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Instagram & Pinterest: Trending Visual into the Marketing Mix

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Presentation given during Zenith Conference in Duluth 2015 by Matt Siltala & Megan Rivas talking about Mixing in Visual Marketing and the more visual social networks out there, and how to use.

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Instagram & Pinterest: Trending Visual into the Marketing Mix

  1. Your audience Your message Visual Content QUICKLY CONVEYS Information
  2. Your audience Your message Visual Content QUICKLY CONVEYS Information Matt_Siltala
  3. @matt_siltala Too Much Text WILL BORE Your Audience 65% of the population are visual learners-pictures reinforce text Videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86% Posts with visuals receive 94% more page visits and engagement 60% of consumers are more likely to click on a business whose images appear in search results 90% of information submitted to the brain is visual Visual images process 60,000 times faster {we are talking in nano seconds here, but still…} 40% of people respond to visual information over print For the rest, visual information reinforces the message Matt_Siltala
  4. @matt_siltala People RESPOND BETTER To Visual Information 90% of information submitted to the brain is visual 40% of people respond to visual information over print Visual images process 60,000 times faster (we are talking in nano seconds here) Visual information reinforces the message Matt_Siltala
  5. @matt_siltala Humans are not “PREPROGRAMMED” for written language. Says neuroscience and reading researcher, Maryanne Wolf “WE WERE NEVER BORN TO READ” Matt_Siltala
  6. @matt_siltala It is more natural to SEE than to read Matt_Siltala
  7. @matt_siltala 65% of the population are visual learners- pictures reinforce text Matt_Siltala
  8. @matt_siltala Videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86% Matt_Siltala
  9. @matt_siltala Posts with visuals receive 94% more page visits and engagement Matt_Siltala
  10. @matt_siltala We’ve actually developed a language of images Matt_Siltala
  11. @matt_siltala BRAIN ACTIVITY In the Frontal Lobe Actually INCREASES When Searching the Web Matt_Siltala
  12. WHAT THIS STUDY TELLS US About our audiences Matt_Siltala
  13. COMPLEX JUDGEMENTS and ANALYSES are going on Matt_Siltala
  14. Your audiences are SOPHISTICATED Matt_Siltala
  15. WHAT WE ALSO KNOW About our audiences Matt_Siltala
  16. They are ENGAGED Matt_Siltala
  17. They like to CONTRIBUTE AND SHARE CONTENT Matt_Siltala
  18. SOCIAL MEDIA allows a platform to ENGAGE WITH OTHERS Matt_Siltala
  19. VISUAL CONTENT IS IMPORTANT in their lives (photo and video) Matt_Siltala
  20. 70,000,000 Pinterest Users (most are women in the US) Pinterest’s numbers aren’t public Consider the SUCCESSof the social network sites that FOCUS ON VISUAL Matt_Siltala
  21. @matt_siltala 60,000,000 Photos shared every day 300,000,000 Instagram Users 200,000,000 Active monthly users Consider the SUCCESSof the social network sites that FOCUS ON VISUAL Matt_Siltala
  22. @matt_siltala 216.7 MILLION Blog posts 120% INCREASE in active users on Tumbler (from May to Nov 2014) 99.7 BILLION Blog posts (as of Dec 28, 2014) Consider the SUCCESSof the social network sites that FOCUS ON VISUAL Matt_Siltala
  23. @matt_siltala 120% 45% 57% 111% 64% 36% 27% 54% 26% 18% 13% 25% 16% 12% 6% 2% Growth in members Growth in Active users Social Platforms CONTINUE TO GROW Matt_Siltala
  24. @matt_siltala @MeganLRivas
  25. @matt_siltala PINTEREST STAT RUNDOWN 80% mobile traffic 14 million article pins, pinned each day Every day nearly 2 million people Pin product rich Pins In 2014 International users grew more than 135% @MeganLRivas
  26. @matt_siltala PINTEREST BUSINESS STATS 47% of US online shoppers bought something recommended on Pinterest Approx. 500,000 Pinterest Business accounts 83% of active users would rather follow a brand than a celebrity $58.95 Average sales order value for visitors referred by Pinterest @MeganLRivas
  27. @matt_siltala Ask not what the Pinterest community can do for you, but WHAT CAN YOU DO for the Pinterest Community? @MeganLRivas
  28. @matt_siltala 62% 61% 59% 42% Of brands have Pin It buttons Of brands have Tweet buttons Of brands have Like buttons Of brands have Google+ buttons PINTEREST’S ‘PIN IT’ BUTTON HAS NOW OVERTAKEN FACEBOOK’S ‘LIKE’ BUTTON and Twitter’s ‘Tweet’ button on brands’ product pages. @MeganLRivas
  29. @matt_siltala According to eMarketer 70% OF U.S. MILLENNIALS support a brand/company on Pinterest @MeganLRivas
  30. @matt_siltala Use Pinterest to drive new users into the sales funnel, raise brand awareness, & ultimately increase sales @MeganLRivas
  31. @matt_siltala Pinterest SEO: Your Profile Pinterest username: 15 character limit. If company name is taken, use a memorable keyword related to your industry QUICK MUST-DOS Business name: 37 character limit. Keep it simple, stick with just your company name About You: 160 character limit. Use Google Analytics to see what keywords & phrases drive people to your website. Profile Image: File name affects alt text & image search results @MeganLRivas
  32. @matt_siltala Board Names: Use keywords relevant to your company- unique relevant titles under 20 characters Board Descriptions: 500 characters, keyword-rich narrative about board topic Pinterest Categories: Selecting a category means your pin has a chance to show up in that category page to be pinned and shared by users NO NO Your Boards & Pins QUICK MUST-DOS @MeganLRivas
  33. @matt_siltala PINS: Squeeze in more relevant keywords. You can include the full link into the pin. RE-PINNING: No slacking, add in keywords relevant to your business Your Boards & Pins QUICK MUST-DOS @MeganLRivas
  34. @matt_siltala Verify Your Website: Helps boost profile in search results. Tell users it’s you! No Imposter here.  Verifying Your Website gives you access to Pinterest analytics QUICK MUST-DOS @MeganLRivas
  35. @matt_siltala Suggested Pins “PICKED FOR YOU PINS” Based on pins you’ve added or clicked on, boards you follow, sites you may have visited TIP! Use this as a business tool to get more ideas for boards and content FEATURES YOU NEED TO KNOW @MeganLRivas
  36. @matt_siltala GUIDED SEARCH • Explore keyword recommendations in your niche • Start with highest priority keywords • Achieve longevity due to suitability for guided search FEATURES YOU NEED TO KNOW • Use as a guide for how to set up your own content • Examine top results @MeganLRivas
  37. @matt_siltala ANALYZE PINTEREST SEARCH AJAX BOX. Find commonly searched for phrases & incorporate them into your content KEYWORD RESEARCH & OPTIMIZATION @MeganLRivas
  38. @matt_siltala • Create boards relating to a popular theme on Pinterest GIFT CATEGORY & FEATURED CATEGORIES • Get Content Ideas • Be Current: Create Seasonal Boards at the top of your profile *Change them out. @MeganLRivas
  39. @matt_siltala Rich Pins are Pins that include extra information right on the Pin itself. App Pins Place Pins Article Pins Product Pins Recipe Pins Movie Pins RICH PINS @MeganLRivas
  40. @matt_siltala MESSAGES PINTEREST CAN DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE regardless of product or service. The message feature can be used as a marketing tool. @MeganLRivas INTERACT: Reply back, ask questions, start dialogue. TIP! Use a tool like PinAlerts to monitor engagement
  41. @matt_siltala Even if you’re not currently using Pinterest, your audience may be using it for you. TIP! COMPETITIVE LINK ANALYSIS Use this same source tool for your competitors IS ANYONE PINNING FROM YOUR SITE? @MeganLRivas
  42. @matt_siltala @MeganLRivas
  43. @matt_siltala How adding the Pin It button to your website leads to referral traffic from Pinterest What Pins and boards from your profile people love most What people like to save from your website Who your Pinterest audience is, gender, location and other interests What devices people use when they’re pinning your stuff @MeganLRivas PINTEREST NATIVE ANALYTICS
  44. @matt_siltala PINTEREST ANALYTICS @MeganLRivas
  45. @matt_siltala BEST TIME TO PIN? Pin Consistently Pin throughout the day Re-pin old pins Participate in group boards @MeganLRivas Do your own research via notifications
  46. @matt_siltala MEASURE THE EFFECT OF CROSS CHANNEL PAID ORGANIC SOCIAL PSYCHOGRAPHIC DISTRIBUTION Use Facebook psychographic targeting to create audiences Drive qualified Traffic from Facebook to Pinterest to gain followers or (other KPIs) Share a pin on Facebook Boost a post in Facebook @MeganLRivas
  47. @matt_siltala AUDIENCE DETAILS Location: United States @MeganLRivas Behaviors: Full-Service Investors, Real estate investments or highly likely investors Income: $350K -$500K + $500K or $250K-$350K Net Worth: $2MM -$3MM, $3MM+ $1MM-$2MM or $500K-$1MM Age: 30-65+ Interests: Commercial property, commercial real estate, Creative real estate investing, Real estate investment club, Real estate investing, Real estate investment association, commercial real estate broker, Real estate development, Real estate entrepreneur or Real estate investment trust
  48. @matt_siltala RUSTIC ARTISTRY Matt_Siltala
  49. @matt_siltala 90% of her pins getting at least one repin 64% of her social channels traffic comes from Pinterest Facebook, with over 4,000 Likes, accounts for 34% of her social traffic Visitors from Pinterest have a lower bounce rate – 55% compared to 70% with Facebook visitors RUSTIC ARTISTRY Matt_Siltala
  50. TIPS YOU CAN DIG Matt_Siltala
  51. INSPIRED TIPS Don’t just repin, find new material that expresses your brand personality Sign up for Newsletters from Like-minded brands Look at Magazines In your niche Look for related Content on Blogs and websites Slideshows often Have great pin-worthy Images Matt_Siltala
  52. INSPIRED TIPS Find new ways to promote your best-performing pins. Look at your analytics tab on Pinterest to see the Most Recent, Most Repinned and Most Clicked pins. Then comment on pins with something helpful or “like” them to acknowledge the person who pinned them. Matt_Siltala
  53. INSPIRED TIPS Feature your most pinned or popular images and feature on other social networking sites. Don’t use the feature to tweet them, create a unique tweet. Same with Facebook, create a unique post. Matt_Siltala
  54. @matt_siltala INSPIRED TIPS You can quickly create a few of your best images together into one image to pin again or for other sites. A tool called helps make this easy. Use it to create a vertical collage. Matt_Siltala
  55. @matt_siltala INSPIRED TIPS Create a pin advertising a new board and pin it on a more established board. Matt_Siltala
  56. INSPIRED TIPS Do not fill your boards with pins from your own website. Eventually you will run out of things to pin. You won’t have fresh new content to share on a consistent basis. On her “Make Mine Rustic” board, only about 5% of the 2800+ pins are from her own website. Matt_Siltala
  57. INSPIRED TIPS Pin your most popular pins to group boards that have a strong following and are a good fit. PinGroupie and Board Deck are tools that can help you find group boards. You can also use Pinterest search to find group boards. YOUR MOST POPULAR PINPOPULAR GROUP BOARD Matt_Siltala
  58. INSPIRED TIPS Pin content that is performing well more than once - to another board, to a group board or even again on the same board. That way your new followers will be exposed to your best content. Wait a month or more in between pins. 1 MONTH Matt_Siltala
  59. INSPIRED TIPS Use PinAlerts to see what’s being pinned from your website (not just what’s popular on Pinterest). Matt_Siltala
  60. WAFFLE CRUSH Matt_Siltala
  61. @matt_siltala WAFFLE CRUSH Popular food truck, Waffle Crush, uses Instagram to let their followers know where they are going to be for the day and what their special “waffle of the day is.” Matt_Siltala
  62. WAFFLE CRUSH PERFECT TIMING Waffle Crush knows that timing is everything. On cinco de mayo they offered a churro waffle to celebrate the occasion. Matt_Siltala
  63. TIPS YOU CAN DIG Matt_Siltala
  64. @matt_siltala 300,000,000 Users 257 MINUTES/MONTH Avg. time spent on Instagram 70 MILLION Photos uploaded every day 30 BILLION Total shared photos 2.5 BILLION Likes per day 49% Of users check Instagram daily Instagram Going visual on Matt_Siltala
  66. INSPIRED TIPS BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN ONLINE AND OFFLINE WORLDS The Phoenix Suns tweeted an image of a player with the last name “Green” on Saint Patrick’s Day, encouraging people to print it, cut it out and pin it to their shirt to show they had “Green” on. Matt_Siltala
  68. @matt_siltala COOL TOOLS • Hubspot • Pocket • PowToon • BuzzSumo • Newsle • Pushover & IFTT • Swayy • Talkwalker • Canva • PinAlerts @MeganLRivas
  69. @matt_siltala COOL TOOLS @MeganLRivas
  70. @matt_siltala COOL TOOLS @MeganLRivas
  71. @matt_siltala COOL TOOLS @MeganLRivas
  72. @matt_siltala COOL TOOLS @MeganLRivas
  73. @matt_siltala COOL TOOLS @MeganLRivas Publish: Schedule pins Discover: Insights & monitoring Measure: Analytics & reporting Engage: Community management Optimize: Content strategy
  74. @matt_siltala NOW WHAT? Set up or edit accounts using techniques discussed Find what tool(s) work best for you, monitor analytics and make adjustments from data Create a content calendar – Sharing content across channels Have fun, make $, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness with Pinterest and Instagram! @MeganLRivas
  75. @matt_siltala Pinterest & Instagram: Trending Visual in the Marketing Mix by Megan Rivas and Matt Siltala @MeganLRivas @Matt_Siltala