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  1. Topic: Happiness Recap on Conditionals: 0,1st, 2nd conditionals
  2. Aims: 1. Talk about happiness - warm up 2. Listening: watch a video + comprehension questions 3. Grammar: Introduction to conditionals: 0,1,2 4. Practice - exercises 5. Summary: homework reminder, video+practice
  3. How’re you doing? How’re you today? How’re you going?
  4. How to be happy?
  5. Let me introduce you to Mr Happy…
  6. What kind of man do you think he is? • ???
  7. Let’s watch a short video to find out if you were right… • • Listening task: Watch a video about Mr Happy and answer the following questions:
  8. Questions: 1. What’s Mr Happy called? What’s his real name? 2. What time does he eat breakfast? 3. What does he do every morning? Why does he do it? 4. What was his profession in the past? 5. What do the people in the video think of Johnny? 6. 6. What did the pregnant woman do before she went to deliver her baby? 7. What do we have to learn according to Johnny? 8. If you had more spare time, would you act like Johnny?
  9. 1. His real name is Johnny Barnes. 2. He eats breakfast at 2am. 3. From 3:40 till 10 am he goes out to tell people that he loves them. He enjoys making people happy. 4. He used to be an electrician. 5. He gives brotherly love to anyone who comes past. 6. She asked her husband to drive around the roundabout until Johnny saw her and waved as it seemed to be a good omen to her. 7. We have to learn how to love each other and how to give love to each other. 8. Student’s own answer
  10. Introduction to conditionals: 0,1,2nd
  11. Practice exercises: Zero Conditional: exercise-1.html 1st conditional: exercise-1.html 2nd Conditional: exercise-1.html
  12. Homework: Unit 4 Exercises English_as_a_Second_Language_(ESL)/Conditional_sentences/ ZERO,_FIRST,_AND_SECOND_CONDITIONALS_kd1447hm Video: Reality of luck - comprehension questions Writing: News Review Vocabulary from week 3 - crime