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Brand Building with Social Media

Search Fest 2016 presentation on Building a Brand with Social Media. This was an SEMpdx event held in Portland. This presentation also drops version two of Social MeOWdia Explained REDUX or Version 2 of Social MeOWdia Explained.

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Brand Building with Social Media

  1. 1. @Matt_Siltala
  2. 2. @Matt_Siltala It’s all about BRANDS
  3. 3. Weallknowaboutthe LOVE GOOGLE GIVES BRANDS @Matt_Siltala
  4. 4. Brands need SOCIAL @Matt_Siltala
  5. 5. Brands need COMMUNITY @Matt_Siltala
  6. 6. Which means BRANDS NEED VISUAL CONTENT @Matt_Siltala
  7. 7. VISUAL CONTENT has madeAvalaunch Media what it is today @Matt_Siltala
  8. 8. Lets take a trip down MEMORY LANE @Matt_Siltala
  9. 9. First launched at Search Fest 4 YEARS AGO @Matt_Siltala
  10. 10. The STATISTICS 100,00+ SHARES 1,000+ LINKS 1 Million VIEWS $10,000+ GENERATED @Matt_Siltala
  11. 11. The STATISTICS Translatedinto 5 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES Usedinclassby UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS Publishedin EDUCATION BOOKS Usedforproject INSPIRATION Usedonover 100+ INDUSTRY PRESENTATIONS @Matt_Siltala
  12. 12. The SPINOFFS @Matt_Siltala
  13. 13. YOU ASKED FOR IT (no, pretty much demanded it) @Matt_Siltala
  14. 14. @Matt_Siltala
  15. 15. YES, I LOVE TALKING ABOUT CATS (Cats + Internet = Win, right?) @Matt_Siltala
  17. 17. STRATEGY @Matt_Siltala
  18. 18. PEOPLE STARTED SHARING OUR GRAPHIC EVERYWHERE and when they did they included branded words like Avalaunch Media @Matt_Siltala
  19. 19. They included words like “INFOGRAPHIC” @Matt_Siltala
  20. 20. They included words like “MARKETING” @Matt_Siltala
  21. 21. When the graphic is used our LOGO and BRAND is right there in people’s faces @Matt_Siltala
  22. 22. And every single one of those stories, posts, links, mentions in presentations CAME BACK TO AVALAUNCH MEDIA @Matt_Siltala
  23. 23. It has been used in conferences all over the globe. BRANDING POINTS TO AVALAUNCH MEDIA @Matt_Siltala (as recently as LASTweek)
  24. 24. for our brand and branding… IT WAS A GREAT WIN @Matt_Siltala
  25. 25. It was also great for building a COMMUNITY OF FOLLOWERS @Matt_Siltala
  26. 26. SPEAKING OF OPRAH…. @Matt_Siltala
  27. 27. WHY DO WE LOVE VISUALS? @Matt_Siltala
  28. 28. THE SCIENCE @Matt_Siltala
  29. 29. THE SCIENCE Of info submitted to the brain is visual 90% 60,000x Images process faster than text of people respond to visual information over plain text 40% @Matt_Siltala
  30. 30. THE SCIENCE Videos on landing pages increase page conversions rates by 90% 94% MORE Posts with visuals get page visits and engagement than those without of consumers are more likely to click on a business whose image appear in search results 60% @Matt_Siltala
  31. 31. Ok,HOW doI actuallydothis,Matt? @Matt_Siltala
  32. 32. MOST IMPORTANT Understand what you are creating @Matt_Siltala
  33. 33. Large-scale, tentpole events or “go big”moments that drive awareness at scale. Regularly scheduled “push” content around customer passions. Always-on “pull” content optimized to user’s intent and interests. HERO HUB HYGIENE @Matt_Siltala
  34. 34. What motivates people to SHARE? @Matt_Siltala
  35. 35. JOURNALISTS LOVE FACTS, they love data-driven content, as well as content that is fun and easy to consume. @Matt_Siltala
  36. 36. EVERGREEN Content @Matt_Siltala
  37. 37. Content PEOPLE CARE ABOUT @Matt_Siltala
  38. 38. Content that has GOOD RESEARCH & DATA @Matt_Siltala
  39. 39. TRENDING THEMES Content @Matt_Siltala
  40. 40. REAL TIME Content With Coupon Box, they combine spending stats with real-time data and they have been a killer combo so far. @Matt_Siltala
  41. 41. MAP Content @Matt_Siltala
  42. 42. FINANCIAL Content @Matt_Siltala
  43. 43. We have created amazing content, NOW WHAT? @Matt_Siltala
  44. 44. POST & PRAY, right? @Matt_Siltala
  45. 45. NO Don’t just post & pray @Matt_Siltala
  46. 46. HAVE A STRATEGY for making it work @Matt_Siltala
  47. 47. OUTREACH WINS @Matt_Siltala
  48. 48. BE INVOLVED in the front end of the content creation process if possible @Matt_Siltala
  49. 49. KEEP YOUR PITCH SHORT AND TO THE POINT Don’t be tricky with subject lines @Matt_Siltala
  50. 50. INFLUENCER Integration @Matt_Siltala
  51. 51. of consumers rely on social media to inform their purchasing decisions. (ODM)74% of consumers trust peer recommendations. (Nielsen)90% of consumers rely on social media to inform their purchasing decisions. (ODM)70% higher rate of conversion on offers shared by trusted advocates than offers sent by brands. (Zuberance)4x-10x of purchasing decisions are primarily influenced by word-of- mouth recommendation (McKinsey)20%-50% @Matt_Siltala
  52. 52. Influencers are social media celebrities who have thousands of loyal and engaged followers. They span a broad range of categories, lifestyles, platforms and audiences, which enables them to communicate with very tailored niches of followers. These followers perceive influencers as friends and role models and are loyal to them. Thus, influencer content can be highly engaging and impactful. @Matt_Siltala
  53. 53. CASE STUDY NordicTrack YouTube views 4M+ Social shares 30K ROI 350% Press features150+ WORLD’S LARGEST TREADMILL DANCE @Matt_Siltala
  54. 54. CASE STUDY TurkishAirlines YouTube views 143M+ Social shares 1.3M Press features 2,000 KOBE VS. MESSI: THE SELFIE SHOOTOUT Of the decade according to YouTube#1 Ad YouTube ad all time MOST WATCHED @Matt_Siltala
  55. 55. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS WITH JOURNALISTS And only pitch content that would resonate with their audience @Matt_Siltala
  56. 56. FOLLOW THEM ON TWITTER, re-tweet their stuff before pitching to them if possible @Matt_Siltala
  57. 57. BE CLEAR WITH YOUR ASK What will you give them? What do you want from them? @Matt_Siltala
  58. 58. MAKE SURE YOU TIME YOUR CONTENT CORRECTLY (For example: Holiday content should be posted 2 weeks prior) @Matt_Siltala
  59. 59. SOCIAL AD Buying @Matt_Siltala
  60. 60. Don’t forget to SEO YOUR VISUAL CAMPAIGNS @Matt_Siltala
  61. 61. @Matt_Siltala TOOLS WE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT
  62. 62. If you want to build a brand YOU NO LONGER HAVE THE OPTION TO “NOT BE SOCIAL”… @Matt_Siltala
  63. 63. You do this with your visuals and you ARE going to create a brand that HAS a community and one that Google WANTS to rank @Matt_Siltala
  64. 64. Just remember, in this day and age your CUSTOMERS WANT TO BE A PART OF YOUR BRAND @Matt_Siltala
  65. 65. When you have created that, YOU HAVE CREATED A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS @Matt_Siltala
  66. 66. @Matt_Siltala

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Search Fest 2016 presentation on Building a Brand with Social Media. This was an SEMpdx event held in Portland. This presentation also drops version two of Social MeOWdia Explained REDUX or Version 2 of Social MeOWdia Explained.


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