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IMG Digital Group - Using Listening to Recruit

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IMG Digital Group is a digital media consultancy built to serve today’s businesses and brands. The group was formed to help business leaders answer the question, what is my social media / digital strategy? Whether your business objectives are to grow your social sphere, increase website traffic, or generate more business leads, we are here to help.

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IMG Digital Group - Using Listening to Recruit

  1. 1. Selling Through Social: Century 21 Uses Listening to Recruit Franchisees AN INTERVIEW WITH: Matt Gentile Global Director, Social Media, Century 21 Real Estate January 14, 2016 Century 21 Real Estate, which has an estimated 100,000 affiliated sales professionals across the globe, employs social listening to help grow the company’s franchisees and empower them with insight to sell at the local level. Matt Gentile, Century 21 Real Estate’s global director of social media, spoke with eMarketer’s Jillian Ryan about how his team extracts opportunities from social conversations. eMarketer: How does Century 21 tap into insights from social conversations to grow its business? Matt Gentile: We have approximately 100,000 affiliated real estate sales professionals, from Taipei to Tampa Bay—we are truly a global organization. Connecting our social listening really benefits our organization’s overall objectives for quantifiable and measurable outcomes. It’s essential for identifying strategic opportunities and insights that result from listening to ongoing conversations about our brand throughout social media. So, by definition, understanding who our audience is, who our customers are, who our potential franchisees are, and their affiliated sales professionals, is incredibly important. “At tradeshows and events, for example, we track conversations by hashtag and display those conversations on monitors at our booth.” When we analyze all of the relevant conversations we uncover, we look at that at more of an aggregate level because we can direct it via geography. We’re using it at the brand level to look at specific marketplaces and understand conversations that are occurring as they relate to the broader real estate industry.
  2. 2. eMarketer: How do you use social listening to grow the size of your franchise network? Gentile: At tradeshows and events, for example, we track conversations by hashtag and display those conversations on monitors at our booth. This gives an opportunity for us to have conversations with targets both online and offline and connect the two. It provides us with an opportunity to engage with prospective franchisees, with prospective recruits. We’re not only being reactive, we’re being proactive by owning the digital conversation at these conferences because we’re weighing in and playing a significant role in the feed. That’s not something I’ve seen a lot of other brands engage in at this point, at least in our vertical. “Listening and doing this research allows us to understand where these potential franchisees are, who they are and what they’re all about.” Then after the event, we have the opportunity to go back later through our social listening dashboard and really dig into the conversations that occurred during that specific time period. By uncovering who attended and who said what, we can personalize further marketing communications by coupling social data with our CRM. Listening and doing this research allows us to understand where these potential franchisees are, who they are and what they’re all about. eMarketer: Do you have any sales-enablement practices for the local level that are centered around social data? Gentile: Training our brokers in social listening best practices is a big focus. We’re developing programs for our system members to use our tool so they can find relevant social conversations and understand what consumers are talking about in their local area. We believe real estate transactions happen for happy reasons and sad reasons: birth, death, divorce, graduation and marriage. For our brokers, understanding who in their geographic region had a life-changing occurrence and then shared it on social media can help lead to a potential sale. We’re putting that tool set in the hands of our system members, our affiliated real estate sales professionals who are on the ground transacting the business, so they can use social listening data in opportunistic ways. eMarketer: How does Century 21 use social listening to understand more macro moments and trends in the real estate industry? What do you see for future applications? Gentile: From the brand level, we’re really looking at social sentiment as it relates to home buying or selling, in a particular marketplace, and then aligning that data up with other data by other industry analysts like the Case-Shiller Index and Fannie Mae reports. Interview conducted Jillian Ryan on January 14, 2016. ©2016 eMarketer Inc. All rights reserved.