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Matrix AMI Expo 2011 Presentation

Missed us at the AMI Expo 2011? No problem. This slideshow summarizes our exhibit and contains a high level overview of all of the wonderful things that we do!

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Matrix AMI Expo 2011 Presentation

  1. 1. AMI Expo 2011 Presentation Matrix Overview Modules Overview Our Customers Energy ManagementQuestions, comments or concerns? (519) 940 - 0663Contact us now and talk to one of Matrix Industrial Control sales@matrixcontrols.comour associates. Systems, Inc.
  2. 2. Matrix Overview Matrix Industrial Control Systems, Inc. ► 24 employees in two offices ► Formed in 1977 Focused on business justification and ROI Only plant floor solutions in the food industry Production solutions integrator ► Includes hardware, software, procedures HOME >
  3. 3. Our Bottom Line: Your R.O.I. We use technology to: ► Improve efficiencies and yields ► Increase throughput ► Produce top quality and consistent product ► Reduce labor costs ► Reduce or eliminate spoiled or downgraded product By-products of this approach: ► Operators are forced to follow proper procedures ► Managers have real-time access to production data ► Complete data integration to corporate ERP systems HOME < >
  4. 4. Corporate Level Architecture CORPORATE OFFICES Production Plant 1 Production Plant 5 Production Plant 2 Production Plant 4 Production Plant 3 HOME < >
  5. 5. System Level Architecture ERP Integration Fixed Position Stations Executive Dashboard Mobile PC Users Forklift/Scanner Data Reporting Users & Storage HOME < >
  6. 6. Hardware Integration Barcode Scanners Electronic Scoreboards PLC’s Lab Equipment Checkweighers & Weigh-Price Labelers Metal Detectors Barcode Label Printers Bench & Floor Scales HOME <
  7. 7. Data Navigator Overview Software data collection/process control engine ► Standard components and architecture ► Microsoft platform (Windows, SQL Server, .NET) Product Receiving Slaughter Line Administration Flexible and configurable Product Tracking & Traceability ► Use customers product and process Batch & Recipe Control Statistical Process Control terminology Manual & Automatic Labeling Warehouse & Shipping Management ► Tailored to meet your specific production needs ► Configured with your business logic/rules/validation HOME >
  8. 8. Product Receiving Track the receipt of raw materials, ingredients and packaging materials at your Receiving Dock Receive product against your purchase orders Collect supplier tracking data for product tracking and traceability Ensure product quality before accepting delivery HOME < >
  9. 9. Slaughter Line Administration Track animals from delivery to your facility through the slaughter process See throughput and inventory levels in real-time Measure carcass, lot and process yield Link to farmer payment system HOME < >
  10. 10. Product Tracking and Traceability Track raw materials, dry ingredients and packaging materials from receiving, through storage and to production consumption See inventory levels in real-time Receive alerts for product approaching best-before or product levels approaching re-order threshold HOME < >
  11. 11. Batch and Recipe Control Track the consumption of raw materials and ingredients into batches of WIP product Ensure quality and consistency by producing against a recipe Continue product tracking & traceability See WIP product inventory in real-time HOME < >
  12. 12. Statistical Process Control Monitor product attributes and correct variances immediately Improve product quality and consistency Tune your production processes over the long term to reduce costs, improve product quality and maximize efficiency HOME < >
  13. 13. Manual and Automatic Labeling Label case-ready packages, cases and pallets Manually label up to 15 cases per minute Automatically label up to 35 cases per minute Label against sales or production orders from ERP Customize labels to meet your customer’s requirements HOME < >
  14. 14. Warehouse & Shipping ManagementReceive cases and pallets into your warehouseTrack product to specific warehouse locationsPick cases and pallets against customer ordersShip product with shipping manifest and bill oflading paperworkReconcile inventory to ensure accuracy HOME <
  15. 15. Our Customers Beef Industry Pork Industry Poultry Industry Other HOME >
  16. 16. Our Customers – Beef Industry HOME < >
  17. 17. Our Customers – Pork Industry HOME < >
  18. 18. Our Customers – Poultry Industry HOME < >
  19. 19. Our Customers - Other HOME <
  20. 20. Energy Management A Process With Proven Results Site Audit Energy Management System EMS Architecture Implement Recommended Measures Monitor and Improve Your Experienced Energy Analyst HOME >
  21. 21. A Process With Proven Results Our approach has been tested and refined over time to deliver immediate and impactful results Our process: 1. Perform a thorough site assessment of your facility 2. Install and configure an energy management information system 3. Implement energy and cost savings measures 4. Continually monitor and improve energy consumption HOME < >
  22. 22. Site Audit A small team of experienced industrial engineers will visit your facility for a day or two to review the building envelope and insulation, processing equipment and building systems, production processes and more We will prepare and submit a comprehensive audit report including a list of recommended measures for energy and cost savings We will present our findings and recommendations to your plant management or corporate team HOME < >
  23. 23. Energy Management System Install a network of energy consumption measurement devices Configure energy analysis software with comprehensive dashboards, reporting, alerting and analytic tools Establish a baseline and measure the true impact of changes HOME < >
  24. 24. EMS ArchitectureBuilding Data Processing Equipment Reporting & alerting delivered Data to your management team External Weather & Energy Management Humidity Information Software Data Production Analysis from our expert Data energy analysts HOME < >
  25. 25. Implement Recommended Measures Improve building envelope and insulation Install high efficiency and correctly sized devices Provide feedback control for running processing equipment at levels consistent with production HOME < >
  26. 26. Monitor and Improve Collect current energy consumption data Measure impact to ensure Analyze the data and expected results are identify improvement achieved measures Implement improvement measures HOME < >
  27. 27. Your Experienced Energy Analyst Let our experienced and knowledgeable energy analysts help you understand your plants energy signature and relate it to your production processes We bring insightful recommendations based on industry best- practices HOME <