The Glass House V3 The Economics of Glass in Ark Mode

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24 de Sep de 2021

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The Glass House V3 The Economics of Glass in Ark Mode

  1. The Glass House ARK MODE BUILDING MDIA Contents V1 Building with Synthesis V2 Matrix Trees Expansion V3 The Economics of Glass in Ark Mode V3 The Economics of Glass in Ark Mode Glass has an Economy of mega proportions in the Ark Mode that quickly outpaces and dwarfs the Digital Economy. Without a moral and covenant minded basis that would be reduced by depleting its vested portion.
  2. Secant Wheel Construction Product Media • Product Modeling and Interactive 3D Media Product Confection • Light Fabrication Product Synthesis • Heavy Construction The Nations shall assemble before Him 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 2
  3. Outline of the Project I. Define the Product II. Define the Method III. Create the Story IV. Define the Technology V. Sponsor the Mix and Remix VI. Obtain Certifications VII. Deliver the Project Note that the final building will have LIFE Certification on it for Equity Appraisal Next Year Define the Load y = -0.05336x + 2,599,363,695.91464 R² = 0.12306 Finger print w/ z path 98.5% c.f. 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 3 A
  4. 1. Define the Product (Change Order) (The change order C-01 for new cement for the foundation is the portion of the product we want to outline here since the project itself is multifaceted and worked on by many people.) Wall Expansion Joints: change notes Wall expansion joints should be designed to accommodate the anticipated structural movement. Consult with a structural engineer regarding possible movement. For treatment of leaks providing amplified external drainage media similar to that required on the exterior wall is highly effective. Special emphasis is placed on evacuating the water at the wall base to avoid water build-up in the back fill or drainage system. 1. The Consultant for the foundational treatment of the building recommended a cement and anchor system due to the ground movement in the area and the additional concern of flash flooding 2. Within the glass system we expect to find varying products due to conditions that are prebuilt for this purpose, by other groups. Since the Nature of Glass is to plait, we have a good reason to expect that the product demonstrated should be adequate to do the job, and that it was produced with the same type of oversight on it. 3. Changes in tooling and drawings were discussed in our paper: Builds and Simulations 4. We need to decide on the process for synthesizing the building materials. 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 4
  5. Specifications D/N MM-ENG-M24-1 Because this is plait glass, bolt insertion is like replication, and works with remote drill head into applied plait simultaneously across length of it, similar to injection molding process. 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 5
  6. II. Define the Method A science center for materials research is planned and the engineering firm of Magi & Marcus is responsible for developing the Plan. The story develops with the decisions regarding the foundation and the changes required for cement and anchoring impact the project. The drilling and anchoring for higher density cement has impacted the tooling and the anchoring system for the foundation. We need to identify the parts, drawings and secants that will change and supply substitutions, within our storyboard. But the method for the cement synthesis is a major to do list, within our process, primarily due to the extra formations needed in the rear of the building where the lab is located. The Science Center is to be dedicated to the study of materials, in terms of gradation and low impact analysis. To Be equipped for Remote Building Research 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 6
  7. Material Plait By devising the Plait, it also allows for the prototyping process to synthesize & Test the product P/N MM-CEM-864130-1 Confection occurs upon Replication 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 7 V2 Change
  8. III. Create the Story Change Order is First Applied Tech 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 8 Due to the nature of glass itself, the wall is plait to the column as a more substantially configured union Secants subject to development Matrix Changes see V2
  9. IV. Technology: Remote Tooling The theory for the remote tooling consists of pointing glass to a specific area and configuring it to run lengths on materials by assembling secants to a specific fingerprint assignment. The glass concept allows the 1W Digital Secant to confect the product upon replication and to maintain the glass model with drawings. Ark Media eventually will become remote building. 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 9 R
  10. IV: Technology: Synthesis Synthesis is using a secant driven process to derive material properties for a complex or heavy-duty material requirement. After it is Synthesized it can be plait down into a media format and replicated. Because of the dimensional construction of Ark Mode processes in Plait Glass the z- strength of the glass can benefit the build out rapidly. Once it is well understood the Ark Media model will provide for write capability to build remotely. Small local operations with tooling are permissible. All Materials must be tested and simulated for the job requirement. The first instances of Synthesis will be done by the prototyping engineers and then turned back over to the industry. After engineers are trained for this process, it can be less of a centralized operation but still requiring LIFT certification and finally the project must be LIFE certified. Some aspects of this were discussed in our last paper: Builds and Simulations. MM-CEM- 864130-1 1023.15yd³= 27625.05ft³ 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 10 Technically there won’t be any loss of the product, because whatever is not consumed will be used in testing
  11. Remote Building Plan Magi and Marcus Engineering plans to invest in a Plait Glass facility for building and research in remote Ark Science. The remainder plait at the Gate pays off their initial building outlay on the theory that the demand for this type of building will be greater than the original Scorecard Advantage, accomplished in 1 z-period of the build, a gain on the current manifold by an added level of burden. 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 11 A Conversion value emulates ROI as consequential Value Gains lag with Production
  12. The 1Wheel Fabrications and the 7Wheel Ark Mode Architectural Build are Combined for Fair Market Value All Builds 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 12 There is a loss of carriage burden due to non- completion of the work cycle Pre-Production 7W Build Market Slide 13 Metrics and calculations support future work
  13. V2 Matrix Expansion The building of machines and equipment in Ark Mode requires a focus on the matrix configuration of the build technique. Also, with this expansion comes economic changes that impact the way business is configured and operated. (Discussed in V3.) 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 13 Machines plus tooling Technological change Multiple Industries Economic Impact Real Change Redistribution of Resource and Opportunity (Wealth) 3D Television and Modeling, Light Fabrication, Heavy Construction 8 Wheels plus nominal threading 4000 3.5 10 ^ x = $40 T Consider that there are at least 15 industries involved Potential 60,000 M-tools population $52.908 Quad MARKET VALUE .4698/2=.235 Slide 12
  14. Expected Completion 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 14 Before building a Matrix, we wanted to check our standards. Pre-production is leaving burden at the Gate unapplied, and incremental value added as a remainder
  15. Products and Fabrications 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 15 R Ark Modeling Ark Media Fabrication Tooling Still operating in Read Mode, not LIFT or LIFE Certified, SECANT STUDY Based on Costing of Intellectual Property 7WR 1W Digital
  16. Why Expand the Matrix Building, we discovered, has many intricate designs and shapes and many theories about building haven’t been tried due to the material nature of the world. In Glass building, new designs become possible as we expand the array of the matrix, we can change the recipe for the product. Excerpted from Article: “Once in Rome, Astorino looked to his faith for inspiration. The site was triangular and posed a design challenge for an architect trying to create a square structure. “I finally came to the conclusion that this is a triangular site, don’t fight it, and follow God’s lead,” Astorino said. He chose to study what God did with triangles in nature: fractals, snowflakes and even coastlines. Ultimately, he realized that a triangular design even complemented the name of the building — the Chapel of the Holy Spirit — because a triangle reflected the Holy Trinity.” BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 9/24/2021 16 The idea of layering the confection is similar in materials ∆ ECONOMY From Eru finds a Golden Pen
  17. Using additional arrays BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 9/24/2021 17 Using an additional array within our structured column or beam from the base we can confect a marble finish on the product
  18. Synthesis The action of performing an additional operation on our confected cement beam from its base is something like injection molding putting additional plait glass materials to work to develop marble in the façade of the column, beam or table/base BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 9/24/2021 18 GLASS Mix Secants Secants Marker Utility Tooling The means to create density in scalable function is not discussed here Manifold 1W device
  19. St. Mark is symbolized by the Lion 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 19 The Evangelist Mark wrote his gospel four years later, in the forty–sixth year after the birth of Christ. He likewise wrote it in Hebrew and while in Palestine. Before commencing he asked his guardian angel to notify the Queen of heaven of his intention and to implore her assistance for obtaining the divine enlightenment for what he was about to write. The kind Mother heard his prayer and immediately the Lord commanded the angels to carry Her with the usual splendor and ceremony to the Evangelist, who was still in prayer. The great Queen appeared to him seated on a most beautiful and resplendent throne. Prostrating himself before Her, he said: “Mother of the Savior of the world and Mistress of all creation, I am unworthy of this favor, though I am a servant of thy divine Son and of Thyself.” The heavenly Mother answered: “The Most-High, whom thou serves and loves, sends me to assure thee, that thy prayers are heard and that his holy Spirit shall direct thee in the writing of the Gospel, with which He has charged thee.” Then She told him not to write of the mysteries pertaining to Her, just as She had asked saint Matthew. Immediately the Holy Ghost, in visible and most refulgent shape, descended upon saint Mark enveloping him in light and filling him with interior enlightenment; and in the presence of the Queen, he began to write his Gospel. At that time the Princess of heaven was sixty–one years of age. Saint Jerome says that saint Mark wrote his short Gospel in Rome, at the instance of the faithful residing there; but I wish to call attention to the fact, that this was a translation or copy of the one he had written in Palestine; for the Christians in Rome possessed neither his nor any other Gospel, and therefore he set about writing one in the Roman or Latin language. The Mystical City of God Facades
  20. Glass Economy 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 20 V3 The Economics of Glass in Ark Mode We are suggesting that to increase the original fabrication method with another Matrix method such as to marble a column/beam would add about 4% onto the Cost. An accompanying gain in units of Intellectual Property would compensate. U.’s reduced Once the tooling is established façade value will increase property value without adding cost. The Standard Cost will not change without affecting the relevant range dimensionally by adding new requirements for deploying a workforce or a payload. We will increase this with instances of Planned Economy 4.8+78 = 82.8- .6 = 82.2 exp. ROI
  21. Continuity of Build Once the fullness of this arrangement is complete, all tooling known, all material prototyping and process produced, there is no end to what can be performed with it. But the theory of it may still advance beyond what is shown now. This is enough for at least 20 – 50 years. 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 21 All Utilities that will be present to it come from the wall, including the more heavy-duty assembly for Ark (not yet discussed.) Iterative results Property conversion and Load She was taught by the highest Teacher and the Corrector of the wise (Wis. 7, 15), that, if by any means man or angel could describe it, more books would have to be written of this science of our Lady than all those which have been composed in this world concerning all the arts and sciences, and all the inventions of men.
  22. The Concept of Remote Building When Properly Introduced the concepts of Ark Media and Ark Modeling join forces for Remote building in such a way that a plait- induced and scalable material can be conjointly managed by artefactual arrangements. In this manner our characters of Allbe and Eru in our storyboard can become our carpenters and masons at the job site, including utility repair and upgrade. This is possible but may take quite some time to realistically achieve the full scope of building with ambient labor within the glass system. 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 22 Ark Modeling Ark Media By mixing and remixing the secant and wheel combinations along with tooling and machines, the Ark Means to Remote Building will become plausible along with delivery of different types of fabrications. However, by doing this we are changing the dimensions of workforce and payload. 7WW is likely to require new costing and load standards when remote capability is added. The place where standards are unlikely to be impacted is by increasing product density and requiring transport Ordinary site labor and freighted delivery do not change glass standards “Going Remote with Ark Science,” our next paper
  23. Important Steps Both Ark and Digital processes have additional steps to complete the various cycles of fulfillment, but the Ark mode is not outlined at the date this is published. These steps include: Interpolation: determination of scope and requirements for customer and vendor fulfillment, includes demand assessment Plaits: Scaling the project to its dimensional time and motion requirement and enabling the work to succeed at the standard and scope set Pipes: the means to translate and transmit the object to and from its engineering and its ultimate placement for replication and the continuous delivery Arrays: Interdimensional Arrays permit confection at various levels and associations of the product. Trees: Trees have not been presented with the depth of the requirement, requires future paper. Trees are related to the Matrix requirement for Secant Fulfillment, but hold the broader schemas Menus: Menus are carried internally for the purpose of upgrading and operating some feature of the object. Utilities and Switches: Objects often work with general purpose utilities and properties and may have interior utility considerations BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 9/24/2021 23 UPCOMING TOPICS IN ARK DESIGN MODE
  24. Relational Functions of the Model Interior margin Binary Path Standards, Weights and Measures Reinvestment Path Growth Rise over the Run Equity Using the Economic Model Equity is stated at Fair Market Value 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 24 The Interior Margin is preserved using relational functions of the Model Without Covenant Practices and Moral Behavior (Virtue) the Interior Margin is depleted Valuations are important to keep costs in line with benefits derived^ ^ due to the nature of both long-range planning and utility design justifications based on benefits are sometimes overlooked, however a competent oversight approval statement is needed
  25. Creator of the Stars The Throne in Heaven …2At once I was in the Spirit, and I saw a throne standing in heaven, with someone seated on it. 3 The One seated there looked like jasper and carnelian, and a rainbow that gleamed like an emerald encircled the throne. 4Surrounding the throne were twenty-four other thrones, and on these thrones sat twenty-four elders dressed in white, with golden crowns on their heads.… BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 9/24/2021 25 On Earth as it is in Heaven, Matthew 6:9
  26. Twelve Covenant Points of History BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 9/24/2021 26 1. Covenant minded Rites and Practices 2. Learning forms from experience a means of security 3. Roles assigned of leadership and succession 4. Events publish the new means of the law and its form 5. Leadership is placed in the hands of the most capable 6. Obedience yields safety, longevity, (continuity,) and the rewards of plentitude 7. Faithful observers prudently wait for the timing of actions 8. All financial (and scientific) means are supplied (and raised up) to the Plan, establishing equity throughout 9. Movement of the Position of Interests obtains more predicated results 10. The best practice and position laid upon the Table is establishing the mission for a strategic period, a sustainable length that serves as counsel throughout 11. Sovereign Kingship is retained in heaven while self-governance is sought as self-mastery under the law and its precepts 12. Human dignity is given a powerful place in the Plan as co-operators and participants to the fullness that providence will allow. Behold, I make all things Brand New Rev 21 A Treasury Model must be secured in a Covenant Relationship
  27. Secant In-Rates PV Although we reworked our Rates, our analysis suggests we will not encumber the foot walk or encryption Crosswalk 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 27 533-506=27 Notice the Incumbent Load (See V2) Slides 5,10,13, App I Thruput plus (Value added 2 – Value added 1) = 27 alpha task
  28. PV 997/3=332.6* * 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 28 R
  29. 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL 29 Report Retention It is important to keep civil engineering records related to justifications of various treatments to demonstrate evidence that properties are essential proprietary characteristics and are valid for intellectual property continuance; a history may demonstrate that certain tooling and other mechanics rely upon it. The storyboard is the single most important civil document and should store all details about the project Glass will hold inter- relational composition to specific tools and plaits if records are annotated
  30. Economic Number Sense of Glass Product 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC JEAN MARSHALL 30 Comparing the Product ROI α 78.2+ .9 +1.1=82.2 thruput
  31. What is Required Architectural Plans, Digital Glass Model The Glass Modeling System, Ark Mode 3- Dimensional Media Model Storyboards to describe… Process Plan Integral Materials Organization of Instances of Building (Preludes) Secant Construction and Engineering Building Organization for Ark Mode Methods, Tools and Utilities The Design of the whole process will be an extended period of listening about this subject. But we will spend our time in our next paper organizing Secant Processes Monks of Norcia - Donations - EN - Monastero di San Benedetto in Monte ( 31 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL
  32. Our papers 32 This paper is THE GLASS HOUSE V3 and V4 holds all contents 1. Portfolio Wheels: Study of Secants and Wheels in the Dynamic requirement for Media to write and produce in Ark Science and Dimensional Systems, Introduction of the Story “Eru finds a Golden Pen.” 2. Ark Media: The Dialogue of the Story and the Construction of Storyboards, Mix and Remix specifications, beginning crosswalk and encryptions 3. Builds and Simulations: Discuss Matrix Trees, Migratory Patterns and the use of Secants to Build tooling 4. The Corner of Mu Sic: an update of our Digital Paper on Mu Sic to include Ark encryptions and design considerations See next slide for list of the preceding Digital Plait content 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL Magi and Marcus Engineering plans to invest in a Plait Glass facility for building and research in remote Ark Science. Start of Tooling and Secant Design for the Construction Industry
  33. 33 1. Ark in Glass: Changing the Schema for Ark Mode crossover, beginning study of Secants and Wheels for the “cube-ified glass” engineering of Imaging, sound and motion characteristics. 2. The New Stone: Simulations and Re-instancing to package, confect and view glass media 3. Dimensional Building: Dimensional Arrays, Z strength, Product Media, Interdimensional Matrices. 4. The Dynamic Instance: Product Media Discussed 5. The Glass Build: Base Build and Modules Assembled, considering impact of dimensional systems 6. Glass in the Making: Costing and Loading, Assembly and Assimilation, IP Defined, Logos 7. Art of the Science: What can be made? Assimilation discussed, look at basic product ideas 8. Digital Glass Production: Pipe Transit and RIK Declare, Batch Appliance (Dialogue paper) 9. Imposition of Value Engineering: Establishing and Justifying the Load for Pipe Transit 10. The Digital Plait Position: Engineering Design of the Load and Thruput 11. ^Mu Sic in the Advancing Age: Use of Fingerprint and Encryption for Operational Loads 12. Engineering Objects: The Purpose of this Paper is to Consider the means to raise up a Digital Portal Production System using appliances gained through Plait Object and Gate driven configurations that work with Digital Mechanics. Six-Layer Glass and Appliances 13. Instancing at the Gate: Use of Gates and Instances, bridging of the engineering process 14. Interpolative Scope: Use of a Demand and Production Scope for building and delivery of product, learning to specify material, looking for union of Vector 15. Functional Glass: Fitness for Function and Moral Intelligence, Bayesian Analysis 16. The Glass Wall: This is a very difficult staging of advanced engineering to depict …Motivated by sound it creates a means by sound to cascade light for safe and wireless power 17. The Glass Wave: Learning to Plait Gates, Reconcile Metrics to Scorecard, and load value of Scrum 18. Scrum Costing w/notes (Book It Daniel): establishing scrum standards (Dialogue paper) 19. Gate Plait Green (Mark It Mark): first scalable plait arrangement overcomes bottleneck (Dialogue paper) 20. Scorecard Integration (Map It Ralph): A review of mappings to date, marking old vs. new (Dialogue paper) ^Mu Sic, see The Corner of Mu Sic To Change Digital Plait Papers with Content Description (Reverse Order) 9/24/2021 BRIJ CONSULTING, LLC, JEAN MARSHALL