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Building with Glass V1 Formalizing the Forward.pdf

  1. BUILDING WITH GLASS IN ARK DESIGN MDIA Contents V1 Formalizing the Forward V2Componentization V3 Glass FutureTables
  3. PROOFING THE FORWARD T&M In the case of glass, the supply- chain based market is not built on a volumized product and so is most accurate for this spectrum Subtotal 1 Subtotal 2 Appendix I 10/14/2022 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 3 App III App III
  4. TIME RELATIONSHIP BEGINS 2023 TheTime Bucket Comparison that we originally designated for each product and infrastructure period is somewhat extended by the requirement to succeed with the system environment. However, it also forecasts a fully accommodated “whole-glass” product as opposed to componentization that occurs within the period to achieve a solid-state attribution for the product itself. Componentization lends achievements to each period. 2.05 x 2 = 41 10/14/2022 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 4
  5. BIG DATES Major Glass Products 20XX Month 2031 Digital Glass: Furniture, Appliances and Dimensional Media; Green Energy and Green Energy Wall 20XX Month 2034 Legacy Glass: Repair, Maintenance, Upgrade Access to House, Cars, and Road/Utility includes Building Accessibility. 20XX Month 2059 Architectural Builds: Site Level Development includes innovation in glass cars, roads, instances of architecture. 20XX Month 2069 Remote Development: whole glass communities and industries. 2070 Branch Partnering Capability leading into next System Adaptation. BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 05 DG LG AB RD BR The Timing of Glass Products fits the Timeline we originally forecast (see next) Componentization 10/14/2022
  6. LG AB RD DG Timeline 1 Digital Glass: Furniture, Appliances and Dimensional Media Timeline 2 Legacy Glass: Repair, Maintenance, Upgrade Access to House, Cars, and Road/Utility includes Building Accessibility Timeline 3 Architectural Builds: Site Level Development includes innovation in glass cars, roads, instances of architecture Timeline 4 Remote Development: whole glass communities and industries NEW ARK ROADMAP 10/14/2022 BrijConsulting, LLC Jean Marshall 6 T1 T2 T3 T4 Year 3.6 Year 34.4 Year 10.4 Year 44.4 48.9 Partner Complexity 50 New Products Taperny Plan GEC
  7. 10/14/2022 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 7 Organization Start-ups assign accountability Product Media Startups Glass Product Startups From “CalendarCartography” 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7 PRODUCT MAPPING
  8. ALL GLASS FORWARD DETAILS UNDERLYING IMPACT The All-Glass Forward is a combination of the efforts of many companies and so is an assessment rather than a compilation of the supply chain impact on the glass forward. See Final Forward Next… The underlying values lend credence to the outcome by virtue of compiled metrics reconciled to it. Appendix II From “CalendarCartography” P d 10/14/2022 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 8 Slide 9
  9. FINAL FORWARD Our Final Forward appears to be reconciled well to metric relationships T&M = 1753 d 10/14/2022 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 9 APP I APP II Glass Mix V-A V-A
  10. LABOR ENGINEERING Labor Engineering has produced a pattern of Production, Events and Tasks that produce a functional labor yield in the Ark Mode Glass Building 50-year Path that we have developed. This is a yield that is more than an interior yield or gain but is a compilation of the product load assembly. [Lo (Curve dif.) in supply chain.] The Synergy or Glass Works metric includes Glass Mix Cost and is lower by Labor Volume than in the Branch Metric of the Magi and Marcus Engineering Branch Forward. 10/14/2022 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 10 Compiled Production Metrics From “Glass Cars” See App I Supply chain =1.988/6.18747
  11. PROJECT SUMMARY Contents V1 Formalizing the Forward Project time and task summaries with Final Forward Reconciliation V2 Componentization SupplyChain Impact of various glass componentization strata V3 Glass FutureTables Composition of Glass Delivery Systems and their Table Arrangements 10/14/2022 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 11 Luke 14:28-30 28 For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it Contents V1 Formalizing the Forward V2 Componentization V3 Glass Future Tables
  12. TOPICS TO COME V2 Componentization In the next ten years, Componentization will provide benefits before solid state glass performance mechanics arrive. Many supply chain enumerations of various component advantages to building and architecture, cars, roads and bridgeways will improve conditions, including lands and delivery conveyances. We will identify these supply chain events and derive an impact statement. V3 Glass Future Tables The Glass Future Tables Concepts can be depicted on a starting map to identify the progression from componentization to its full solid state engineering change. We will supply a mapping to identify the 6-layer and 18-layer glass system outcomes as more configurative than any previous example. 10/15/2022 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 12 1196 The Incumbent Load composition enables the transitional aspect of the supply chain enumerations that occur and provides a trace. Since time and money is equivalent in glass, we can track the performance of it.
  13. PRODUCTION OVERVIEW LOADTESTED The Product Load and the Production have demonstrated integral strength PRODUCT GROWTH The Forward Financial is agreed based on production growth 10/14/2022 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 13 From “Glass Cars” Carriage Burden Appendix I
  14. 10/14/2022 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 14 TRANSITION 1.922 trans·duc·tion 1.The conversion of input energy of one form into output energy of another form. i.e., kinetic to green The people sitting on the Branch path will wait the longest for IP but have the most Intelligent Investment 1 2 The Outcome of the Glass Path is a Contiguous Arrangement of Wall Assimilation here. Thread Limit +.007 Appendix II From “Supply Side” Forward Curve Compare -11912+11932 = 20 + [1195 – 1193.2] =20 + 1.8 = 21.8-1.4 = 20.4 Curve R=95.3
  15. FURY . Statistical results on VRD mix compared to Product Load 10/14/2022 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 15 Critical Path =T Stat on an annual basis Thruput difference 115836 -115100 = 736 -707.5 = 28.5 load T&M 552.95-552.68 =.27 incumbent See App I R=95.3 Not included in original Appendix III 1.922 See App II As Labor Volume Increases, Costs Decrease, such as glass mix cost, and Margins Increase See App II 983 Product Load Assimilation Cost Leverage Load
  16. 10/14/2022 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 16 wall Ω Ω Appendix IV Omega Crosswalk .74 Incumbent 1.418/2 = 7.09 econometric Supply Chain Impact “Supply Side Portfolio” Compare to All Glass Final Forward Hidden Margin “Dimensional Building” 292.585 is a statistical string in the 95% integral range 5845 x2 = 1169
  17. Relative or Relational Equation? •Can we set E = mc^2 and derive a good answer? Not actually without relational facts derived from a set order point How do we find the points? Thruput, Omega and Levered Outcome •If E = 11092.30, m = 8.49, then c must be? 29.903 Purpose: •to establish Remote Building Capability a permanent IP is created in the Branching Warehouse Application; IP in a dimensional system is Intellectual Property •Steps in the P-I-M table associate this Encryption Paths •paths are no longer necessary unless a new process is added, and the map is extended RELATIONAL OR RELATIVE ADDRESS? 10/14/2022 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 17 Testing is Key I. Pipe Calc AppendixV Calculations From “Crossover Conveyance” Ω Ω Change in the Thruput without a REAL change in terms does not change the equation Four Key Elements of Passing the Remote Barrier of Dimensional Systems P-I-MTable Slide 9 excerpt No Pipe assimilation
  18. 1. Portal Prosperity: An overview of Glass Theory and Ark Design develops property reconcilement for Conveyance 2. Crossover Conveyance: Beginning with Remote Signature, threading the advancing fingerprint with a glass path and integral site management, moving into SIMULATIONS in Real Time 3. Converge- The Remote Build: Tasks to consider the process of converging to the Remote Build Site and what considerations are given to producing a remote service or build out of a productive requirement, introducing sandbox theory. Phase I only considers the Kitchen Tech. Phase II is involved in whole home Media and Tech in Glass. Phase III develops the land and its attributes. This is three separate papers. BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 18 1. Studying T&MM: the requirement for certification of mobility for competent conveyances 2. Portal Projects: the evidence, timing and intelligent use of portals 3. Calling it Green: Components of Green Energy, short review: Calling it Green requires new uses of potential and ^studies in wave glass and graphical relationships can raise up a green energy fluency that will lead to energy self-sufficiency 4. Dimensions in Multivariant Fabrications: Determining Forms and Contents of Green Energy and Blue Wave Cascade; relating elements to current science and future requirements 5. Wave and Lens Assimilation: The means to compile and to build in Glass Systems is described. The use of secant math. 6. Math Solutions for Wave and Lens Assimilations: See also Commentary for Math Solutions 7. Supply Side Portfolio: Timing and Model of Glass and Green events to fulfill path… Does the Tan Line help? 8. Partners in T Pluribus Unum: Measuring with Diacritical Marks 1. Portfolio Wheels: Study of Secants and Wheels in the Dynamic requirement for Media to write and produce in Ark Science and Dimensional Systems, Introduction of the Story “Eru finds a Golden Pen.” 2. Ark Media: The Dialogue of the Story and the Construction of Storyboards, Mix and Remix specifications, beginning crosswalk and encryptions 3. Builds and Simulations: Discuss Matrix Trees, Migratory Patterns and the use of Secants to Build tooling 4. The Corner of Mu Sic: an update of our Digital Paper on Mu Sic to include Ark encryptions and design considerations 5. The Glass House: Magi and Marcus Engineering plans to invest in a Plait Glass facility for building and research in remote Ark Science. Start of Tooling and Secant Design for the Construction Industry 6. The Remote Build: Planning a Theoretical Production for untried Architecture 7. Glass Mix Z-Form: Production Walk-Thru Glass Mix and Forms, leads into the Write Process 8. Bridging the Instance: Now operating multiple instances must bridge the operations, learn about deciduous models and deliberate the outcome of operations for the 2022 Plan of Magi and Marcus 9. Architectural Builds and Designs: Looking into Delivery Mechanics and the Products themselves 10. Pipes and Plaits in Ark Mode Design: How the Plait Pipe System assists with Land Products. See Number Theory 11. Continuous Modeling: Moving away from the Contiguous Model to a strategy of seamless integration of methods and modes of operation. See Number Theory. 12. The Glass Warehouse: From Start to Finish the streamlined operations of the Marcus and Magi Engineering remote architectural process 13. Branch- Sound and Image Construction: Characterizing the branch capability of new applications, appliances and mode[ls] of operations 1. Ark in Glass: Changing the Schema for Ark Mode crossover, beginning study of Secants and Wheels for the “cube-ified glass” engineering of Imaging, sound and motion characteristics. 2. The New Stone: Simulations and Re-instancing to package, confect and view glass media 3. Dimensional Building: Dimensional Arrays, Z strength, Product Media, Interdimensional Matrices. 4. The Dynamic Instance: Product Media Discussed 5. The Glass Build: Base Build and Modules Assembled, considering impact of dimensional systems 6. Glass in the Making: Costing and Loading, Assembly and Assimilation, IP Defined, Logos 7. Art of the Science: What can be made? Assimilation discussed, look at basic product ideas 8. Digital Glass Production: Pipe Transit and RIK Declare, Batch Appliance (Dialogue paper) 9. Imposition of Value Engineering: Establishing and Justifying the Load for Pipe Transit 10. The Digital Plait Position: Engineering Design of the Load and Thruput 11. ^Mu Sic in the Advancing Age: Use of Fingerprint and Encryption for Operational Loads 12. Engineering Objects: The Purpose of this Paper is to Consider the means to raise up a Digital Portal Production System using appliances gained through Plait Object and Gate driven configurations that work with Digital Mechanics. Six-Layer Glass and Appliances 13. Instancing at the Gate: Use of Gates and Instances, bridging of the engineering process 14. Interpolative Scope: Use of a Demand and Production Scope for building and delivery of product, learning to specify material, looking for union of Vector 15. Functional Glass: Fitness for Function and Moral Intelligence, Bayesian Analysis 16. The Glass Wall: This is a very difficult staging of advanced engineering to depict …Motivated by sound it creates a means by sound to cascade light for safe and wireless power 17. The Glass Wave: Learning to Plait Gates, Reconcile Metrics to Scorecard, and load value of Scrum 18. Scrum Costing w/notes (Book It Daniel): establishing scrum standards (Dialogue paper) 19. Gate Plait Green (Mark It Mark): first scalable plait arrangement overcomes bottleneck (Dialogue paper) 20. Scorecard Integration (Map It Ralph): A review of mappings to date, marking old vs. new (Dialogue paper) Motion Projects-8 Remote Theory-5 Ark Model-13 Digital-20 Go to wave-and-lens-assimilationpdf 10/14/2022 Roadmap: #47 & #48 & #49 Dimensional Building in Ark Design Glass Cars and New Product Roadmap Calendar Cartography Building with Glass #50 New Remote Theory Ark Model Motion Projects