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News, Trends & Social Media Superstars

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News, Trends & Social Media Superstars- My Pubcon Vegas 2012

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News, Trends & Social Media Superstars

  1. News, Trends &Social Media Superstars David Mink, CEO @dmmink
  2. Leveraging Social Media Superstars Through Video YouTube reports 4 billion+ daily video views! Average U.S. internet user watched 23.2 hours of online video comScore study for Dec. of 2011 @dmmink
  3. Images Are Shared More Than Video Images Shared Effect More X 10 more According to StruckAxiom than @dmmink
  4. Why Images Are Shared More Than Videos Effect vs. • People aren’t sure what the video is before they click it • Unknown time commitment • Not sure if they’ll want to share the video @dmmink
  5. So, Can You Combine The Two?GungHo Case Study (h/t NewspaperGrl) + @dmmink
  6. GungHo Case Study•Founder Danny Mason wanted touse social media to launch GungHo•Hired Plaid Social Labs to find theright YouTube celebrity to influencemen and women equally YouTube Channel•Found Charles and Ally Trippy “Internet Killed TV” @dmmink
  7. Charles and Ally Trippy The Deal: Trippys agree to do a video review GungHo agrees to give away @dmmink
  9. The Results 69K hits within a few hours First 500 samples were gone in 23 minutes5,700 bought or got a free sample @dmmink
  10. The ResultsBuyers Femal e 59% Men Women 80% of the women added a personal endorsement where as only 5% of the men @dmmink
  11. The Results1300 new followers1100 new fans5778 image pins before GungHo turned off the offer @dmmink
  12. “Newsjacking” Book Title provides a pretty great definition:Newsjacking: How to Inject Your Ideas into a Breaking News Story and Generate Tons of Media Coverage @dmmink
  13. Example: JetBlue’s Election Protection Capitalize on the Presidential Election News After November 6, 1000 winners will be chosen and flown out of the country @dmmink
  14. Case Study – iPhone 5 Release Huge News Opportunity • iPhone 5 Pre-Order Sold Out 20X Faster Than 4 And 4S • *Over 2 million people pre-ordered the iPhone 5 in the first 24 hours • Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5’s in just three days @dmmink
  15. The Strategy•Leverage iPhone 5 Buzz•Find a unique angle (h/t to @lukealley)•Create “the news”•Find an influencer to seed the content•Promote the content socially @dmmink
  16. Cost of the iPhone 5 @dmmink @dmmink
  17. The ResultsPublished byA few hours later published byFollowed by and many others Inbox full of authors and editors requesting notice of our next infographic. @dmmink
  18. Newsjacking Tips – Google News 1. Google News – look for headlines in your industry (great way to find the publications and blogs considered authorities in the space) 2. Respond with unique content (blog post, infographic, video, press release, etc.) 3. Share and link to it (push Google+ to position yourself ahead of the coming search traffic surge) @dmmink
  19. Newsjacking Tips - Twitter 1. let’s you search profiles and provides insight as to a person’s “influence” 2. Retweet their posts. 3. The follow them. 4. Then direct message them something friendly or complimentary. 5. Finally, let them know you have something their readers would like and ask if you can send it to them. @dmmink
  20. PR Tip - Local 1. es/ 2. Both print and broadcast media.LOCAL 3. It’s inexpensive! 4. Big wins with newspapers, magazines, and television! @dmmink
  21. Thank You!David Mink, CEO @dmmink The End