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Growing Your Business With Social Media

  2. • Strategic Marketing Company located in North Augusta, SC. • Serve small and medium sized businesses in the CSRA, as well as businesses from the Midwest to the Northeastern parts of the United States. • Specialize in Strategic Website Design & Maintenance, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Advertising.
  3. • Marketing & Coaching Company located in Evans, GA • Serving small and medium sized businesses • Business Coach to help business owners develop the knowledge in Social Media Marketing Advertising Resources Technology • Specializing in Social Media Training, Networking & Events SMART CONSULTING & COACHING WITH LISAK
  4. Workshop Overview  The Social Media Acquisition Model  Creating a Social Media Strategy and Reachable Goals.  Defining your Target Audience  Social Media Advertising  Content Marketing  Questions & Answers
  5. PeopleAre Introduced to BrandThrough Advertising or Shared Content SelectAudienceVisits Brands Page and/or Website Relationship Established, Audience Likes/Shares Content Regularly on One or More Channels SelectAudience Purchases Products/Services From Brand SelectAudience Likes and/or Follows Brand Social Media Acquisition Model
  6. The Numbers What Percentage Do You Need? Here is where you start, but we will work to find Clients & Strategic Partners SMART CONSULTING & COACHING WITH LISAK
  7. Set SMART Goals! Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Timely with out goals, you have no way to measure your success (ROI) EXAMPLES - • Grow your social media following by 25% in the next Quarter • Focus on Lead Generation, Web Referrals & Conversion Rates • Be realistic about your Goals, are they Attainable? • Make sure your Goals are in alignment with your Marketing Strategy –Website, Social Media, Emails etc correlate • Give yourself realistic times to accomplish the goals. WRITE DOWN AT LEAST 3 SOCIAL MEDIA GOALS!
  8. What Platforms Should You Be Using? • Facebook is best for: • Instagram is best for: • Twitter is best for: • LinkedIn is best for: • YouTube is best for: • Pinterest is best for: • Snapchat is best for: • Nextdoor is best for: SMART CONSULTING & COACHING WITH LISAK
  9. Define your Target Market (who is your audience?) Who is following you on Social Media? a Q1. Who would pay for my Product or Service? Q2. What does my Social Network think? Q3. Who are my Repeat Clients? Q4. Are you selling your product or service via a Store, Website or Both can greatly determine how you define your Target Market. Q5. How will I Find my customers? Q6. Is there room to Expand my target market? Q7. How did my Competition do it? SMART CONSULTING & COACHING WITH LISAK
  10. Research your Competition Use what your competition has already done Conduct an analysis. - What are they doing well? - What are they NOT doing? This may lead you to other opportunities. (underserved) Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? LinkedIn? Pinterest? - You can learn from what your competition is doing! - Use Google, Facebook, Meetup, LinkedIn, YouTube etc Keep Location in mind – we live in Augusta! SMART CONSULTING & COACHING WITH LISAK
  11. Social Media Advertising
  12. Social Media Advertising • Social media advertising is a term used to describe online advertising (paid efforts) that focus on social networking sites. • Businesses DO NOT need to work with a Marketing Company or Agency to advertise their brand on Social Media Networks. • Businesses don’t use Marketing Companies to help them advertise on Social Media Networks because they can’t do it themselves or don’t have access to do it themselves. They work with professionals because they either don’t want, or don’t have time to develop an advertising strategy, manage multiple campaigns, conduct A/B tests and focus on the results.
  13. PeopleAre Introduced to BrandThrough Advertising or Shared Content SelectAudienceVisits Brands Page and/or Website Relationship Established, Audience Likes/Shares Content Regularly on One or More Channels SelectAudience Purchases Products/Services From Brand SelectAudience Likes and/or Follows Brand How Does Advertising Influence The Model?
  14. Campaigns vs. Post Boosting • Post Boosting is when you create content for your social media account, then put money behind that post to reach more people outside of your immediate network. • Usually a 1-time post • Set budget under $25.00 • Goals based on accounts reached
  15. Campaigns vs. Post Boosting Campaigns are a coordinated marketing effort to reinforce or assist with a business goal using one or more social media platforms. • Continuous over several weeks or months • Daily budget • Goals based on conversions • Can contain multiple ads known as A/B Tests
  16. Pros and Cons of Post Boosting Pros • Ideal for business owners with limited budget • Ideal for testing content and engagement • Do it yourself with limited risk Cons • Costs more for reach • Less Measurable • Harder to test multiple ads and audiences
  17. Pros and Cons of Campaigns Pros • Cheaper Cost-Per-Click • More Measurable • Testable Cons • Steeper learning curve to learn • Long-term commitment • Larger budget
  18. How To Advertise: Guidelines • Make an advertising plan and document progress • If you try something new, use previous ads a benchmark for improvement • Connect to quality, actionable landing-pages • Be Patient! Your ads won’t always work the first!
  19. How To Advertise: Facebook • Use Quality Images and Videos • Use Facebook Pixel to track conversions on website • Test different images, headlines, content and call-to-action buttons • Test different audiences, there are 367 options! (complete list at
  20. How To Advertise: Instagram • Use the Zoom feature • Carefully script your ad and choose high quality images and videos • Target through Facebooks Advanced Audience Targeting • Don’t Make your ads look like ads • Use a call to action button, no links allowed in content • Test different delivery methods (below)
  21. How To Advertise: Twitter • Identify your customer profile • Follow top influencers to see how they advertise themselves • Use keywords that match your audience’s search trends • Produce share-worthy content
  22. How To Advertise: LinkedIn • Educate, promote webinars and workshop. Provide growth opportunities. • Use InMail Ads for high value client targeting • Bid above suggested range for higher click-thru-rate • Keep your copy short and sweet
  23. How To Advertise: Pinterest • Only include one pin per campaign • Use the vertical aspect ratio for your pins • Target lower-funnel audiences
  24. How To Advertise: YouTube • Take advantage of YouTube targeting options • Set up video remarketing • Focus on “human” and “emotional” • Add interactive elements to your video ads
  25. Social Media Content Marketing
  26. What is Content? Content is Everything you put on your business page! Content vs. Non-contenta a What will your Followers enjoy to see, read or watch? What will attract and bring New Followers to your pages? What will cause Likes, Shares and the coveted Engagements? A Aside • Everything you post should be working to support your Business Goals! • Finding content that was created with the help of your products or services. • Finding content that features your product or services. • Inform & Educate • Portray Mission Statement • Promoting Business • Ideas & Stories from Industry Leaders • Your Company’s Culture • Personal Interactions with Audience • Entertain Your Audience • Provide Tips & Tricks for your Audience • Give-aways, Campaigns & Ads
  27. Your Content Calendar a Great content is essential but so is the When! a Aside from the obvious DATES & TIMES that you publish content. Plan your Social Media Activities as well like Images, Links, Blogs & Videos, don’t forget the LIVES!A Aside • Find sites that you like to use to gather information from the industry leaders! • Continue to Define what your Business Goals Are. • Professional photos of your products or services. • Professional videos of your products or services. • Events that you are planning or participating in. • Working with Collaborators. • What makes you unique?
  28. a STOP!!!!! Let’s consider…. a - Is the account Valuable? a - Is it outdated, is it worth keeping? a - Is my Audience here? (are your followers only family & friends who do not purchase your products or services?) - How are they using it? (Sharing, Tagging, Commenting?) - Can I use the Account to achieve meaningful business goals? a - Does the account need some redirection? (Do you need to attract more males/females?) Audit your Social Media Take a step back and look at your accomplishments. This helps to assess how well your current social media is working for you! Make adjustments to attract more of your current followers or to attract the type of followers you do not have but would like to gain.
  29. Your Social Media Profiles! Which PLATFORMS are best for your Product or Service? Fill out ALL PROFILE Fields! Use Keywords people will use to search for your Product or Service! Use Images – that are Correctly Sized for each Platform! Video will bring attention to your profile. PLATFORMS TO CONSIDER~ FACEBOOK is best for Acquiring New Customers & AFFORDABLE Paid Advertising! INSTAGRAM is where you Build your BRAND with Existing Customers! TWITTER is where you Engage People & Influencers LINKEDIN is where you Engage Employees, Attract New Talent & Gain Followers in your Industry! YOUTUBE is a GREAT place to Educate with Video! PINTEREST an excellent place to represent interiors, DIY, cookery, fashion, hobbies and crafts
  30. Social Media Profiles! Creating a Mission Statement for each Social Media Platform. A mission statement define a company’s goals in three important ways: It defines what the company does for its customers It defines what the company does for its employees It defines what the company does for its owners It defines what the company does for its community I am a STRONG Believer in NOT posting the same post to ALL Platforms ALL at the same time!
  31. A-B Testing & Adjusting your Social Media Strategies Do this consistently! a Don’t assume you will get it all right on the first try – YOU WON’T! Implement your Strategy/Plan and Track your results! Use Analytic Tools ***Martin can help*** Re-evaluate, test and do it again! (try different posts, campaigns and strategies against one another) Try Surveys & Polls! Things change FAST on Social Media – your strategy should always be changing too!
  32. Social Media Marketing Strategy MARTIN HARVEY Owner of WhiteWhale Web Design LISA KACZMAREK Owner of SMART Consulting