internet: $2,417,460.66 Print Television
  9. 9. Research Objectives -Determine the many reasons why our target audience chooses a certain granola bar over another. This includes taste, convenience, health benefits or a source of energy. -Determine where our target market purchases granola bars and the reason for the purchase. This will help us determine where the best place to sell KIND bars is. -Our main objective is to determine the awareness of KIND bars within our target market. Research Primary Research Media Monkey's main source of primary research was in the form of a survey that was sent around through social media. The survey contained eleven questions about the individual. what they look for in a granola bar and what their personal prefer- ences when choosing a specific granola was. This allowed Media Monkey to collect information about what our target market wanted, to help cater KIND bars to our target audience. Our survey concluded that the biggest issue that KIND snack bars face is awareness. The survey was taken by 71% women and 29% men with an average age of 20.14. If KIND snack bars wants to compete with the top snack bars (which include Nature Valley. Quaker and Clif bars) they will have to advertise themselves spe- cifically to the type of audience that will eat this certain snack bar. Our survey showed that most people eat a snack bar around midday before lunch over any other time of the day and the purpose for eating it would be taste over energy or health. Addi- tionally, we figured out that granola snack bars are mostly bought at grocery stores where they would be preferably bought (in a package of twelve) for between five and ten dollars. Secondary Research Between online research determining where KIND snack bars are mostly advertised on the Internet. to research about the top Internet users of the brand the realization that Media Monkey's main focus should be awareness was more prominent. The most popular website that KIND snack bars advertises on at the moment is amazon. com. This is where a lot of college students will buy their textbooks and other gifts. Unfortunately the other websites that were found were not very well known. These included websites such as | egacy. com, upsca| ehype. com and forbes. com. Along with the research about where KIND snack bars are advertised there was research conducted to determine where the highest sources of KIND snack bars were located on the Internet. These websites included youtube. com, photobucket. com and reddit. com, which are all very popular within our target market.
  10. 10. Emotional With over 22 organic granola bars and 6 Healthy Grains clusters to chose from, consumers looking for a healthy and tasty treat on the go are able to do so without the guilty feeling of quick snacking. KIND offers products that not only keep consumers taste buds happy but their bodies as well. Solely using all natural fruits, nuts and grains, KIND produces granola bars with pronounceable ingredients as well as tasty ones. From sweet to savory to chewy and crunchy, KIND offers a vast variety of flavors to chose from no matter what kind you're in the mood for that day. one small act at a time. Functional Consumers who purchase KIND bars are health conscious individuals who not only want to provide their bodies with daily essential nutrients but also want to do so with ingredients that are natural and tasty. These individuals are purchasing a product from a company who supports and promotes happy health and their very own KIND movement. Promoting acts of kindness daily as well as making the world a better place to live in are the types of motives KIND is built on as a business. Con- sumers who want to or already spreading and encouraging acts of kindness can now be a part of the KIND community and continue to do the KIND thing through Brand Value Proposition Self- Expressive Investing in a KIND bar also means investing in good health and tasty health. Consumers no longer need to fear or feel guilty about snacking on granola bars when purchasing a KIND bar. with only a few easy to read ingredients that are completely organic and artificial free, consumers can feel confident and guilt free about eating a tasteful yet most importantly, beneficial granola bar. Consumers love to know what they are putting into their bodies, therefore the KIND bar offers an ideal snack that provides the right flavor and nutrient packed punch to keep consumers beyond satisfied.
  11. 11. ET; 18-29 Year Old Men & Women Target Market Meet Elizabeth Elizabeth is an incredibly active 21-year-old student athlete at the University of Michigan. On a typical day. Elizabeth can be found working out at the athletic center, outside practicing with her soccer team, or in the starting line-up at stadium-filled games. With such an active life- style, Elizabeth is always looking for a sustaining energy boost. KIND bars are the perfect solution providing Eliza- beth with a healthy and tasty energizer bar to help her perform her best everyday. Meet Allie Allie is a highly motivated, career- focused 28-year old legal analyst currently residing in New York City. She recently got engaged to her college sweetheart and is in the midst of planning an elaborate wedding for the following summer. Between planning her over-the-top wedding and keeping up with her demanding career, Allie has very little time on her hands. To keep up with her super busy lifestyle, Allie wants an on-the-go bar that will satisfy her hunger. Allie also wants her fulfilling snack to be nutritious so that she can maintain her natural figure, allowing Allie to feel confi- dent and happy on her wedding day. 1"‘ Meet Chris Chris is currently a 25 year-old grad student at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA. Originally from Whittier, CA, Chris has always been a hea| th—conscious person. Now, as a medical student, Chris fully understands the importance of getting the right nutrients and staying healthy, thus he is determined to stay conscious of the food he puts in his body. Chris wants a bar that has all- natural ingredients, offers multiple health benefits, and is easy to take with him to class or the library.
  12. 12. Campaign Strategy The Chaflenge The challenge that KIND snack bars runs into is not against it's flavor or audience appeal, it is the awareness of the whole brand. People who know and eat KIND snack bars have every compliment for it. The problem that Media Monkey has to overcome is making KIND bars a household name. The Key-Insight Media Monkey gave out surveys to figure out more about the target audience's preferred snack bar. and the logistics about buying them. With this information it is apparent that KIND snack bars are not a well known brand. Our focus is to promote KIND snack bar as a healthy alternative to other snack bars due to the simple ingredients involved in making them. KIND snack bars pride themselves on the simplicity of the ingredients of that go into every bar they make. The Solution (Brand Promise) Media Monkey will promote KIND snack bars as an on-the-go snack that anyone could eat. Our target audience does not have to be considered athletic or have the desire to lose weight, KIND snack bars appeal to every demographic who is hungry and want a simple and healthy snack on-the-go. With this promotion KIND snack bars will be in many places where a variety of people can buy and indulge. This is where companies like Starbucks and our KIND Kart will play a huge role in promoting KIND snack bars. Even by placing a few bars at the cash register of a Starbucks it will allow the audience awareness to increase tremendously.
  13. 13. Creative Strategy Creative Strategy Media Monkey wants all consumers in the market to know they offer a granola bar out there for any and every KIND of person. Through their big idea, “What KIND are you? " Media Monkey has created ads showing various individuals holding a specific type of KIND granola bar they feel caters to their personality and lifestyle. Copywriting K| ND’s logo can be found on the bottom left corner of each ad. The message, “Find YOUR Kind. ” and “kindsnacks. com" are both located at the bottom middle of each ad as well. All individuals that are pictured in the ads are placed in the middle creating a strong and direct vantage point. Above each individ- ual is the text that reads whatever Art Direction Each ad holds the same consistency and simplicity needed to achieve KINDS overall goal and message. All back- grounds are white with the exception of the black rectangular sliver towards the bottom of the page that holds the specific KIND bar used in the ad as well as the logo and website text. Less is always more and with this Media Monkey created their ads based on the fact that audiences need a straightfor- ward, simple yet captivating look to get them hooked.
  14. 14. CID Magazine: (4) Full Color Page with B| eed- 8.5"x11” ARE YOU? Find YOUR Kind. kindsnacks. com WHAT KIND ARE YOU? kindsncIcks. com
  15. 15. W WHAT ‘ . - " " , . WHAT K I N D ‘ I Find YOUR Kind. K I N D Find YOUR Kind. A R E Y0 U ‘.1 kindsncIcks. com A R E YO U ? kindsnacks. com
  16. 16. : (1) 30 second commercial Television Rather Be (Mag ician Remix) - Clean Bcindi Track: Commercial WHAT KIND ARE YOU? Find YOUR Kind. kindsnacks. com “What IND are 99 you? With a fun, upbeat song playing in the background, our audience will be inspired to find their own KIND with this fast and quirky commercial. There will be no dialogue, instead there will be various clips depict- ing members from our target market of18-29 year old men and women enjoying KIND Bars and finding their own kind to eat.
  17. 17. Online / Transit WHAT ONLINE N D BANNER: ARE YOU? W Find YOUR Kind. kindsnacks. com Internet: (1) Banner 2550 X 3300 pixels TRANSIT: Transit: (1) Bus Stop Shelter Poster 40" x 60"
  18. 18. Creative Testing Results RESULTS: Upon completion of our comprehensives for our creative campaign, we decided to present our executions to a small test market of men and women within our previously defined target market. University students, sampled from several different institutions across the United States, and young professionals asserted they loved our big idea, What Kind Are You? , and the importance of the question in all our ads. Many noted the leading question immediately resulted in them contemplating what KIND they might identify with. Everyone in our test market thoroughly enjoyed the friendly conversation sparked from the simple, yet bold question. Our test market also loved the sim- plicity of all our ad samples, particularly the fresh and modern look of our ads enhanced by a simple typeface and minimal use of font and background color. Several people commented on liking the diversity of the ad models, saying that it created a positive association with KIND bars. The same people also pointed out that the variety of activities and types of people chosen for the ads had a large influence on their belief that there must be KIND for everyone.
  19. 19. Media Objectives Reach the Target Our primary target audience is our target market of men and women ages 18-29. The target audience consists of mostly college students, grad students, and young professionals who are active, busy, and health-conscious. Given the wide range of types of people within our target market, we will use a variety of media choices to target our market. Geographic Scope of Placement The KIND snack bar campaign ‘What KIND are you? ’ will have both national and regional advertising. Television commercials, print advertisements and Magazine: (4) Full Color Page With B| aed- 3-5"X11" online ads will be nationally placed throughout the country. The transit advertisements will be regionally specific to cities that have a heavy college Student I3°I3uIatI°n~ Internet: (1) Banner 2550 X 3300 pixels Media Strategy Media Monkey has come up with that the effective reach is 80 andthe effective frequency is 4 for the KIND snack bar ‘What KIND are you? ’ campaign. The continuity of this campaign for KIND snack bars will be continuous. Even though each medium will not be advertising con- tinuous the campaign will be seen through the national throughout the whole year through the four advertisements. Media Monkey chose the Internet to have the most frequent advertising because our target market will be exposed to advertising through this medium more than any other one. Since they are on the go most of the day and either using the Internet for school work or research the Internet is the best place for KIND snack bars to advertise all the time. Message Weight Since our target market for KIND snack bars are always on the go and need something to eat while running to their next appointment Media Monkey thought of different types of advertisements that will catch their eye. Our focus for television commercials is late at night when they have time to relax. This can also be done through the advertisements found on Hulu where most of our target market watches their favorite television series. But, during the day KIND snack bar advertisements will catch our target markets eye through transit ads and magazine full page ads. Bus stops and magazines such as Women's Health will promote people to grab a KIND bar to fulfill their hunger during their busy day. MEDIA DIMENSIONS: Television: (1)30 second Commercial Transit: Bus Stop Shelter Poster 40" x 60"
  20. 20. COSIVIOPOLITIIN : > Circulation: 3,001,894 Men’sHeaIl; —- Circulation: 1,917,411 W0men’sHeaIth —- Circulation: 1,454,545 ea? » Circulation: 894,005 VANITY FAIR ? > Circulation: 1,251,101 Magazines This monthly magazine targets contemporary women featuring, fashion, beauty, career, health, and sex advice. Cosmo offers advice to women answer- ing all of their most asked questions. This magazine is very popular amongst college girls, which is perfect to reach our target market. Men's Health magazine is a guide to fitness, sex, women, workouts, weight loss, health, nutrition and muscle building. This magazine will help us to reach out to the men of our target market focused on health by informing them about the benefits of KIND bars. Health conscious people are a part of our target market, and Women's health is the perfect place to gain awareness about KIND bars. This magazine helps women to eat clean and have a proper fitness routine. Advertising in this magazine can help to add KIND bars into the daily routine of women. This magazine targets men and includes information on style, women, entertainment, sports, culture and news. This magazine is a good vehicle to reach men who aren't necessarily focused on fitness and health but still want a quick, simple, on-the-go snack. Focusing on Hollywood, politics, royals, Wall Street, international news, fashion, society, scandal, and real estate this magazine is able to reach women in our target market more toward the older end (25-29 years old).
  21. 21. Food network has a variety of shows that focus on health and simple cooking. adver- tising on this network could help raise awareness and reach the older end of our target market who want a quick healthy snack. .1 II I: . II: Il': 'lIIl: ‘ We decided to advertise during March Madness ‘K because we share the same target audience of college students and recent alumni. For our younger female adult target audience, we decided to place ads on E! . Shows such as E! News provides all the current gossip, trends and other celebrity or fashion news our audience craves to hear about. It also features interviews with celebrities and shows like Fashion Police Targeting our younger male audience comedy central airs various animated sitcoms such as South park, stand up comedy shows as well as funny movies. This is a good network to air KIND commercials informing men on the benefits our products offer. which critique celebrities and covers events they are attending. This channel targets the general audience includ- ing all ages and all types of people simply looking for a wide variety of shows such as New Girl, Glee, Family Guy and popular competition shows such as American Idol and Master Chef. Our target audience members, men and women between the ages of 18-29 are all potential viewers and current fans of many of these weekly tv shows. The AMA’s NBC has various drama tv shows such as State of Affairs, Chicago Fire and Law and Order that people get “addicted" to and continue to watch weekly. It also has morning and nightly news to target our older audience. All of these shows as well as late shows such as Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon is the perfect place to reach all ages of our target market, including both men and women. reaches all ages of our target market, and music is a big , part of our target IIIEIIICIII IIUSIC IIIIIIIIIS markets lives ' '-:1:
  22. 22. h u I u About. com Hulu is a very popular website for our target market, as many college and graduate students and young professionals do not have time to watch TV when a show first airs. As a result, Hulu is an excellent website to advertise KIND bars to raise awareness for men and women ages 18-29. Another benefit of advertising on Hulu is the widely popular habit of watching shows and movies while eating. With food already on the minds of viewers, placing an informative, tasty looking ad will likely be an effective way to encourage consumers to try KIND bars. uzzFeeD Buzzfeed is a prime website on which to advertise KIND bars. A social news and entertainment company. Buzzfeed allows companies to sponsor and publish content, creating a unique platform for KIND to adver- tise its bars. Buzzfeed is an extremely well-liked source for 18-29 year olds to spend their free time browsing, allowing KIND to reach many people in its target market. About. com is a great website for KIND to target the older half of its target market. The website offers users inside access to the latest expert information in a number of subjects, including health, home, travel, money, and technology. In connecting to About. com users, KIND bars can get on the radar of consumers looking to broaden their knowledge, discover new products, and become inspired. AN DORK Given the popularity of Pandora among 18-29 year olds, Pandora is one our top selections to advertise KIND bars. Many students and young professionals choose to listen to Pandora music while studying, doing work, exercising, and hanging out with friends. Users have the opportunity to give feedback on songs and choose favorite stations. KIND can advertise in between songs, effectively reaching its target market.
  23. 23. Media Schedule Year 2014 2014 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 Month NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEPT OCT Week 1234 1234 1234 123 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 EXECUTIONS COST TELEVISION # of Times El 10 $300 000 NBC 15 $300,000 Food Network 10 $300 000 Comedl Central 15 $450,000 Fox — 10 $300,000 TV SPECIALS AMAs 5 $150,000 March Madness 5 $150,000 Total Cost $2,100,000.00 TRANSIT # of Days Ithaca, NY : 60 $5,492.70 Boston, MA 90 $174,410.82 New York, NY 90 $2,269,620.00 Princeton, NJ 60 $2,884.86 San Fran, CA 60 $150,730.56 Seattle, WA 60 $117,432.90 Total Cost $2,603,138.94 INTERNET Impressions Hulu 77,292,304.32 $772,923.04 Buzzfeed 74,676,031.74 $218,351.00 Pandora 142,537,682.70 $1,425,376.82 About 80980 $809.80 Total Cost $2,417,460.66 MAGAZINE # of Pages Cosmopolitan —_ 1 $893,205 (30 1 $354,246 Vanity Fair 1 $415 012 Men’s Health — 1 $266,645 Women's Health _ 1 $175,200 Total Cost $2,104,305
  24. 24. prmt Internet Transi Television Show # of Times Cost Total Cost El 10 $30,000 $300,000 NBC 15 $30,000 $450,000 Food Network 10 $30,000 $300,000 Comedy Central 15 $30,000 $450,000 Fox 10 $30,000 $300,000 TV SPECIALS American Music Awards 5 $30,000 $150,000 March Madness 5 $30,000 $150,000 Total: $2,100,000.00 Location # of Days Population Cost per Day Total Cost Ithaca, NY 60 30,515 $91.55 $5,492.70 Boston, MA 90 645,966 $1,937.89 $174,410.82 New York, NY 90 8,406,000 $25,218,000 $2,269,820.00 Princeton, NJ 60 16,027 $48.08 $2884.86 San Francisco, CA 60 837,442 $2,512.33 $150,730.56 Seattle, WA 60 652,405 $1,957.22 $2,603,138.94 Total: $2,603,138.94 Website Reach Frequency Impressions Cost Total Cost Hulu 12,547,452 6.16 77,292,304.32 $10 $772,923.04 Buzzfeed 21,835,097 3.42 74,676,031 .74 $10 $218,351.00 Pandora 19,392,882 7.35 142,537,(-382.70 $10 $1,425,376.82 About 40490 2 80980 $10 $809.80 Total: $2,417,460.66 Title # of Editions # of Pages Cost per Page Total Cost Cosmopolitan 3 1 $297,735 $893,205 GO 2 1 $177,123 $354,246 Vanity Fair 2 1 $207,506 $415,012 Men's Health 1 1 $266,645 $266,645 Women’s Health 1 1 $175,200 $175,200 Total: $2,104,308 GRAND TOTAL: $9,224,907.60
  25. 25. Brand Activation The KIND Kar Objective: Reach our target market of college men and women 18-22 and create positive brand awareness. Strategy: In order to reach a greater proportion of our college-aged target market, the Kind Kar will travel to college campuses at larger universities in America. The purpose of the Kind Kar will be to provide KIND bar samples to college students to increase brand aware- ness. Drivers of the Kind Kar will be in charge of explain- ing to students the health and taste benefits of KIND bars. Students will also have the opportunity to receive coupons to use for future KIND bar purchases. The KANDID KIND Objective: Increase brand awareness, interaction and activation at large- scale malls where the target market may shop. Strategy: The Kandid KIND will involve an interactive photo booth campaign at large-scale malls on the east and west coast where a more trendier market resides. People can enter the photo booth and select a border for their Kandid shots - the border will display their choice bar for "What Kind Are You? ”. The fun photo booth will print out the Kandid film strip which will have a discount coupon on the back for brand activation. Given the large partnership between KIND bars and Starbucks, the film strip coupon will offer a 20% KIND bar discount at the Starbucks store within the mall to encourage an immediate action from our target market participating in the Kandid KIND campaign. 0 Z : ¢ 0 Z < at ca . r: I-
  26. 26. Marketing Recommendations Based on the results from our research, we have several marketing recommendations that we feel would improve the sales and awareness of KIND bars. According to our primary research, awareness is the biggest issue for KIND. We feel that, aside from smart promotional tactics, KIND can create awareness by expanding the distribution of its bars to locations where members of its target market may frequent, such as local grocery stores and college campuses. Our survey results showed most people in our target market preferred to shop for granola bars at a grocery store. KIND has a large presence in health food stores, but many in the target market cannot afford to shop at health food stores given the higher average prices than a typical neighborhood grocery store so KIND should focus on expansion to more affordable shopping destinations. Furthermore, KIND is the perfect on-the-go snack for any busy student so increasing the presence of KIND bars on college campuses would both increase awareness and sales. We also discovered that most people within KIND’s target market typically purchased a twelve pack of granola bars within the five and ten dollar price range. Given the limited income of many people in the target market, we recommend KIND consider lowering its current price of a twelve pack, which averagesjust below fifteen dollars. By lowering the price, KIND can better compete with other granola bars that its target market may choose due to affordability. We would recommend not changing the packaging, as most survey responses indicated taste was incredibly important. We feel that the clear packaging of the KIND bar allows consumers to see the delicious ingredients inside a KIND bar, making the snack more appealing to those who want a satisfying, tasty snack.
  27. 27. Evaluation The three main objectives for our “What Kind Are You? " Campaign include increas- ing sales by 9%, reaching 80% comprehen- sion, and creating 60% awareness. We are confident that our carefully designed creative plan, brand activation ideas, and media strategy will yield positive results and we can achieve our core objectives. We predict a greater increase in numbers in March and September due to March Madness and the return of students to campus in the fall. All our predictions for sales, comprehension, and awareness are exhibited below. SALES 1.4 1.2 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.2 Percentage —sALEs 1234S6789101112 Month Brand Activation Flowchart KIND Kar 2014 Dec Jan Feb 2015 Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct H l KandidK| ND MONTH COMPREHENSION AWARENESS SALES January 6% 3% 0.9% February 6% 5% 0.8% March 11% 8% 1.33% April 8% 3% 0.8% May 7% 6% 1.33% June 5% 7% 0.7% July 8% 2% 0.9% August 5% 6% 0.5% September 10% 7% 1.03% October 6% 4% 0.2% November 5% 5% 0.2% December 3% 4% 0.3% TOTAL 80% 60% 9% Comprehension & Awareness 20 18 16 E’: 14 .3 12 5 10 E 8 A/ /L S: 6 —. :'Ai<i-. .'i-. ss 4 JAN FEB 1 _, <§E§: §ES §<E3'“<%o . lonth NOV DEC j('()lll’l{I: lll: .lSl()N
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  29. 29. Media
  30. 30. Meet the Team Marlowe is a Junior Cinema & Photography major, minoring in Art, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Writing from High Bridge, New Jersey. He has interests in advertising photography, art direction, as well as creative and graphic design. In the Spring of 2015, Marlowe will be studying abroad at the University of Sydney, Australia. Marlowe thrives off of creativity and hopes to work for ad agencies such as Wieden & Kennedy, and one day work for Nike inc. Marlowe's favorite KIND Bar is Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt because it gives him long and sustained energy, for his rkouts and long runs. Colleen is a Junior Cinema & Photogra- phy major with a photography concen- tration and a minor in Integrated Marketing Communications. Originally from Niagara Falls New York, Colleen is , very interested in the photography and ( design aspect of advertising. Colleen "" recently finished an internship with New Era Cap Company, participating in the photography that the company does for their advertisements including, promo- tional posters, magazine pages and website design. Her favorite FRUIT & NUT ALI. NAVURAL I NON cwio I cLuveumzi: »/ because of the nutrients it provides, while still being a delicious and filling snack.
  31. 31. Emily Morley is a Junior Integrated Marketing Communications major originally from Nassau, The Bahamas. This past summer Emily was a marketing intern for The Ink Shop and Olive Branch Press. Being a part of a team that hosts and manages a studio for printmakers gave her an insight of small businesses. After Emily graduates college she wants to be a part of a creative board. Her interests consist of rowing, and crafting. Emily's favorite KIND Bar is the Pomegranate Pistachio (+ Protein) Bar because she can enjoy something sweet without feeling the unhealthy feeling a chocolate bar can give. Laura is a Junior Cinema & Photography major from Miami, FL minoring in Integrated Marketing Communications. These past two summers Laura has interned for two magazine/ marketing companies. Royal Media Partners and Whitehaus Media Group. Laura aspires to become a commer- cial photographer as well as an art director. Laura's favorite KIND Bar is Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew because of it's ideal combi- nation of sweet and salty savored within each bite. A native of Needham, Massachusetts, Hannah came to Ithaca to explore her interest in adver- tising as an Integrated Marketing Communica- tions major. Hannah enjoys spending her time volunteering for the non-profit, Kidz b Kidz. Additionally. Hannah works for the non-profit as a design and communications assistant. After college, Hannah hopes to continue her philan- thropic efforts while building a career in creative advertising. Hannah's favorite KIND Bar is the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt because the sweet and salty combination satisfies her taste buds while providing beneficial nutrients.