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  1. Strange Events The Loch Ness Monster
  2. The Loch Ness Monster is a uncertain presence creature a lake in the Scottish Highlands. It is similar to other supposed lake monsters in Scotland and elsewhere, though its description varies from one account to the next, with most describing it as large. Popular interest and belief in the creature's existence has varied since it was first brought to the world's attention in 1933. It is said that he lives in Loch Ness in Scotland, which is the largest lake in Great Britain .
  3. The term "monster" was reportedly applied for the first time to the creature on 2 May 1933 by Alex Campbell .On 4 August 1933, the Courierpublished as a full news item the assertion of a London man, George Spicer, that a few weeks earlier while motoring around the Loch, he and his wife had seen "the nearest approach to a dragon or pre-historic animal that I have ever seen in my life", trundling across the road toward the Loch carrying "an animal" in its mouth . Other letters began appearing about the loch ness monster often anonymously, with claims of land or water sightings , These stories soon reached the national , which described a "monster fish", "sea serpent", or "dragon” , eventually settling on "Loch Ness Monster".
  4. Here is where Nessie is expected to live.
  5. Hugh Gray's Photograph (1993) He said "What I saw that thing which was about three feet or so from the surface of the water and brought the camera picked up his image. I did not see his head, and I think that the limbs were all under water, as there was not any movement of the tail."
  6. Dins dale film (1960) In 1960, aeronautical engineer Tim Dinsdale filmed a hump crossing Loch Ness
  7. Holmes video (2007 On 26 May 2007, Gordon Holmes, a 55-year-old lab technician, captured video of what he said was "this jet black thing, about 14 meters (46 ft) long, moving fairly fast in the water."
  8. Sonar image (2011) The captain of one of the cross-lake vessels, which Marcus Atkinson, pick up the sonar image of the body Unknown long with a width of about 5 feet, which show that he was followed by two minutes over the boat at a depth of nearly 75 feet
  9. David Elder's video (2013) On 27 August 2013, tourist David Elder presented a five-minute video of a "mysterious wave" in the loch. He believed that the wave was being produced by a 4.5 m (15 ft) "solid black object" just under the surface of the water.
  10. The Edwards Photo, 2012 George Edwards, skipper of a Loch Ness tour boat, produced an image of a dark hump in the water.
  11. •He claimed that the photo had been examined by a team of US military experts, who declared there was no doubt it showed an "animate object." •But a little over a year later, Edwards confessed the photo was a fake. It actually showed a fiberglass hump created for a 2011 National Geographic documentary
  12. Proof that Nessie is Real..
  13. Apple Maps photograph (2014) On 19 April 2014 it was reported that a satellite image on Apple Maps was showing what appeared to be a large creature just below the surface of the water of Loch Ness
  14. Seals Elephant
  15.  Rumors of a huge animal living in the loch have existed for centuries – since 565. Some believers have argued that a lengthy history of monster sightings in the loch provides evidence of the creature's existence but it may be an invention.  Some sightings are cases of misidentified deer or boat wakes, and of course, there have been several hoaxes. There are some sightings, however, which cannot be easily explained.  As a conclusion I’d say that if you want to be convinced, I let you go to the Loch Ness lake and see by yourself if the big shape moving under water is, or not, the legendary monster.  Actually I’d prefer to stay there in safety, with this little doubt inside my head… Conclusion