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Big Data LDN 2017: Improving Customer Experience with an AI Bot

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Date: 16th November 2017
Location: AI Lab Theatre
Time: 15:50 - 16:20
Speaker: Galiya Warrier / Duncan Maddox
Organisation: Microsoft / Keyrus

Publicado en: Datos y análisis
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Big Data LDN 2017: Improving Customer Experience with an AI Bot

  1. 1. The Microsoft AI platform: Azure+AI Cloud-powered AI for every developer Services Infrastructure Tools
  2. 2. Conversations are the new platform of habit Messaging apps experience explosive growth in terms of active users, frequency of use and messaging volume Source: BI Intelligence, Portio Research
  3. 3. Direct Line Protocol SDK HTTP AI
  4. 4. LUIS Bing Entity Maps Spelling Computer Vision Custom Vision Translator Text Analytics
  5. 5. Title Section Bots
  6. 6. Title Section
  7. 7. Title Section
  8. 8. Title Section
  9. 9. Title Section Use Cases
  10. 10. Title Section
  11. 11. Title Section
  12. 12. Title Section
  13. 13. Title Section
  14. 14. Title Section
  15. 15. Title Section
  16. 16. Customer Support Helping users find information and complete simple tasks without the need of human assistance. Retail Provide seamless customer support throughout the shopping experience Insurance Improve customer acquisition and provide knowledge to general questions Automotive • Information on vehicles, inventory levels, incentive plans, user manuals and answer general knowledge questions. Employee Productivity Increase employee engagement, simplify common internal tasks and provide immediate answers to general knowledge questions Common Business Scenarios
  17. 17. 1,000,000+ Records Web Queries Chat Histories Internal KBs, FAQs Structured and Unstructured Data Thousands of Conversation Flows
  18. 18. What Mattered Most “We determined that AI technologies such as Microsoft Cognitive Services and Bot Framework could be the key to offering our customers the differentiated and personalized service and cohesive customer journey we are aiming for.” Antonia Colin-Jones, Strategic Partnership Program Manager, Dixons Carphone
  19. 19. BotConnector BotFramework Customer Custom App Message Received Unknown Intent Message Response Intent 1 Business Language Chat Language Model Intent 2 Azure Search Live Agents Case Workers Dashboard Application Insights Telemetry collects bot effectiveness data Bot Architecture DocDB Product Catalogue Web Job Catalogue Files Computer Vision (Shelf Label OCR) Sentiment Spellcheck LUIS
  20. 20. Beyond the Architecture business problems bot design user experience personality usability do more complete tasks  Telemetry = Business Insights
  21. 21. • Microsoft Bot Framework (documentation & patterns) • • Cognitive Service (demo & documentation): • • Sessions recorded at Ignite conference: • • Resources on AI @ Microsoft: • • Some resources to get you started…
  22. 22. Thank you galiyawarrier